Choosing the Fastest WordPress Themes & Plugins

Picking the right WordPress themes and plugins for your website is not something that can be left up to chance.

The theme and the plugins you install on your WordPress site can have a big impact on its overall performance. This is why you need to know what are the fastest WordPress themes, and how to keep your plugins list lean and efficient.

Our tutorials about WordPress themes and plugins will help you with this, and with many more tips and tricks to make the most of the tools you choose to install.

Divi Theme How Fast Is It

How Fast is the Divi Theme?

By popular demand, for this installment of our theme performance-testing series, we are covering Divi, one of the most popular premium WordPress themes. Created by the Elegant Themes team, Divi is a highly customisable, multi-purpose theme with thousands of users. How well does it perform when combined with WP Rocket?

Elementor and WP Rocket

How Elementor Speeds Up Your Website

Can Elementor speed up your WordPress site? Of course, it can! Learn how Elementor makes things easier, and how it can boost speed when paired with a cache plugin like WP Rocket.

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