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Once again, we have good news to share with you. During the past few weeks, the teams of WP Rocket and WPML have worked together to improve the compatibility between our plugins.

WPML is a multilingual plugin that translates a WordPress site into several languages. Marketed since 2009, WPML is the most used WordPress translation plugin with more than 500,000 installations.

The WPML Multilingual Ready certification

WP Rocket has received the official “Multilingual Ready” certification from WPML. The WPML team tests plugins for compatibility before providing their acknowledgement of certification.

WPML users reported minor incompatibilities with our plugin. They were resolved in WP Rocket 2.10 and now these two plugins are 100% compatible.

Thanks to this collaboration, we guarantee you even faster multilingual sites. The speed of a site is a standard that cannot be neglected, regardless of the location of your visitors.

Make WordPress Multilingual Sites Faster

The loading time of a site depends on the location of the visitors and the server where your site is hosted.

If you are flying from Paris (your server), travel will be faster if your destination is Amsterdam (visitor A) than Chicago (visitor B). The same principle applies with visitors to your site.

To solve this problem, you can install a cache plugin, like WP Rocket, and a CDN to complement your efforts.

The advantage of WP Rocket is that it ensures you have a blazing fast website, regardless of the location of your visitors.

A CDN service delivers your static files – images, CSS and JavaScript – from servers closest to where your visitors are located. This reduces the latency between your server and your visitors, and thus improves the speed of your sites.

What’s next?

We work regularly with authors of plugins and WordPress services. We recently announced that WP Rocket was recommended by WP Engine.

Our goal is to provide our users with the most powerful, but also the most compatible cache plugin.

It is essential that you can install WP Rocket without having to worry about compatibility with other plugins. This is important to you, and therefore a source of motivation for us.

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Hi guys,
I just wanted to ask, if a website is set to use different domains for each language, are all languages cached or just the main one?

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