Minification explained in plain English

Minification – Explained in Plain English

Minification is perhaps the most misunderstood and maligned function of website optimization. While the concept of it is actually very simple, in reality, it often breaks things, leaving non-technical website owners tearing their hair out. In this installment of our plain English optimization series, we explain what it is and if you should bother with it.

Image Optimization – An Easy Win For A Faster Site

Website speed optimization can be a complex and technical practice, but the non-techies out there will be happy to learn that one of the biggest problems is actually easy for the layperson to solve.

Speed Testing X-Theme For WordPress

5 Speed Optimization Myths

Optimizing your website for speed is a complex issue. A lot of guides over-simplify by offering broad advice that shouldn’t be taken at face value. Here’s a few commonly-spouted tips that need some clarification.

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