Automatic Speed Improvement
to Boost Conversions

Did you know that, as page load time goes from 1 to 5 seconds, the probability of bounce rate increases 90%?

After spending so much energy creating stellar content, don’t make your visitors abandon your pages because of slow loading times!

That’s why a powerful caching system is at the core of every fast blog.

With WP Rocket, improving your blog’s speed is automatic: you can deliver outstanding results to your readers without touching the code.

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Great First Impressions

Deliver a great user experience thanks to a super fast website that visitors will love browsing through.

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With Google's Core Web Vitals initiative, site speed is a ranking factor. Time to boost your SERP ranking!


Higher ranking means more traffic while better user experience improves conversion rate! Put both together to turn all your visitors into actual customers.

Getting a Faster Blog
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With WP Rocket, you can forget configuration headaches and focus on results, immediately

A Seamless Configuration for Immediate Speed Results

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to set up WP Rocket and benefit from it. The whole process takes 3 minutes flat. No coding required.

Compatible with Your Favorite Themes and Plugins

You can use Divi, Elementor, Yoast SEO, image carousels, social widgets, and all other popular blog themes and plugins without any worries.

High-Speed Images with LazyLoading

Delight your readers with the Lazy-Load technology recommended by Google and WordPress. A clever way to load your blog images faster.

We’ve Got Your Back

Get in touch with our Support team, read our documentation, or watch our tutorials whenever you feel stuck.

Ease of Use, Powerful Results

Forget the endless configuration screens
and release the power of our cache plugin immediately after its activation.

Install WP Rocket on the plugins section of your WordPress site

Activate to apply 80% of web performance best practices right away

Enjoy a blazing fast website in the blink of an eye

A Stack of Powerful Features
at Your Fingertips

For blogs that want to reach the stars

Page Caching for Desktop and Mobile

Caching makes your loading site ultra-fast. WP Rocket caches your pages by creating static HTML files and making them readily available for future visitors.

Cache Preloading

Let your visitors enjoy the speedier, cached content of your site right away. WP Rocket automatically preloads the cache every time you make some changes on your pages.

Optimization of CSS and JavaScript

Optimizing your WordPress code doesn’t have to give you headaches. WP Rocket makes your files faster and lighter by removing unnecessary elements.

LazyLoad for Images, Iframes, and Videos

Images or Iframes load on the page only when users need to display them. This saves bandwidth, and users can browse the site a lot faster.

WebP Compatibility

WP Rocket creates a separate cache file to serve WebP images to compatible browsers.
To ensure compatibility, it detects some of the common plugins you might be using for WebP.

Database Optimization

See, at a glance, how many database tables are available for optimization. You can clean up revisions, trash posts, transients, or let WP Rocket do it for you.

CDN Compatibility

It doesn’t matter what CDN provider you’re using: WP Rocket will work seamlessly with any of them.
Activating CDN integration requires only one click.

Browser Caching for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Since you can’t apply browser caching to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel files, the solution is to host them locally. WP Rocket takes care of this.

The Experience of SEO Specialists

Trust the opinion of those who know SEO and blogging inside out

WP Rocket is a complete game-changer for any WordPress website’s performance. By optimizing your site’s speed using WP Rocket, you not only enhance user experience but massively improve the SEO rankings as well. It’s an essential tool that every website owner should have in their arsenal for unlocking top-notch SEO success.

Bhanu Ahluwalia Chief Marketing Officer at Rank Math

Compatibilities You Can Trust

With WP Rocket, you can keep using your favorite eCommerce plugins without worrying about compatibility.

WP Rocket is also the only cache plugin accepted by the top Managed WordPress hostings.

The most popular WordPress tools trust WP Rocket, and this should give you peace of mind.

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Our Rocketeers are at your side to help you get the most out of WP Rocket

Every day we providefast and friendly support to make our customers happy. We solve any technical hurdles you may have with WP Rocket and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our Rocketeers work remotely from different countries, offering customer support across multiple time zones.

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Best purchase…

The WP Rocket plugin is the best purchase I have ever made for my blog. My site would load in 4-5 seconds, after ever installed and configured this plug in now takes about a second.

Emanuele Perini

Brought my blog website to life…

Absolutely brought my blog website to life! Over 60% increase in loading time. The best caching WordPress plugin.

Chinedu Chiana

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