Inside WP Rocket: culture, people, new releases, stats. and much more.

Since its foundation, the plugin and the company have come a long way and now WP Rocket is a renowned product that employs more than 20 people.

Learn about the behind-the-scenes of our everyday work at WP Rocket: our people, new releases, corporate news, stats, and much more.

WP Rocket 2019 year in review

Why 2019 Was Great: WP Rocket Year in Review

2019 is just a few days behind us: as per tradition here at WP Rocket, we have taken the time to think about the best moments of the past year. Curious to take a step back in time and retrace with us a year full of great moments? Jump on our time machine, and let’s begin!

WP Rocket 2018 Year in Review

WP Rocket Year in Review: 2018, It’s A Wrap!

Today we are releasing our 2018 Year In Review, highlighting the top moments of a successful and lively year at WP Rocket. WP Rocket’s 2018 in numbers 2018 was a […]

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