We have some big news! These past few weeks, we’ve been working with the wonderful folks over at WP Engine toward a one-of-a-kind partnership. WP Engine has an incredible EverCache layer that helps your load time performance on the server side. Coupled with WP Rocket this setup makes most WordPress websites load FAST.

That’s great news for you, for your visitors, for us, for WP Engine and even for Google! We know the search engine has been trying to make the web faster for a long time.

Entering The WP Engine Preferred Plugin Program

WP Rocket is now part of the WP Engine Preferred Plugin Program. Previously, WP Engine was known to ban caching plugins because these plugins created caching conflicts with the EverCache layer.

We discussed earlier on our blog that one of the biggest lessons we learned as a company is that you have to play nice with others. For WP Rocket, it means being compatible with many other service providers, themes, plugins, hosts out there.

We optimized our plugin to be compatible with the WP Engine platform. Some parts of the caching is deactivated to make sure that it does not create any issues with the EverCache technology. This way, we can ensure that WP Engine customers get the best front end optimization AND the best server side optimizations all at once.

Speeding up WordPress

There are many ways to speed up a WordPress website, When it comes to load times, every little bit optimized, compressed or streamlined counts. That’s why WP Rocket was created. It is a plugin that helps alleviate certain performance issues. You can tailor your own caching strategy with a few check boxes. It means that CSS & JavaScript minification, deferring remote JavaScript requests, removing string queries from static sources are now at your fingertips: no developer time required!

What’s the bottom line for customers?

WP Engine with WP Rocket on board means websites that load FAST. That’s it. Quick, easy, painless load time optimization!

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Jonathan is Lead Project on WP Rocket. Addicted to WordPress and Co-organizer of WordCamp Paris & Lyon.


Are there any settings at either end we need to manage based on sites hosted at WP Engine and those that are not? Thanks

    Hi Mike, there is nothing special to do :)

Great news! Would get a bigger package soon :)

WP Engine is always pushing Cloudflare for setting up CNAME records. Cloudflare adds caching in addition to WP Engine's EverCache. Is WP Rocket recommended on to of these two? Sorry, caching is kind of a black hole to me...

    @Dave WP Rocket is 100% compatible with CloudFlare too.

Will WP Rocket add an option to clear the cache of both the plugin and WP Engines EverCache?
Or will I need to clear both manually each time (that's the problem we have with Autoptimize right now)?

    Hi Nicolai,

    When you purge WP Rocket cache, it will purge also EverCache. And vice-versa for when you purge Evercache.

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