Page Speed and Why I Should Benchmark My WordPress Site

Learn what page speed is, why you need to make it a priority, and how benchmarking your site can help you identify exactly how you can make it faster.

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A Caching Plugin is Critical to Your WordPress Site

Caching plugins are an essential tool for any WordPress website. Learn how caching can boost your site’s performance, plus our top tips for caching plugins.

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How to Make Your WordPress Database Clean as a Whistle

Is your WordPress site running slow? Optimizing your database can clean up unnecessary data so your site runs faster and more efficiently. Here's how.

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12 Best Tactics to Safeguard your WooCommerce Store

By taking the following steps you will be able to prevent your WooCommerce store from malicious security attacks, threats and hackers.

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WordPress plugins list

How Many WordPress Plugins is Too Many?

Installing thousands of WordPress plugins is all too tempting, but would likely break your site. Here's a definitive answer on how many you can install.

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5 ways to accelerate your site, in addition to WP Rocket

Have you already optimized all you can to speed up your WordPress? Here are 5 ways you can accelerate your website when you think you've done it all.

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Divi WordPress Theme

How Fast is the Divi Theme?

By popular demand, for this installment of our theme performance-testing series, we are covering Divi, one of the most popular premium WordPress themes. Created by the Elegant Themes team, Divi is a highly customisable, multi-purpose theme with thousands of users. How well does it perform when combined with WP Rocket?

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Google’s AMP Project – What You Need To Know

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is designed to deliver fast pages for mobile users, just like Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. In this post, we answer your questions about how AMP affects your WordPress site, how to implement it and how it works with WP Rocket.

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Minification explained in plain English

Minification – Explained in Plain English

Minification is perhaps the most misunderstood and maligned function of website optimization. While the concept of it is actually very simple, in reality, it often breaks things, leaving non-technical website owners tearing their hair out. In this installment of our plain English optimization series, we explain what it is and if you should bother with it.

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Browser Caching - In Plain English

Browser Caching, Explained In Plain English

Browser caching is commonly, and mistakenly confused with page caching. This post explains the plain English!

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Testing The7 Theme – How fast is it?

The7 theme is one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes. We review it to see how fast it is out of the box, and how much faster we can make it with WP Rocket.

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What Is the Difference between a CDN and Domain Sharding?

Too often we read tutorials about setting up a CDN where in fact domain sharding is described. Learn the difference between these two technologies.

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How Fast Is The X WordPress Theme?

Is the X WordPress theme from ThemeCo a good choice for your site? We speed test it and see how fast it really is.

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Page Caching for WordPress, Explained in Plain English

Caching for WordPress, Explained in Plain English

Do you use a WordPress caching plugin, but don't really understand what it's doing? This guide explains in plain English some basic concepts behind caching.

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how to choose a fast wordpress theme

How To Choose A Fast WordPress Theme

You need a speedy WordPress theme to have a fast site. Here are some guidelines to try and predict which WordPress theme will be the best choice.

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