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A Best Practice Guide Reducing Website Page Weight

Does size really matter when it comes to web pages? Is page weight a meaningful metric? We unpack why page weight is worth tracking and how you can reduce page size in this comprehensive guide.

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Measuring WordPress Performance using Chrome Developer Tools

In this post, you will learn how to spot bottlenecks and errors easily in your WordPress site with Chrome Dev Tools in a couple of minutes

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Google AMP for WordPress

Setting Up and Testing AMP for WordPress: A Quick Guide

Here is a guide easy to follow to get started with using AMP on your WordPress site!

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How HTTPS Affects Website Performance

Is the myth that SSL will slow down your site true? In this post, we explore the performance impacts of SSL and HTTPS, and looks at practical ways you can improve the performance of your HTTPS-enabled site.

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3 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Gravatar Delivery

Is Gravatar adding HTTP requests to your site and slowing it down? Learn how to optimize Gravatar and speed up your site in this step-by-step tutorial.

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What is Perceived Performance and Why You Need to Optimize It

In this post we’ll explore what perceived performance is and take a look at some techniques you can use to make your websites feel faster.

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7 Effective Ways to Fix a Slow WooCommerce Store

Is your WooCommerce store slow? Learn how to speed up your site and make it fast and efficient with these 7 proven tips.

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Pingdom vs GTmetrix vs WebPagetest: How Are They Different?

If you've used these speed and performance testing tools, you might be wondering why the results are often very different. Learn about the key differences and features in these performance analysis tools.

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11 Critical Website Performance Metrics Worth Monitoring

What exactly does “fast” mean in the context of website performance? Learn about the 11 key website performance metrics you should be monitoring for lightning fast website load times.

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Speed Up your Website: Make the First Few Seconds Count

The first seconds users spend on your website are critical. Don't let loading speed issues monopolize too much of this precious time. And make your visitors run away prematurely.

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How to Correct the Leverage Browser Caching Warning in WordPress

Leverage browser caching plays a vital role in WordPress. By following these techniques users can improve their website performance within no time.

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Is Your Checkout Working? Automated Testing Solutions for WooCommerce

For many store owners, checkout failure is a constant worry. In this post, we explore the tools available to help you test your store so it's always working.

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The 2 Minute Speed Test Analysis

Discover 7 tricks with which you will rock your next website analysis in just a couple of minutes.

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The Best Content Delivery Networks for WordPress in 2017

Looking for a CDN to speed up your site? There’s been a lot of movement in the industry over the past 2 years. We take a look at your best options in 2017.

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How to Reduce HTTP Requests to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Want to make your site load faster? Reducing the number of HTTP requests your site makes can speed it up.

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