what is gzip compression for wordpress

What is GZIP Compression for WordPress?

Learn all about how GZIP compression works, how to check if it’s enabled on your WordPress site, and how to switch it on if it’s not in this in-depth guide.

Web Fonts Optimization - Typography on Green Background

A Guide to Web Font Optimization

Typography is fundamental to good web design but can have a negative impact on performance. Learn how to better optimize the delivery of your fonts in this comprehensive, hands-on guide.

Icon of a scale on blue background

A Best Practice Guide Reducing Website Page Weight

Does size really matter when it comes to web pages? Is page weight a meaningful metric? We unpack why page weight is worth tracking and how you can reduce page size in this comprehensive guide.

How HTTPS Affects Performance

How HTTPS Affects Website Performance

Is the myth that SSL will slow down your site true? In this post, we explore the performance impacts of SSL and HTTPS, and looks at practical ways you can improve the performance of your HTTPS-enabled site.

Gravatar Logo

3 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Gravatar Delivery

Is Gravatar adding HTTP requests to your site and slowing it down? Learn how to optimize Gravatar and speed up your site in this step-by-step tutorial.

Pingdom vs GTmetrix vs WebPagetest: How Are They Different?

If you've used these speed and performance testing tools, you might be wondering why the results are often very different. Learn about the key differences and features in these performance analysis tools.

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