These past few months, we’ve been hard at work. We’ve been planning an informal meetup of our European team at the WordCamp Europe, our startup retreat…and a new version of WP Rocket! We are proud to introduce WP Rocket 2.10, or as we know it internally: “la deux dix” (which is the French way of saying “the 2.10”.

Our lead developer and proud Corgi owner Remy has a few surprises in store! This new version of WP Rocket comes packed with exciting new features and some notable enhancements of existing features. Before we go any further, the entire WP Rocket team would like to thank our dedicated team of Beta testers. Their feedback is vital to help us work out some bugs.

Easy WordPress Caching

You will find a revamped settings dashboard that aims to simplify WordPress Caching setup. We’ve rethought the user interface to help our users save time. Improving the user experience is one of our top priorities. WordPress caching isn’t rocket science so we’ve made some changes to ensure that the WP Rocket’s setup would be streamlined and easier than ever before.

new UI WP Rocket 2.10 admin panel

The new UI WP Rocket 2.10 admin panel

WP Rocket And Google PageSpeed Insights

Although we’ve clearly made a case as to why you shouldn’t only rely on Google PageSpeed Insights as an indicator of your real performance, we know that for many of you, this tool is invaluable. WP Rocket 2.10 aims to help you improve the Google PageSpeed score while adding some serious performance boosting features under the hood.

Do we guarantee everyone the perfect Google PageSpeed Insights score? No. Achieving the best load time is not something that can be done by only optimizing your website’s cache. However, we will provide you with many features that will help get you there. And with our simplified dashboard, achieving results will be a breathe!

New Exciting Caching Features In The Static Files Tab

Don’t you hate it when you install a plugin, only to realize that it has caused your layout to go wonky? We don’t like it either! That’s why our team has been working on a new feature that will prevent these types of display errors. The ability to minify CSS & JavaScript files without any concatenation is a brand new feature WP Rocket 2.10 that will work to alleviate some of these pesky layout issues.

This feature will also delight those of you already taking advantage of HTTP/2, since minification without concatenation is a best practice when using that technology.

We’ve also improved your website’s ability to load deferred JavaScript to improve load times along with the ability to load CSS asynchronously everywhere. Because no one has time to wait on code to load when there are so many other things going on! We’re putting users first and letting them get to what’s important to them while letting our code work its magic in the background.

render blocking CSS and JS in WP Rocket admin

Render Blocking CSS and JS in WP Rocket admin

Many of the new features that you will find in this version of WP Rocket are located in the static files tab. Feel free to explore them! Check out our changelog if you want to find out about the rest of the improvements we’ve made to our caching plugin. And if you have any questions about this new version, please, open a ticket if you are a customer. If not, someone in our chat, a real live human that knows all about WordPress will help answer your question.

Wondering if WP Rocket is right for you?

Well, the short answer is yes. Why?

  • Because we are always working on improving WordPress caching features
  • We’re compatible with many other themes, plugins, hosting companies, CDNs. Just name it, and we’ll include it in our roadmap!
  • Support is always one click away. Speak Spanish, Italian, German, English, French? So do we! No matter if you are a WordPress novice or a total pro, we’ll take the time to answer your question and help you fix your caching issues.