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Wow, exciting times! First the launch of our completely revamped WP Rocket 3.0, and now we have more great news to share with you. For the past month we’ve been working with the team over at Kinsta and are happy to announce that as of version 3.0, WP Rocket is now officially supported on their premium managed hosting platform.

We will be working with the team at Kinsta going forward to ensure you can take advantage of all the features and updates that both WP Rocket and Kinsta have to offer. We’re both in the business of speeding up WordPress sites around the globe, so working together was a perfect fit!

Who is Kinsta?

Founded in 2013, and based out of Los Angeles and London, Kinsta is one of the fastest growing premium managed WordPress hosts on the market. They are powered exclusively by Google Cloud Platform and boast big name clients such as Intuit,, GE, AdEspresso, Workforce, and Drift.

Their primary focus is providing superior performance and world-class support. Kinsta’s support team consists of only the best highly-skilled WordPress developers and Linux engineers, while their infrastructure features Google’s premium tier network, an HTTP/2 CDN, and the latest software such as PHP 7.2 and MariaDB.

Kinsta’s hosting platform doesn’t fall into any of the traditional hosting categories as they utilize isolated containers. This means that resources are 100% private and are not shared with anyone else or even your own sites. This guarantees security by design and autoscaling for high-traffic sites.

Yet another top-tier performance from Kinsta. Perfect uptime and near-perfect load tests. It’s starting to feel redundant writing that. – Review Signal

Using Kinsta + WP Rocket Together

In the past Kinsta hasn’t allowed caching plugins in their environment because they conflict with their built-in solution (which comprises of Nginx FastCGI cache module and OPcache, or Object cache). In fact, WP Rocket was on their banned plugin list up until now.

As of WP Rocket 3.0, our page caching functionality in the plugin will automatically be disabled when running on Kinsta servers. Previously, this had to be done manually with our page caching module.

This allows you to now use Kinsta’s caching solution but still take advantage of the amazing optimization features WP Rocket has to offer such as:

Even though caching is automatically disabled in WP Rocket when running on Kinsta, the “Clear cache” option in the WP Rocket menu is now synced up with the Kinsta environment. If you clear your WP Rocket cache, it actually clears your Kinsta cache instead.  Or you can clear your Kinsta cache from the top right-hand side of the admin bar.

If you change something on your WordPress sites, such as installing a plugin or update, you might see a warning from WP Rocket. The Clear cache button here now clears the Kinsta cache.

Finally, if you click on the main “Clear Cache” button from the WP Rocket dashboard, this also clears the Kinsta cache.


Whether you’re a WP Rocket customer or Kinsta client, we hope to see you now take advantage of this new partnership! There’s never been an easier time to optimize and turbocharge you and your client’s WordPress sites. Have any questions about this new partnership? Let us know below.

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Awesome news, I feel this help you both build a faster experience than any other host in the world!

I wish i could try kinsta, but they are so expensive, and more over, they limit number visits, $30/month and just 20,000 visits. :( . They should re consider pricing.

Tha't the awesome news. Helpful for every user like me who trust on WP- Rocket. Thanks for that.

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