3.15.10 March 19, 2024

  • Enhancement: New filter that will allow to exclude fonts from being preloaded when Remove Unused CSS feature is active (#6202)
  • Enhancement: Improve the regex for Background Lazy Load CSS Images feature (#6408)
  • Enhancement: Remove Unused CSS feature will always respect the trailing slash settings of the website (#6438)
  • Enhancement: Improve loading time when saving the post on bigger websites. Related to private posts detection (#5971)
  • Enhancement: Improve the loading time for specific SQL query (#6392)
  • Enhancement: Reduce the resource usage by refactoring theme detection class (#6367)
  • Enhancement: Prevent the cache from being cleared multiple times when switching the theme (#6276)
  • Enhancement: Allow excluding YouTube thumbnail from being lazyloaded (#6312)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Fix the compatibility with Imagify after its latest release (#6468)

3.15.9 February 1, 2024

  • Bugfix: Fix some compatibility problems with Contact Form 7 enhancement (#6384)
  • Bugfix: Fix a problem with Lazy Load Background CSS Images feature when CSS is coming directly from PHP file in the source (#6389)
  • Enhancement: Show only last 4 characters of the Cloudflare credentials in the UI (#3376)
  • Enhancement: Improve the batch limit filter for the Preload feature (#6394)
  • Enhancement: Make sure to remove WP Rocket’s transients when deleting the plugin (#4943)
  • Enhancement: Show percentage instead of price on renewal banners (#6349)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Move “All Languages” button to the top of the cache clearing list when multilingual plugins are used (#6174) January 23, 2024

  • Bugfix: Update delay JS script to the latest version (#6401)
    • Fix a problem when 3rd-parties use addEventListener without specifying the DOM element

3.15.8 January 17, 2024

  • Enhancement: Update Delay JavaScript script to the latest version (#6310)
    • Make sure to respect the correct onload events order
    • Fix double-click issue in some cases
    • Fix compatibility with some 3rd-parties on Firefox
  • Enhancement: Don’t remove lazy attribute from not cached query string pages (#4531)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Fix fatal error when WP Rocket is used together with WebToffee Cookie Consent plugin (#6343)

3.15.7 January 04, 2024

  • Bugfix: Fix Lazyload CSS Background image compatibility issue with Chrome 119+ (#6269)
  • Bugfix: Fix a minor scenario when wrong data was saved into the error_code database column for RUCSS feature (#6314)
  • Enhancement: Stop adding URLs to the wpr_rocket_cache table if Preload feature is disabled (#6278)
  • Enhancement: Save a default error code when RUCSS SaaS is not reachable (#6289)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Fix a problem when clearing the cache from post/page editor redirected to posts/pages list when using Classic Editor (#6301)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Fix JS error related to Contact Form 7 optimization (#6331)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Fix a conflict with ABEConnector plugin introduced in 3.15.4 (#6315)

3.15.6 December 05, 2023

  • Bugfix: Fix the newest RUCSS retry strategy, the last step was triggered too late (#6290)
  • Enhancement: Stop firing WP Cron when it’s disabled. It was used to proceed Used CSS for the homepage with priority (#6282)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Improve LazyLoad for Background images compatibility with WPML (#6224)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Contact Form 7 optimization, make sure not to load their static assets when the form is not present on the page (#6241)

3.15.5 November 23, 2023

  • Bugfix: Make RUCSS to-submit item failed if the plugin can’t send the request to SaaS (#6271)
  • Enhancement: Improve RUCSS retry strategy (#6222)
  • Enhancement: Make sure to update the modified date when changing the status or retries of Used CSS database row (#6229)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Clear cache only once after post update when WPML is enabled (#6214)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Stop clearing the cache when importing posts using WPAI to prevent high CPU usage (#4226)

3.15.4 November 07, 2023

  • Bugfix: Fix timeout issues related to DB latency on sites with a lot of private posts(#6181)
  • Bugfix: Clean query string version of the homepage with rocket_clean_home (#3444)
  • Bugfix: Fix DOMException with Lazyload Background CSS due to incorrect selector (#6199)
  • Bugfix: Wrong URL is purged when purging from a translated page with Weglot (#5279)
  • Bugfix: Error messages for RUCSS or not kept after the 3rd retry (#6240)
  • Bugfix: RUCSS DB submitted_at field is not updated correctly (#6242)

3.15.3 October 24, 2023

  • Enhancement: Limit the number of pending RUCSS jobs to improve success rate of received data (#6213)
  • Enhancement: Improve error messaging for RUCSS (#6204)
  • Enhancement: Update Delay JavaScript script to the latest version (#6186)
    • Improve double click issue for Elementor Pro menu
    • Make sure not to process nomodule elements
    • Fix preconnecting of external scripts
  • Enhancement: Remove unnecessary exclusions related to Lazyload CSS Background Images from the code (#6137)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Fix fatal error when viewing popular tab in the plugins.php view when Advanced Ads is enabled (#6206)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Pressidium hosting (#6157)
  • Bugfix: Fix fatal error related to Logger (#6175)

3.15.2 October 10, 2023

  • Enhancement: Add new attribute value for images excluded form Lazy Load Background Images feature (#6146)
  • Enhancement: Add license type to our collected statistics (#6152)
  • Enhancement: Allow to rollback to version while being on 3.15.x (#6207)
  • Bugfix: Make sure to display the checkboxes in the plugins page in WordPress 6.3 correctly when deactivation intent is displayed (#6110)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Improve compatibility between Lazy Load Background Images and WPML (#6178)

3.15.1 September 25, 2023

  • Enhancement: Change the order of features in post’s edit metabox (#6138)
  • Enhancement: Don’t clear the cache when incompatible plugins list is updated (#6077)
  • Enhancement: Prevent from displaying welcome message after each update (#5889)
  • Enhancement: Clear APO cache when deactivating WP Rocket (#6037)
  • Enhancement: Remove duplicated SQL query to RUCSS table (#6068)
  • Enhancement: Reduce the number of requests sent to Cloudflare APO when updating the post (#6061)
  • Enhancement: Add the possibility to decrease the time RUCSS items are spending in failed state (#6066)
  • Enhancement: Remove Lazy Load CSS Background Images script from the source from the not processed pages (#6133)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Exclude jQuery file from Defer JavaScript feature when Shoptimizer theme is used (#5372)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Compatibility with SpinupWP hosting, partial cache clearing added (#6033)
  • Bugfix: Fix fatal error related to non-existing ‘rocket-rucss’ group in Action Scheduler (#6119)
  • Bugfix: Fix a problem with Lazy Load Background CSS images feature when two identical DOM elements have CSS background image (#6158) September 12, 2023

  • Bugfix: Fix a problem with displaying images added using CSS pseudo classes elements when LazyLoad Background CSS Images feature is enabled (#6132)
  • Enhancement: Include LazyLoad Background CSS Images feature when sending data to Support (#6139)

3.15 August 31, 2023

  • New feature: Lazy Load CSS background images (#5987)
  • Enhancement: Get rid of Combine CSS files option (#5909)
  • Enhancement: Fix conflict between Monolog 1x and 2.x (#5366)
  • Bugfix: Prevent from clearing the Remove Unused CSS while saving the options (#6122) August 17, 2023

  • Bugfix: Make sure not to display changed domain warning in multidomain environment  (#6108) August 16, 2023

  • Bugfix: Make sure not to display changed domain warning on ajax requests (#6105)

3.14.4 August 14, 2023

  • Enhancement: Display a message after detecting the domain change (#5667)
  • Enhancement: Make sure to clean failed Action Scheduler preload entries (#6059)
  • Enhancement: Make sure not to exceed the defined number of Action Scheduler pending preload items (#6058)
  • Bugfix: Guard against unexpected value in RUCSS filter (#5994)
  • Bugfix: Improve the query related to the exclusion of private posts from preload. It could have been causing high CPU usage in specific conditions (#6097)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Remove the usage of deprecated Polylang function (#5967)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Introduce compatibility with TranslatePress (#4190)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Display a notice when saving Divi template (#5837)

3.14.3 August 2, 2023

  • Enhancement: Reduce the number of calls to Cloudflare APO when updating the post (#6043)
  • Enhancement: Enhance handling the incompatibility plugins by moving the list to cloud (#6041)
  • Enhancement: Make sure that the cache is cleared during the update only when needed (#5958)
  • Bugfix: Make sure to do a mobile request to the homepage in priority when activating the plugin or clearing Used CSS (#6040) July 19, 2023

  • 3rd-party compatibility: Revert making Asset Cleanup not compatible plugin (#5268)

3.14.2 July 19, 2023

  • Enhancement: Display update notice related to major release for expired users (#5902)
  • Enhancement: Display a notice when RUCSS API is not reachable (#3947)
  • Enhancement: Update link in Ezoic plugin conflict (#5969)
  • Enhancement: Update recommended jQuery regex in Delay JavaScript exclusion (#5970)
  • Enhancement: Dev initiative, add PHPStan usage into Cloudflare Addon (#5995)
  • Enhancement: Move exclusion from JavaScript minification to the backend (#6024)
  • Bugfix: Fix a problem with preloading mobile version of the cache when mandatory cookie is set (#6027)
  • Bugfix: Fix a problem with WooCommerce products sorting caused higher CPU usage (#5984)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Make WP-Optimize not compatible plugin (#6005)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Make Asset Cleanup not compatible plugin (#5268)

3.14.1 July 4, 2023

  • Bugfix: Fixes a problem when the Cloudflare notice disappears unexpectedly (#5979)
  • Bugfix: Fixes a problem when the Cloudflare CDN notice is not displayed (#5976)
  • Bugfix: Fixes “UsedCSS::revert_to_pending” fatal error (#5927)
  • Bugfix: Fixes conflict with some membership plugins and their redirections (#5971)
  • Enhancement: Make plugin names from Dynamic List case sensitive (#5915)
  • Enhancement: Prevent Preload feature from making requests to private pages (#5885)
  • Enhancement: Add filter to make sure that specific CSS is not added to the Used CSS (#5283)
  • Enhancement: Add logic to preload only specific pages (#6001)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Make sure that the root cache directory is cleared when using WPML with directory for the default language (#5611)

3.14 June 15, 2023

  • 3rd-party compatibility: Introduce Cloudflare APO compatibility by synchronisation with official Cloudflare plugin (#3180)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Improve TranslatePress and RUCSS compatibility (#5640)
  • Enhancement: Rewrite Cloudflare Add-on code (#5729)
  • Enhancement: Bump minimum WordPress version to 5.8, PHP to 7.3

3.13.4 June 5, 2023

  • Enhancement: Improve partial cache clearing for non-latin URLs (#5815)
  • Enhancement: Fix deprecation notices in PHP 8.2.3 (#5801)
  • Enhancement: Change the jQuery recommended exclusion from Delay JavaScript (#4371)
  • Enhancement: Improve hit rates for Redis by moving ‘wp_rocket_no_licence’ to the options API (#5793)
  • Bugfix: Sanitization of permalink settings output (#5893)
  • Bugfix: Fix ‘undefined array key’ warning in specific circumstances (#5492)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Improve compatibility with security plugins to prevent excessive cache clearing (#5887)

3.13.3 May 24, 2023

  • Enhancement: Change the wording for One-Click Exclusions (#5929)
  • Enhancement: Prevent from adding incomplete Used CSS into the source (#5809)
  • Enhancement: Guard against removing style tags when <title> is not present and Used CSS can not be injected (#5755)
  • Enhancement: Display a notice for users that are still using CPCSS to encourage them to RUCSS feature (#5905)
  • Enhancement: Make sure that recommended Elementor Delay JavaScript Execution exclusions are not causing accessibility warnings (#5282)
  • Bugfix: Fix ‘Add missing image dimensions’ regex to prevent it from removing custom attributes (#5818)
  • Bugfix: Fix a regression when WP Rest API wasn’t cached for both: trailing slash and non-trailing slash versions (#5900)
  • Bugfix: Make sure that CPCSS for mobiles is regenerated when switching the theme (#5751)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Compatibility between RUCSS and Themify theme (#5736)

3.13.2 May 09, 2023

  • Enhancement: Sanitize URLs before adding them to the config file (#5780)
  • Enhancement: Serve YouTube Thumbnail in WebP format (replace YouTube iframe with preview image feature) (#5111)
  • Enhancement: Add preload exclusions to the backend (#5810)
  • Enhancement: Sanitize User Cache paths to make sure user cache is cleared in all scenarios (#5764)
  • Enhancement: Fix the UI glitch for Sucuri Add-on (#5742)
  • Bugfix: Fix a bug when the Preload was processing WooCommerce pages (#5805)
  • Bugfix: Fix the following warning: PHP Warning: Undefined array key "host" (#5492)
  • Bugfix: Fix the PHP 8.2.1 depracation notice (#5862)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: RUCSS compatibility with WP Geotargeting redirections. RUCSS service requests will not be redirected (#5296)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Update SEOPress sitemap detection for Preload (#5839)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Exclude the canonical link from the "Relative protocol" setting to avoid SEO issues (#5781)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Clear WP Rocket’s cache when Elementor’s maintenance mode is changed (#4937)

3.13.1 April 27, 2023

  • Enhancement: Update delay JS script to the latest version, fixing issue with sticky elements (#4216)
  • Enhancement: Make sure that wrongly formatted URLs from WooCommerce are not preloaded (#2068)
  • Enhancement: Update the default Delay JavaScript exclusion list to contain jQuery migrate script (#5192)
  • Enhancement: Remove unnecessary preconnect request when logged-in with User Cache disabled (#5474)
  • Enhancement: Make sure that Preload Fonts feature's output is added just after the </title> tag (#4215)
  • Enhancement: Set the minimum version of Action Scheduler to 3.0.0 and prevent fatal errors when the condition is not met (#5638)
  • Enhancement: Add a filter to change the time when not accessed URLs will be removed from the cache table (#5657)
  • Enhancement: Introduce new CRON to retry failed RUCSS jobs after 3 days (#5724)
  • Bugfix: Make sure WebP is served when UPLOADS constant is used (#5409)
  • Bugfix: Prevent clearing the whole cache when trashing the post in specific conditions (#5585)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Update exclusions from Delay JavaScript related to Uncode theme (#5743)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Compatibility with PRO ISP hosting (#5844)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Enable Separate Cache for Mobile Devices when WPDiscuz is used (#5719) April 13, 2023

  • Bugfix: Fix a problem when the license could not be activated for fresh installs in some cases (#5866) April 05, 2023

  • Bugfix: Guard against removing php files inside our configuration directory that are not related to WP Rocket (#5854)
  • Enhancement: Improve new Delay JavaScript UI for Safari browsers (#5842)

3.13 March 28, 2023

  • Enhancement: New Delay JavaScript UI. Allows to exclude scripts related to 3rd-parties with a checkbox (#5493)
  • Enhancement: Respect trailing slash settings when serving the cache (#5207)
  • Enhancement: Add hidden query string value to the logger (#5643)
  • Enhancement: Clear cache when 'Discourage search engines from indexing this site' option is changed (#5662)
  • Enhancement: Prevent cleaning home feeds cache when not necessary (#5753)
  • Enhancement: Cancel Action Scheduler actions related to Preload when the cache table is cleared (#5674)
  • Enhancement: Update the Lazy Load script to the latest version (#5250)
  • Bugfix: Fix a problem when a white screen was displayed after clearing the cache (#5747)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning being displayed when rolling back any theme (#5762)
  • Bugfix: Fix a problem when WP Rocket was not clearing configuration files and htaccess upon the deactivation (#5687)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Improve WPX hosting compatibility to make sure browser caching is handled properly (#5675) March 7, 2023

  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem with Delay JS script related to handling injected special characters #5794
  • Bugfix: Fixed an edge case when scripts were excluded from Delay JS unintentionally #5796

3.12.6 February 22, 2023

  • BugFix: Fix a problem when partial URL added to Never Cache URLs was excluding more URLs from preloading #5588
  • BugFix: Fix a problem when Used CSS was not generated automatically for home page in certain cases #5631
  • BugFix: Fix a problem with preload getting stuck after disabling Remove Unused CSS while there were still pending jobs #5671
  • BugFix: Improve the logic of adding URLs to the preload queue to avoid preload getting stuck #5619
  • BugFix: Update Delay JS script to the latest version, fixing edge cases with Firefox that caused problems with clicks #5756
  • Enhancement: Clear cache partially instead of globally when Never cache This Page is changed in the Edit screen metabox #4773
  • Enhancement: Update Minify dependency with latest changes #5617
  • Enhancement: Display a notice when Perfmatters' Used CSS is used to avoid conflicts with RUCSS feature #5533
  • Enhancement: Display a notice when Autoptimize's RapidLoad Used CSS is used to avoid conflicts with RUCSS feature  #5424
  • Enhancement: Hide RocketCDN's CTA banner on One.com websites #5682
  • Enhancement: Update action scheduler to v3.5.4 #5714
  • Enhancement: Disable preload for pagination pages by default #5544
  • Enhancement: Fix problem with missing column on wp_wpr_rocket_cache during updates #5645
  • Enhancement: Improve webp detection on apple devices #5654
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Add compatibility with Members plugin and its user roles #5668
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Introduced lazyload compatibility with the new Avada background markup #5649 February 02, 2023

  • BugFix: Update Delay JS script to fix edge cases where links were not clickable and stop handling scripts inside SVG (#5731) January 25, 2023

  • Bugfix: Update Delay JS script to the latest version, fixes problem with 'readyState' property (#5709)
  • Bugfix: Compatibility between One.com CDN and security plugins (#5708) January 19, 2023

  • Bugfix: Export settings before applying Safe Mode might not work (#5684)
  • Bugfix: Turkish translation special characters not showing as expected on 3.12.5 (#5695)
  • Bugfix: Blank admin after updating to 3.12.5 (#5685)
  • Bugfix: Fix metadata cleanup error in rocket_renew_all_boxes function (#5237)

3.12.5 January 17, 2023

  • Enhancement: Update Delay JS script to the latest version (#4988)
  • Enhancement: Guard against 'table doesn't exist' errors in specific conditions (#5439, #5582)
  • Enhancement: Allow users to export configuration file just before applying Safe Mode (#5094)
  • Enhancement: Automatically clear Used CSS table when changing the permalinks (#5506)
  • Bugfix: Prevent /wp-json/ from being cached by default in specific conditions (#5624)
  • Bugfix: Make sure 'Never Cache This Page' is applied just after saving the post (#5519)
  • Bugfix: Make sure all sites in the multisite environment are loading correct config files (#5632)
  • Bugfix: Fix on applying Image Dimensions when specific CDN CNAMES are used (#5608)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Add '?no_optimize' query string to the requests sent to RUCSS SaaS (#4327)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Compatibility with One.com hosting (#5189)

3.12.4 December 29, 2022

  • Enhancement: Update banners in the plugin (#5639) December 8, 2022

  • Bugfix: Fixes an issue with WordPress feeds being cached by default. Also brings back possibility to exclude index.php from being cached.(#5599) November 25, 2022

  • Bugfix: Guard against corner database cases when upgrading without visiting the admin dashboard (#5593) (#5579)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when Delay JS is activated and the HTML of a page is null (#5555)
  • Bugfix: CNAME field is emptied and can't be added anymore with https protocol. (#5577)
  • Enhancement: Clear NGINX cache via Nginx Helper after the Used CSS has been generated (#5559)
  • Enhancement: Never Cache URL(s) exclusions work only when they match the existence or not of a trailing slash in permalinks (#5509) November 17, 2022

  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when delaying massive inline scripts (#5570)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when Action Scheduler returns error (#5567)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Prevent fatal error when deactivating BigCommerce plugin (#5550)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Exclude non-existing URLs coming from The Events Calendar plugin from the prelod (#5510)

3.12.3 November 14, 2022

  • Enhancement: Improve various capabilities checking and sanitizations (#5105)
  • Enhancement: Catch Actions Scheduler exceptions (#5463)
  • Enhancement: Clear cache of taxonomy pagination pages when a post is cleared  (#4035)
  • Enhancement: Don't apply lazyload on background images added into a style attribute using base64 (#5293)
  • Enhancement: Improve headers filter for preload feature (#5521)
  • Enhancement: Guard against unnecessary request when RUCSS and Preload are used together (#5401)
  • Enhancement: Save RUCSS error messages in the database (#5400)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error in specific conditions (#5501#5483)
  • Bugfix: Prevent 404 error on some links of the French documentation (#5502)
  • 3rd-party: Improve compatibility with WPX hostPrevent fatal error when delaying massive inline scripts (#5570)ing (#3717) October 27, 2022

  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning related to get_current_screen() in some cases (#5526)

3.12.2 October 20, 2022

  • Enhancement: Allow excluding part of the website from the preload feature (#5394)
  • Enhancement: Allow prioritization of preloaded URLs (#5428)
  • Enhancement: Guard against fatal error when providing wrong value to the filter (#5471, #5073)
  • Enhancement: Improve is_alreeady_cached function to cover webp cache (#5374)
  • Enhancement: Fix broken link in the UI (#5405)
  • Enhancement: Use cloud to deliver updated exclusions lists for most features (#3703)
  • Enhancement: Adjust banners for expired users (#5397)
  • Enhancement: Prevent pages ending with .php from getting added to the new preload module (#5382)
  • Enhancement: Improve Preload notice (#5423)
  • Enhancement: Add .myraidbox.de to allowed list of staging environments (#5457)
  • Enhancement: Remove WP Rocket's options from not public post types (#5149)
  • Enhancement:Update Action Scheduler to 3.5.2 version (#5380)
  • Bugfix: Guard against PHP copy() warning (#2441)
  • Bugfix: Prevent passing null to parameter to avoid PHP Deprecated warning (#5456)
  • Bugfix: Fix the problem when Used CSS was not generated for the homepage when preload was disabled (#5410)
  • Bugfix: Change the index for Used CSS columns (#5416)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Exclude Rocket LazyLoad plugin's script from Delay JS feature (#5412)
  • 3rd-party compatibility: 3CX Free Live Chat compatibility with Minify JavaScript feature (#5497) September 26, 2022

  • 3rd party compatibility: temporarily hide past-due actions in Action Scheduler (#5450)
  • Bugfix: improve detection of missing Action Scheduler tables (#5440)

3.12.1 September 15, 2022

  • Enhancement: Dynamically update Remove unused CSS exclusions from our server (#5038)
  • Enhancement: Respect in-progress limit for preload items (#5393)
  • Enhancement: Add new filters to prevent deletion of used CSS (#4942)
  • Enhancement: Display a notice if RUCSS table could not be created (#3960)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from Delay JS execution (#4905#5266#5404)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from minify JS (#5097#5216)
  • Enhancement: Exclude .cfm extension from CDN rewrite (#5020)
  • Bugfix: Remove loading attribute from images/iframes when using JS lazyload to prevent conflict on some browsers (#4961)
  • Bugfix: Prevent deprecated warning on PHP 8.1 (#5205)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning when using missing image dimensions for some SVG (#5098)
  • Bugfix: Prevent showing missing Action Scheduler tables notice incorrectly in some cases (#5021)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when Action Scheduler tables could not be created on installation (#5396)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when using count() on invalid type with PHP 8 and above (#5407)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Display a conflict notice when Cloudflare server push mode is enabled while Remove Unused CSS or Combine CSS ie enabled (#4710)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Remove old Remove unused CSS server IP from Wordfence allowlist (#5249) September 1, 2022

  • Enhancement: Changed Action Scheduler settings to make sure only one concurrent batch is used for Preload #5376
  • Bugfix: Fix a bug when user visit set cache to be completed in database #5369
  • Bugfix: Fix error when attachment_link filter incorrectly changing return of the function get_permalink #5363 August 29, 2022

  • Enhancement: Reduce preload batch size from 100 to 45 (#5352)
  • Bugfix: Prevent warning when dropping the old remove unused CSS resources table if it doesn't exist (#5347)
  • Bugfix: Correctly remove URLs from the cache table when trashing/deleting a post or on 404 (#5346)
  • Bugfix: Force creation of cache table if it wasn't created correctly on update (#5351)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude trustindex.io from JS minification (#5343)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent notices conflict creating high CPU usage (#5354) August 24, 2022

  • Bugfix: Correctly preload sitemaps on update from version lower than (#5337)
  • Bugfix: Prevent error when using debug mode (#5341) August 23, 2022

  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error related to type casting when updating to (#5330)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice when importing settings for the cache webp option (#4424) August 22, 2022

  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when upgrading to 3.12 (#5328)

3.12 August 22, 2022

  • Enhancement: New Preload Module (#2678)
  • Enhancement: Upgrade Monolog to version 2 (#5166)
  • Enhancement: Remove BETA mention from the Remove Unused CSS feature (#5260)
  • Enhancement: Drop database tables related to old Remove Unused CSS approach (#5145)
  • Enhancement: Bump minimum supported versions to WordPress 5.6 and PHP7.2
  • 3rd party compatibility: Compatibility between Covnert Plus plugin and Remove Unused CSS feature (#5291)
  • Bugfix: Update broken link in the notice (#5147)

3.11.5 August 3, 2022

  • Enhancement: Display warning notices for expired users using Optimize CSS Delivery options (#3837)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP deprecated warning on PHP 8.1 (#5194)
  • Bugfix: Correctly rollback multiple versions consecutively (#3077)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Update allowlisted IP for our RUCSS in Wordfence (#5233)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add additional compatibilities for Remove UnusedCSS (#5018#5091#5164#5219#5263#5270) July 11, 2022

  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error on Presslabs (#5227) July 7, 2022

  • Enhancement: Prevent creation of RUCSS jobs if used CSS folder is not writable (#5178)
  • Bugfix: Correctly lazyload background images when native lazyload is enabled (#5126)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice when license validation server is not accessible (#5168)
  • Bugfix: Prevent display issue when using RUCSS in specific cases (#5213)
  • Bugfix: Revert change for redirect based on trailing slash (#5221)

3.11.4 June 30, 2022

  • Enhancement: Store Used CSS in the filesystem instead of the database (#4802#5169)
  • Enhancement: Preserve the style tags in the source after applying RUCSS (#5064)
  • Enhancement: Allow preserving the CSS files added with when RUCSS is applied (#4969)
  • Enhancement: Clear Varnish cache of the specific page when clearing its Used CSS (#4875)
  • Enhancement: Make sure RUCSS can clear all rows in the DB at once (#5017)
  • Enhancement: Remove old RUCSS entries also when RUCSS is disabled (#5076)
  • Enhancement: Remove WP Rocket's options from Elementor templates (#5010)
  • Enhancement: Update Action Schedule package to 3.4.2 (#5119)
  • Enhancement: Respect trailing slash permalink settings when rewrite rules are not present (#5003)
  • Bugfix: Correct typo in the core file (#5122)
  • Bugfix: Always preserve original query string when redirecting (#5117)
  • Bugfix: Guard RUCSS filters against array of null (#5167)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when rolling back from 3.11.3 to 3.10.9 (#5104)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Enable Separate cache for mobile devices when JetMenu is used (#5063)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve home_url detection for RUCSS when WPML is used (#5065)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility between Divi and RUCSS (#4792)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from Defer JS (#4605)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from Delay JS (#4605)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from Minify JS (#5026)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Guard against wrong values passed by 3rd party to apache_mod_loaded function (#5156)
  • i18n: Change RUCSS to Remove Unused CSS in CRON interval name (#5184)

3.11.3 May 31, 2022

  • Enhancement: Remove CSS files without the .css extension from the HTML when using RUCSS (#4252)
  • Enhancement: Remove Google Fonts CSS when RUCSS is enabled (#4967)
  • Enhancement: Improve RocketCDN error messages (#4714)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from JS minification (#4948, #4973, #5055)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from Delay JS execution (#4745, #4769)
  • Enhancement: Add additional patterns to preserve when using RUCSS (#4972, #5039, #5051, #5052, #5041)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusion from iframes lazyload (#4763)
  • Bugfix: Prevent Uncaught Argument exception error when using RUCSS (#5005)
  • Bugfix: Remove CSS preload links when using RUCSS (#4284)
  • Enhancement: Use CDN for preloaded fonts when using RUCSS (#5028)
  • Bugfix: Correctly exclude from JS minification when an URL contains the site TLD (#4231)
  • Bugfix: Correctly cache feeds when enabled (#4789)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable Divi dynamic CSS feature when RUCSS is enabled to prevent conflict (#4792)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable combine CSS in Avada when RUCSS is enabled to prevent conflict (#4881)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Remove no longer necessary compatibility code with WooCommerce v5.3 and higher (#3929)

3.11.2 May 05, 2022

  • Enhancement: Ignore additional Google query strings from caching (#4547)
  • Enhancement: Avoid preloading links to PDF, Doc, Docx, XLS files (#4873)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions to delay JS (#4179)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions to defer JS (#4776, #4894)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusion to minify JS (#4898)
  • Bugfix: Don't add preload links for logged-in users (#4711)
  • Bugfix: Prevent caching of an excluded page when a query string to cache is present (#4765)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a way to enable combine CSS while RUCSS is enabled (#4869)
  • Bugfix: Fix URL of heartbeat.js file when HeartBeat is disabled (#4999)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with ConvertPlug dynamic CSS and Remove Unused CSS (#4984)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Flatsome dynamic CSS and Remove Unused CSS (#4991)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Avoid showing a WP_CACHE warning on site health for hosting providers controlling it directly (#3734)

3.11.1 May 02, 2022

  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP deprecation notice on PHP8.1 (#4728)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when lazyloading images (#4767)
  • Bugfix: Prevent error when Heartbeat is disabled (#4032)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from delay JS execution (#4758)
  • Enhancement: Exclude images inside the script tags from the Add Missing Dimensions feature (#4759)
  • Enhancement: Disable clearing feeds cache when it's disabled (#4133)
  • Enhancement: Clear metadata from the postmeta table upon uninstallation (#4020)
  • Enhancement: Implementation of new deactivation intent (#1959, #4867)
  • Enhancement: Improve CDN rewrites when RUCSS is enabled (#4868)
  • Enhancement: Add a health check to control the number of registered RUCSS crons (#4965)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add compatibility with Judge.me Product Reviews for WooCommerce and Delay JS (#4171)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Autoptimize and Lazyload (#4527)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Flatsome and RUCSS (#4971)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add compatibility with Vamtam's Health Center and RUCSS (#4975) April 21, 2022

  • Enhancement: Clean our RUCSS action scheduler jobs periodically without affecting others (Issue #4940)
  • Bugfix: Remove Unused CSS doesn't work when any error/warning/notice is on log (PR #4941) April 14, 2022

  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice: undefined actions scheduler property & database query error when using WooCommerce (#4917) April 11, 2022

  • Bugfix: Prevent a fatal error if one of the Action Scheduler tables is missing (#4897)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Preserve Divi inline CSS when Remove unused CSS is enabled to prevent a JS error (#4598)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude the AMP mobile redirection script from delay JS (#4757) April 04, 2022

  • 3rd party compatibility: Avoid fatal error when an old version of Action Scheduler is loaded on the user website
  • Bugfix: Prevent error related to duplicate key name queue_name_index
  • Enhancement: Update Remove unused CSS safelist items for compatibility with new API March 25, 2022

  • Bugfix: Add Action Scheduler to the plugin codebase to avoid possible issues with composer installation (#4859)
  • Bugfix: Only change the Action Scheduler concurrent batches value if less than 2 (#4861)

3.11 March 24, 2022

  • The plugin now requires PHP 7.1 and WordPress 5.5 as minimum versions (#4574)
  • Enhancement: huge update on the Remove unused CSS feature, with a whole new Used CSS API and a lot of improvements on the plugin side
  • Enhancement: Prevent dependency clash with PSR package (#4244)

3.10.9 March 3, 2022

  • Enhancement: Update our delay JS script (#4682)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from minify JS (#4706, #4740, #4743, #4770)
  • Enhancement: Remove some unnecessary database queries done by WP Rocket on the admin side (#1599)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent JS error when using Elementor with combine JS (#4701)
  • 3r party compatibility: Improve compatibility when using Elementor and specific page CSS (#3327, #3426)

3.10.8 February 17, 2022

  • Removed OPCache purging from the plugin (#4439)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from JS minification (#4656, #4720)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from delay JS execution (#4492)
  • Enhancement: Add missing image dimensions on SVG images (#3727)
  • Bugfix: prevent JS error en post edit screen when load CSS asynchronously is enabled but our metabox is not displayed (#3395)
  • Bugfix: Prevent unexpected exclusions when an URL contains feed (#2852)
  • Bugfix: Clean the busting directory when purging the cache (#3617)
  • Bugfix: Prevent preload of affiliates links to avoid inflated counts (#4586)
  • Bugfix: Improve logic to remove the critical CSS when all the CSS have been loaded (#3009)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent caching the service worker URL when using the PWA plugin (#3520)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with the web stories plugin (#4724)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with WCML (#4070)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Update the compatibility code for Kinsta (#4717)

3.10.7 January 27, 2022

  • Enhancement: Increase SVG expiration to 4 months in htaccess configuration (#4603)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from defer JS (#4539, #4553, #4593)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from minify JS (#4593, #4616, #4654)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from delay JS execution (#4611, #4654)
  • Enhancement: Update the WP tested version value from our API (#3570)
  • Enhancement: Update the renewal banners displayed on the settings page (#4627)
  • Bugfix: Prevent applying defer JS exclusions to combine JS when defer JS is disabled (#4089)
  • Bugfix: Add the missing image dimension when only one of the dimension is defined (#3523)
  • Regression fix: Prevent removing IE conditional comments when async CSS is enabled (#4639)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable Google fonts optimization and minify JS on AMP pages (#4563)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude WhatsApp user agent from cache (#4507)

3.10.6 January 6, 2022

  • Enhancement: exclude additional patterns from JS minification (#4227, #4364)
  • Enhancement: exclude additional patterns from delay JS execution (#4358, #4506, #4604)
  • Enhancement: add a new filter rocket_exclude_post_taxonomy to exclude a post taxonomy from cache purge (#2820)
  • Bugfix: avoid adding commented-out stylesheet links into the <noscript> tag when using load CSS asynchronously (#4186)
  • Bugfix: prevent PHP notices in some cases when purging the cache for terms (#3464)
  • Bugfix: prevent unexpected closing of congratulations banner when closing the promo banner (#4064)
  • Regression fix: correctly exclude images using skip-lazy or data-skip-lazy from lazyload (#4576) December 16, 2021

  • BugFix: Hotfix (#4590) adjust rocketcdn pricing issue (PR #4592)

3.10.5 December 9, 2021

  • Enhancement: Allow to filter the value of font-display for Google Fonts #4219
  • Enhancement: Prevent rewriting the URLs to CDN inside inline scripts #2849
  • Enhancement: Allow to disable CDN rewriting for relative paths #2849
  • Enhancement: Styling change of the RocketCDN banner #4542
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Warning when unexpected pattern is added to Defer JS input field #3967
  • Bugfix: Prevent wrong path rewrites in some cases when optimizing Google Fonts #3813
  • 3rd party compatibility: Display notices when Ezoic plugin is enabled #2200
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve the notices when conflicting Autoptimize features are enabled #4558
  • 3rd party compatibility: Load JavaScript Deferred and ReCaptcha plugins compatibility #4515
  • 3rd party compatibility: Delay JS and simpli.fy platform compatibility #4498
  • 3rd party compatibility: Minify JS and CleverPush compatibility #4104
  • 3rd party compatibility: Minify JS and Afterpay compatibility #4526

3.10.4 November 25, 2021

  • Enhancement: Add site's name to the exported filename (#4487)
  • Enhancement: Make LazyLoad for iframes compatible with a11y audit, preview image will receive focus now (#4436)
  • Bugfix: Remove the last GLOB_BRACE from the codebase (#146)
  • Bugfix: Fix the display of messages when using incorrect syntax in specific fields (#4314)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when receiving empty value in preg_split() function (#4509)
  • Bugfix: Improve the regex to find and process more Google Fonts markups (#4188)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Warning when unexpected pattern is added to DelayJS input field (#4136)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add delay JS compatibility with GravityForms when using Recaptcha (#4425)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Display notices when conflicting features are enabled in Autoptimize (#4013, #4472)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve handling WooCommerce images while Delay JS is enabled (#4417)
  • i18n: Fixed Brazilian translation (#4395)

3.10.3 November 11, 2021

  • Enhancement: Clear Used CSS after editing a taxonomy (#4299)
  • Enhancement: Display a warning when the user adds "/" into the Never Cache URL(s) box (#352)
  • Enhancement: Delay JS - Exclude Jetpack Boost's lazyload scripts (#4473)
  • Enhancement: Add a secret key to the folder name of the common cache for logged in users (#4482)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when AddDefaultCharset directive is added to .htaccess with missing $charset value (#3704)
  • Bugfix: Prevent the removal of default LL of WordPress for iframe when Lazyload Images feature is enabled (#4460)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Notice when excluding domain name from Defer JS while Minify JS is enabled (#4466)
  • Bugfix: Better handling of linear-gradient() function in Removed Unused CSS (#4463)
  • Bugfix: Possibility to delay script which contains term "type" in the URL (#4382)
  • Bugfix: Prevent removing SVG elements from Used CSS (#4474)
  • Regression Fix: Revert Delay JS script to (#4497)
  • 3rd Party compatibility: Add check for updated classname in PDFEmbedder compatibility (#4491)

3.10.2 October 28, 2021

  • Enhancement: Update our delay JS execution script to fix a bug with events being triggered twice and to load JS files when the page is loaded in a hidden browser tab (#4354, #4451)
  • Enhancement: Update the lazyload script to the latest version (#3510)
  • Enhancement: Add filter rocket_rucss_safelist to filter the Remove Unused CSS safelist value (#4343)
  • Bugfix: Prevent removing style tags inserted with inline JS when Remove Unused CSS is enabled (#4331)
  • Bugfix: Prevent useless call to wp_clear_scheduled_hook() when Remove Unused CSS is disabled (#4337)
  • Bugfix: Prevent console error in some cases when lazyload is enabled (#3976)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Avada and delay JS on WC product pages (#4224)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Wordfence and our background processes (#3916)
  • 3rd party compatibility: No longer exclude WP Retina 2x images from lazyload (#2492)

3.10.1 October 14, 2021

  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions for minify JS, combine JS, defer JS (#4329, #4332, #4349, #4405, #4420)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Divi 4.10 (#4320)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Uncode 2.5 (#4366)
  • Bugfix: Stop our background processes when updating or rolling back to avoid errors (#4391)
  • Bugfix: Update documentation link related to WooCommerce in our settings page (#4260)
  • Bugfix: Prevent errors with delay JS execution when parsing big HTML pages (#4374, #4397)

3.10 September 28, 2021

  • Enhancement: Update minimum WP version to 5.4 (#4341)
  • Enhancement: Implement a new UI for Optimized CSS Delivery (#4245)
  • Enhancement: Move WebP Compatibility option to a One-Click Rocket Add-on (#3804)
  • Enhancement: Add expiration rules for avif image format (#4206)
  • Enhancement: Remove the Disable Embeds option (#3773)
  • Enhancement: Remove the Delete Expired Transients option (#3578)
  • Enhancement: Empty some files no longer needed (#3839) September 27, 2021

  • Regression: Revert the delay JS script to the previous version (reverting #4306)

3.9.4 September 14, 2021

  • Enhancement: Update delay JS script to catch click events before the scripts are loaded (#4303)
  • Enhancement: Add the delay JS script to the page after the meta charset if it's present (#4121)
  • Enhancement: Remove the clear cache notice after using clear used CSS since it also clears the cache (#4212)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a possible error on WooCommerce product pages with delay JS enabled (#4255)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a possible PHP notice in some cases when using remove unused CSS (#4243)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve delay JS compatibility with a number of scripts (#4075, #4241, #4169)

3.9.3 September 3, 2021

  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusion from combine JS (#4290)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when passing an empty path to get the content of a file (#4257)
  • Regression: Fix issue with JS minification when removing comments (#4291)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add delay JS compatibility with Adthrive (#4018)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Divi 4.10 update (#4263)

3.9.2 August 23, 2021

  • 3rd-Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude jQuery from being deferred on Revolution Slider Activation (#4229)
  • 3rd-Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude from Delay JS EWWW scripts for webp (#4165)
  • 3rd-Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude Autoptimizer Lazyload script from Delay JS (#4162)
  • Bugfix: Use correct server variable to detect Lightspeed (#3282)
  • Bugfix: Sync varnish cache clear with WP Rocket cache clear on GoDaddy VIP (#3690)
  • Bugfix: Delay JS preventing WPML from redirecting before user interaction (#4149)
  • Bugfix: Pre-warmup fetch resources stopped in some cases (#4122)
  • Enhancement: Grey out Delay JS option when WP Meteor is activated (#4074)
  • Enhancement: Emulate Elementor Pro animation when using Delay JS (#4080) July 22, 2021

  • Regression fix: prevent error with JS minification in some cases (#4192)
  • Bugfix : prevent error when updating if the global wp_version is not set (#4193)

3.9.1 July 21, 2021

  • Enhancement: Improve Google Fonts Optimization by preloading and asychronously loading the Google Fonts URL (#2772)
  • Enhancement: Automatically exclude invalid script types from delay JS (#3944, #4158)
  • Enhancement: Improve helper text for the delay JS exclusions field (#4044)
  • Enhancement: Remove Cloudflare cache purge button from WP Rocket admin bar (#3112)
  • Bugfix: Prevent high CPU usage on some hosts when using remove unused CSS (#4072)
  • Bugfix: Update our minification library to fix several issues (#3698, #3398, #3279, #2083)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent display issue of the images gallery on a WooCommerce product page when delay JS is enabled (#4077)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from combine/defer JS (#4009, #4012, #3984, #4048, #4068, #4128) July 02, 2021 June 24, 2021 June 18, 2021 June 15, 2021

  • Bugfix: Prevent delay JS not working in some conditions (#3961, #4002, #4004)
  • Bugfix: Add auto-exclusions from delay JS for Divi, WPForms, NinjaForms (#3987, #4014, #4029) June 3, 2021

3.9 May 19, 2021

3.8.8 April 1, 2021

  • Enhancement: Don't add font-face in Critical CSS & remove preload fonts when Optimize CSS Delivery is enabled. This change should result in an overall improvement of the Core Web Vitals score (#3667)
  • Bugfix: Correctly purge expired cache on some environments (#3668)
  • Bugfix: Only add the preconnect link to Google fonts domain when there is Google fonts on the page (#3219)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP error in some cases during license validation (#3449)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add new inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3665, #3671, #3683)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Ignore pinterest ads query string when serving the cache(#3682)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude nonce actions for Discount rules and Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce (#3679)

3.8.7 March 18, 2021

  • Enhancement: Update exclusions from combine and defer JS (#3609, #3619, #3634, #3638)
  • Enhancement: Update never cache URLs placeholder to avoid confusion (#2883)
  • Enhancement: Add new filter to rewrite custom srcset values to the CDN URL (#2812)
  • Bugfix: Correctly update our config file with the AMP query string when activating the plugin (#3528)
  • Bugfix: Prevent incorrect CDN URL rewrite on srcset with duplicated URLs (#2041)
  • Bugfix: Apply the font-display:swap property to the generated CPCSS (#3114)
  • Bugfix: Prevent rewriting images with the webp extension in a content attribute (#3073)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice in some cases if a value is not set in the update object (#3394)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add nonce value exclusion for Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce (#3652)

3.8.6 March 4, 2021

  • Enhancement: Fetch & minify content of CSS internal files requested by @import inside the minified CSS files (#3539)
  • Enhancement: Use a persistent filename with a query string for minified files to reduce the 404 issues on certain setups (#3564)
  • Enhancement: Add a preconnect tag for the CDN domain values entered in WP Rocket settings to improve loading time (#3423)
  • Enhancement: Turn off the delay JS option when safe mode is enabled (#3498)
  • Enhancement: Always preserve empty lines in the .htaccess file (#3113)
  • Bugfix: Update our usage of jQuery functions to be compatible with the future removal of jQuery migrate from WordPress (#3605)
  • Bugfix: Correctly trigger the delayed JS loading when scrolling with the mouse wheel (#3454)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP warning when unexpected values are used in place of URLs when purging (#3238)
  • Bugfix: Correctly parse scripts for delay JS when there is a space inside the <script></script> tags (#3083)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Fix Defer JS problem with Contact Form 5.4 (#3625)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Remove compatibility with the age verify plugin (#2839)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Show a warning when the PageSpeed Ninja plugin is active (#1744)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent issues when other 3rd parties use our rocket_defer_inline_exclusions filter with unexpected values (#3582)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude the cms_block post type from critical CSS generation (#2970)

3.8.5 February 18, 2021

  • Regression fix: Prevent an issue with NextGen Gallery created by a change in version 3.8.4 of WP Rocket (#3568)
  • Enhancement: Exclude image element inside a picture element when the picture element is excluded from lazyload (#3437)
  • Enhancement: Exclude the AMP mobile redirection script from combine JS (#3540)
  • Enhancement: Add additional values to our list of query strings to ignore when serving the cache (#3503)
  • Enhancement: Prevent trying to generate CPCSS for the web-story custom post type (#3513)
  • Enhancement: Add new GTMetrix IPs to our list of IPs to check when serving the cache (#3126)
  • Bugfix: Prevent defining WP_CACHE multiple times in wp-config.php in some cases (#3035)
  • Bugfix: Prevent possible error caused by a missing parameter on a filter in get_rocket_cdn_cnames() (#3332)
  • Bugfix: Correctly adapt the position of the Beacon to the current language when displaying it on the settings page (#3521)
  • Bugfix: Exclude application/ld+json scripts from defer JS (#3470)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly exclude some Uncode JS files from defer JS on the most recent versions (#3036)

3.8.4 February 4, 2021

  • Enhancement: Apply missing image dimensions for images with a relative path (#3438)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions for combine & defer JS (#3519, #3524, #3525)
  • Bugfix: Prevent NextGEN Gallery admin UI breaking when WP Rocket is enabled (#3456)
  • Bugfix: Fix a bug in the htaccess rewrite rules in certain cases (#1495)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with official AMP plugin (#3450)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly ignore platform.sh staging sites for license validation & RocketCDN (#3465)

3.8.3 January 21, 2021

  • Enhancement: Exclude additional scripts from minification (#3139, #3495)
  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JavaScript exclusions from combine JS (#3473, #3488)
  • Enhancement: Add additional attributes to use when doing the WebP images conversion (#3469)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve sitemap detection of All-in-One SEO plugin v4 (#3393)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude images used by JetPack compare images block from lazyload (#3383)

3.8.2 January 7, 2021

  • Enhancement: Force all processed CSS and Google Fonts to use font-display:swap (#3375)
  • Enhancement: Update Never Cache Cookies textarea description to explain partial matches are allowed (#3334)
  • Enhancement: Added a notification when Mod Pagespeed is enabled and tell customers that it is likely to conflict with WP Rocket (#3369)
  • Enhancement: Improved integration with WP Rocket CLI (#3377)
  • Enhancement: Exclude 3D FlipBook JS from combination and from inline deferring (#3452)
  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3460)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from defer JS (#3442)
  • Bugfix: Fix Divi logo image distortion when adding image dimensions (#3429)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice when picture element doesn’t contain any source element (#3056)
  • Bugfix: Fix Fatal error “Path cannot be empty” when combining not readable or not found file (#3422)

3.8.1 December 22, 2020 December 14, 2020

3.8 December 9, 2020 December 8, 2020

3.7.6 December 3, 2020

3.7.5 November 5, 2020

  • New: Added ability to renew WP Rocket license from within the plugin (#3068)
  • Enhancement: Disable automatic updates link in WordPress plugins list (#3243)
  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3239, #3242, #3266)
  • Regression fix: Fix CSS/JS minification when the theme’s name contains a space (#3178)
  • Bugfix: Correctly rewrite 3rd-party resources having the integrity attribute (#3121)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where Avada Lazyload was always detected as active (#3209)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where LazyLoad was not working when using AJAX pagination (#3215)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Added support for Web Stories plugin (#3102)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent nonces issues when using Custom Bookly form (#3259)

3.7.4 October 22, 2020

  • New: WP Rocket promotions are now displayed on the settings dashboard whenever a promotion is active (#3069)
  • Enhancement: Exclude Leadboxes script from being combined (#3213)
  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3226, #3228)
  • Regression fix: Prevent WP Rocket from creating additional combined files when versioning contains variable strings/timestamps (#3133)
  • Bugfix: Correctly minify/combine CSS/JS when the URL contains encoded characters (#3178)
  • Bugfix: Update adsbygoogle to adsbygoogle.js in the default delay JS list (#3119)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent nonces issues when using Rehub theme (#3216)

3.7.3 October 15, 2020

  • New: A direct access to license upgrade choices is now available from the WP Rocket settings dashboard, in the my account section (#3067)
  • Enhancement: Add code.jquery.com to the list of external files to exclude from Safe mode for jQuery (#2859)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from local cache & minify for external scripts (Mailerlite #3144, loaded.knack.com #3184)
  • Enhancement: Add additional query strings to ignore when serving the cache. All values of these query strings will be served the same cache (Google Ads #3163, Matomo & Piwik Pro #3188, ShareASale #3189)
  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3183)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from defer JS (#3181)
  • Bugfix: Update delay JS code to be compatible with IE11 (#3140)
  • Bugfix: Prevent our delay JS & preload links javascript from being added more than once if wp_enqueue_scripts is called multiple times on a page (#3125)

3.7.2 September 30, 2020

  • 3rd party compatibility: Automatic compatibility with DreamPress hosting (#2789)
  • Enhancement: Add additional auto-exclusion from defer JS and combine JS to prevent issues
  • Enhancement: Add index file inside WP Rocket generated directories to prevent direct access to them (#3057)
  • Bugfix: Update trustpilot pattern for delay JS to prevent JS errors (#3080)
  • Bugfix: Remove Google recaptcha from delay JS default list (#3075)
  • Bugfix: Added pixel caffeine JS script to delay JS default list to prevent JS errors (#3088)
  • Bugfix: Update preload links configuration to prevent an issue when WordPress is installed in a sub-directory (#3071) September 18, 2020

  • Bugfix: Fixes PHP Fatal error in 3.7.1 because of missing autoload for Cloudflare module (#3122)

3.7.1 September 18, 2020

  • Enhancement: Automatically exclude our delay JS and preload links inline scripts from combine JS (#3100)
  • Enhancement: Increases the browser cache to 4 months for video/audio files (#2879)
  • Bugfix: Prevent JS error caused by a naming collision between our preload links scripts and 3rd party scripts (#3078)
  • Bugfix: Prevent JS error from the CPCSS removal script on older browsers (#3025)
  • Bugfix: Correctly exclude jQuery from combine JS when defer JS is active and WP is installed in a sub-directory (#2846)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a blank page in some cases when delay JS is active on a very big HTML page (#3090) September 01, 2020

3.7 August 27, 2020

  • New feature: Delay JavaScript execution - Improves performance by delaying the loading of JavaScript files until user interaction (e.g. scroll, click) (#2899)
  • New feature: Preload Links - Prefetch pages before the user clicks on a link to improve perceived loading speed & user experience (#2898)
  • Enhancement: Host locally & minify 3rd party CSS & JS files when minify CSS/JS option are enabled (#2810)
  • Enhancement: Automatically add font-display:swap to CSS files containing a font-face to improve rendering time (#2791)
  • Enhancement: Combine 3rd party CSS files into the combined CSS files when combine CSS is enabled (#2689)
  • Enhancement: The Optimize Google Fonts option is now automatically enabled & applied (#2877)
  • Enhancement: Protect our code from conflicts with other plugins using the same libraries as WP Rocket (#3005#2126)
  • Enhancement: Troubleshoot issues with a dedicated query string to bypass WP Rocket (#2576)
  • Option removal: Remove the minify HTML option, as its impact on loading time and file size is negligible (#2682)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice related to an undefined variable $home_root_length (#2450)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using Optimize Google Fonts in some cases (#2962)

3.6.4 August 18, 2020

  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent PHP fatal error following WooCommerce 4.4 update (#3003)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notices related to the REST API since WordPress 5.5 (#2985)

3.6.3 August 3, 2020

  • Enhancement: Allow using wildcards in the Always Purge URL(s) field in WP Rocket settings (#1523)
  • Enhancement: Completely remove usage of glob() function in our codebase. It will make it work correctly on some hostings where it was not the case before (#146)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a delayed FOUC issue in some cases when using Optimize CSS Delivery and Firefox (#2828)
  • Bugfix: Correctly replace Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager scripts when using relative protocol or async tag (#1315)
  • Bugfix: Prevent broken display when using HTML minification & the page contains IE conditionals markers (#2914)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using our varnish custom ip helper plugin on O2Switch with PHP 7.1+ (#2640)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly clear Savvii cache when clearing WP Rocket cache on Savvii hosting (#1075)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Don’t write the advanced-cache.php file on WPEngine (#2855)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add automatic compatibility with wordpress.com plans allowing plugins installation (#2814)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable the Replace Youtube iframe with preview image when using Divi or child theme (#1803) July 21, 2020

  • Regression fix: Revert the update to the method to load CSS files asynchronously with the Optimize CSS Delivery option, because of issues created by the use of the DOMDocument library (#2895)
  • Regression fix: Prevent a fatal error when using lazyload on images whose HTML includes special characters used in regular expressions (#2873)

3.6.2 July 8, 2020

  • Enhancement: Update the method to load CSS files asynchronously with the Optimize CSS Delivery option. The plugin now uses the media="print" technique in addition to preload for better performance and compatiblity (#2658)
  • Enhancement: Prevent adding the WP_CACHE constant to wp-config.php if it’s already defined to true somewhere else. Introduce the filter rocket_set_wp_cache_constant to completely prevent WP Rocket from writing in wp-config.php (#2502)
  • Enhancement: Add tags for lazyloaded elements (#2704)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from combine JavaScript & defer JavaScript (#2833, #2843, #2731)
  • Enhancement Remove instances of the terms blacklist, whitelist from our codebase (#2782)
  • Bugfix: Prevent issue with lazyload for background images when the image URL is wrapped in escaped quotes (#2822)
  • Bugfix: Prevent some issues with lazyload when adding the rocket-lazyload class if the class attribute is empty or the HTML is malformed (#2705, #2706)
  • Bugfix: Prevent missing icons on the WP Rocket settings page in some specific instances (#2723)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Automatic compatibility with SpinUpWP hosting (#1678)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable the automatic Varnish purge on Cloudways when Varnish is deactivated for the website (#2668)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Automatically exclude the PDF Embedder plugin JavaScript files from combination (#2242)

3.6.1 June 24, 2020 June 16, 2020 June 15, 2020

  • Bugfix: GZIP rules updated to avoid broken layouts (#2767) June 10, 2020

  • Bugfix: Prevent advanced-cache.php related notices to show up on WP Engine (#2745)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error sometimes caused by licence-data.php removal during the upgrade process (#2749)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a JavaScript error when trying to remove the CPCSS from the page and the element doesn't exist (#2752)

3.6 June 9, 2020 May 14, 2020

3.5.5 May 14, 2020

3.5.4 April 23, 2020

  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from combine JavaScript (#2472, #2521)
  • Bugfix: Correctly rewrite assets URLs inside CSS files when updating the CDN or cnames options values (#2425)
  • Bugfix: Prevent false positives when displaying our cron status notice (#2211)
  • Bugfix: Prevent some folders from being deleted when clearing the cache on an installation where the domain name is part of the absolute path to the website (#2571, #2574)

3.5.3 April 21, 2020

  • Improvement: Rename "Combine Google Fonts" option to "Optimize Google Fonts" and update description, as this option does more than just combine now (#2429)
  • Improvement: Automatically add a preconnect request to fonts.gstatic.com when using the "Optimize Google Fonts" option to improve Google fonts loading time (#2473)
  • Improvement: Add compatibility with CDN URL containing a path, i.e. http://example.org/path (#2278)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice when using PHP 7.4 and Cloudflare flexible SSL (#2530)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent nonces issues when using xtra theme and onesocial pop-up login (#2479)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude new OptinMonster JS URL from combine JavaScript option (#2526)

3.5.2 March 31, 2020

3.5.1 March 17, 2020

  • Enhancement: Add display=swap parameter to Google font even when there is only one on the page and the Combine Google Fonts option is enabled (#2241)
  • Bugfix: Prevent the combined Google Fonts link from causing a 404 error in specific conditions (#2328)
  • Bugfix: Prevent invalid characters in inserted critical path CSS when using Optimize CSS Delivery option (#2333)
  • Bugfix: Prevent the cache from being recreated on each page load when the WebP cache option is enabled and there is no WebP images on the page (#2280) March 13, 2020

  • Bugfix: Prevent deletion of licence-data.php file after license validation on multisite (#2411)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Fatal Error after update to 3.5 when also using the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin by WebToffee (#2416) March 11, 2020

  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error caused by the use of wp_unslash() in the process.php file (#2376)
  • Bugfix: Prevent an inaccurate preload counter display in the admin notice (#2341)
  • Bugfix: Correctly auto-generate critical path CSS when enabling the Optimize CSS Delivery option (#2302) March 6, 2020 March 5, 2020

3.5  March 4, 2020

3.4.4  January 9, 2020

3.4.3  December 19, 2019 November 22, 2019 November 21, 2019

3.4.2 November 19, 2019 October 30, 2019 October 28, 2019

  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error if the website is using Cloudflare and the curl functions are not enabled on the server (#2073)

3.4.1  October 24, 2019

  • Enhancement: Added more details to the admin notice when official CloudFlare plugin is detected. (#1566)
  • Enhancement: Added validation for Cloudflare credentials. (#934)
  • Enhancement: Clear LiteSpeed cache when clearing WP Rocket cache. (#2010)
  • Enhancement: Added « Purge Sucuri cache » link in Admin Bar when Sucuri add-on is enabled. (#1995)
  • Enhancement: Added admin notice for Critical Path CSS generation when triggered outside of WP Rocket dashboard. (#1998)
  • Enhancement: Added admin notice for OPCache clearing. (#852)
  • Enhancement: Autocorrect wildcard rules on Never Cache URL(s) (#1917)
  • Bugfix: Prevent admin redirect loop when official Cloudflare plugin is deactivated. (#1922)
  • Bugfix: Prevent loading lazyload javascript when lazyload is disabled on a page. (#1949)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where HTML minification failed to minify attributes that spanned on multiple lines. (#1931)
  • Bugfix: Prevent whitescreen when HTML minification tries to minify large inline JS and inline CSS. (#1940)
  • Bugfix: Prevent an error when trying to clear the cache busting folder that contains a directory with no permissions to recurse into. (#1990)
  • Bugfix: Remove « Purge OPCache » button and link when OPCache cannot be cleared with API. (#2038)
  • Bugfix: Correct the capability for “Clear All Sucuri Cache Files” button. (#2033)
  • i18n: Fixed translation file name for Ukrainian (#2026) October 9, 2019

  • Bugfix: Fix an issue with WebP detection on Firefox version 66 and higher (#2024)
  • Bugfix: Fix an issue preventing the cache file from being served on Chrome when WebP cache is enabled (#2024)
  • Bugfix: Correctly excludes files from CDN when using RegEx patterns (#2024)
  • Bugfix: Prevent rewritting of links to HTML pages (.htm/html extensions) (#2024)
  • API: Keep get_rocket_cdn_cnames() function as an API function usable by 3rd party plugins (#2024) October 8, 2019 October 4, 2019 October 1, 2019 September 30, 2019

  • Regression fix: Correctly add custom user capabilities when updating the plugin (#1999)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions for combine javascript (#1999)
  • Bugfix: Update tutorial videos titles (#1999)
  • Bugfix: Prevent incorrect matches during CDN rewrite (#1999)

3.4 September 30, 2019

Read about this release in more detail on our blog post!
  • Minimum support versions are now PHP 5.6 and WordPress 4.9
  • New Feature: Add an option to create a specific cache for WebP compatible browsers. An automatic detection of Imagify, Shortpixel, EWWW & Optimus is included (#1458)
  • New Feature: Add custom capabilities for WP Rocket actions. It is now possible to give access to purge cache to different user roles without giving access to settings for example  (#1864)
  • Enhancement: Add support for native lazyload (#1951)
  • Enhancement: Improve our CDN feature. It will now rewrite all assets found in the HTML to the CDN URL, and also fixes a number of known bugs related to the feature (#1866)
  • Enhancement: Improvement on the clear cache lifespan option. Instead of deleting the whole cache on the set lifespan, it will delete only files older than the value defined (#486)
  • Enhancement: It's now possible the customize the list of query strings parameters ignored during cache serving (#1597)
  • Enhancement: Add video tutorials to the WP Rocket settings page (#1921)
  • Bugfix: Fix an issue with big inline scripts when the combine JS option is enabled (#1784)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add UK cookie consent compatibility (#1318)

3.3.7 August 28, 2019

  • Enhancement: URLs with query strings in a sitemap can now be preloaded (#1577)
  • Enhancement: Display an error if a pattern used in the exclusion fields is incorrect (#1469)
  • Enhancement: Display an error notice if we detect our cron events are not running correctly (#1472)
  • Enhancement: Display an error notice if Endurance Cache is enabled (#1873)
  • Enhancement: Display date and time in our preload and critical path CSS generation notices (#1867)
  • Enhancement: Improve wording on our preload complete notice (#1853)
  • Bugfix: Use the correct style for exclude inline JS field when turning on the combine JS option for the first time (#1855)
  • Bugfix: Prevent an issue with the Facebook Tracking add-on on 32 bits systems (#1819)
  • Bugfix: Prevent an error when trying to clear the cache busting folder but it doesn’t exist (#1829)
  • Bugfix: Prevent issue with inline JS combining in some cases
  • Third Party: Add an automatic compatibility with the BigCommerce plugin (#1679)
  • Third Party: Add an automatic detection for SEOPress sitemap for our sitemap preload option (#1357)
  • Third Party: Automatically clear WP Rocket cache when updating Bridge custom CSS/JS if using the remove query strings or minify options (#1352)
  • New filter: rocket_sucuri_api_request_args to modify the arguments sent along the Sucuri API request (#1835)

3.3.6 July 24, 2019

  • Enhancement: Improve our update system to fix an issue that was preventing some websites from receiving the update notification and generating too much requests to our update endpoint (#1809)
  • Enhancement: Set Cloudflare browser cache values to 1 year instead of 1 month (#1824)
  • Enhancement: Minify the inline javascript part of the lazyload script (#1831)
  • Enhancement: Improve SSL/HTTPS detection to be more compatible with SSL plugins (#1834)
  • Enhancement: Improve preload count to be more accurate with the number of pages cached (#1825)
  • Enhancement: Exclude additional inline JS patterns from combine JS (#1815, #1821, #1842)
  • Enhancement: Exclude additional CPT and taxonomies from critical CSS generation (#1822)
  • Enhancement: Preload the homepage after a manual cache clear if the preload option is enabled (#1841)
  • Bugfix: Prevent inserting lazyload no javascript inline CSS when the options are disabled (#1823)
  • Bugfix: Improve inline javascript detection when using combine JS option to correctly exclude localized scripts (#1833) June 17, 2019

  • Enhancement: Exclude additional inline JS patterns from combined JS option
  • Enhancement: Also pass the $width and $height values to the rocket_lazyload_placeholder filter
  • Regression fix: Revert change for the placeholder inline SVG code as it is breaking the display June 11, 2019

  • Enhancement: Exclude additional patterns of inline JS from combined JS
  • Bugfix: Prevent a potential SSL warning caused by the lazyload placeholder (Fixes #1785)

3.3.5 June 10, 2019

  • Enhancement: Add support for the new display parameter for Google Fonts. Default value is swap, which can be modified via filter (#1764)
  • Enhancement: Clear Varnish cache correctly when also using the Cloudflare Rocket Add-on (#1752)
  • Enhancement: Auto exclude WooCommerce product attributes taxonomies from critical CSS generation (#1755)
  • Enhancement: Don’t display htaccess rules notice if WP Rocket rules are already present in the file (#1769)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a 400 error on combined Google Fonts URL in various situations (#1764)
  • Bugfix: Prevent the critical path CSS generator from running multiple times for the same content types (#1751)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Fatal Error when using qTranslate-X compatibility option (#1757)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Fatal Error if cURL functions are disabled while using the Cloudflare Rocket Add-on (#1763)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice when saving a term with Polylang active (#1758)
  • Bugfix: Correctly apply the CDN URL on the lazyload script when using the Javascript, or CSS & Javascript zones
  • 3rd party compatibility: Clear WP Rocket Cache when updating Avada with the Fusion Patcher

3.3.4 June 4, 2019

  • Enhancement: Auto-exclude jQuery from Jetpack CDN and googleapis.com from defer JS when safe mode is active (#1733)
  • Enhancement: Auto-activate SSL cache for new installations (#1734)
  • Enhancement: Improve lazyload support for picture element (#39)
  • Enhancement: Also apply lazyload for background images on section, span and li elements (#38)
  • Enhancement: Lazyload placeholder dimensions are now zero pixels to improve compatibility (#40)
  • Bugfix: Publishing a new post will correctly trigger a partial preload (#1727)
  • Bugfix: Correctly clear all cron events on uninstall (#1728)
  • Bugfix: Don’t try to preload if there is no URLs to preload (#1729)
  • Bugfix: Improve infinite scroll support with lazyload (#44)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility between Elementor and WP Rocket CDN & lazyload options (#1740)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable lazyload for fixed background images when using Enfold theme (#43)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable WP Rocket lazyload if Autoptimize or Avada lazyload is enabled (#1739)
  • Revert: Don’t auto exclude Divi main CSS file from Optimize CSS Delivery May 17, 2019

3.3.3 May 15, 2019

  • Enhancement: Exclude additional inline JS patterns from the combine Javascript option to prevent cache directory size issues (#1687)
  • Enhancement: Exclude additional not-public CPT and taxonomies from our critical CSS generation (#1688)
  • Bugfix: Prevent the combined CSS file tag from being inserted multiple times on the page if there was more than one </title> tag (#1696)
  • Bugfix: Prevent issues caused by the disable embeds option when embedding videos or media that should be allowed like tweets or Youtube Videos (#1705)
  • Bugfix: Fix an issue with the disable embeds option preventing form submissions with Caldera Forms (#1705)
  • Bugfix: Create different cache version of the WooCommerce empty cart if using WPML or Polylang (#1704)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a display issue with the Divi blog module when using the Optimize CSS delivery option (#1699)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a 404 error on Facebook inferredEvents file when using the Facebook Pixel cache add-on (#1702)
  • Bugfix: Work correctly with fitVids again when using Lazyload for iFrames

3.3.2 May 3, 2019

  • Enhancement: update Apache expire rules for fonts to new content-type and 4 months expiration (#1660)
  • Enhancement: Prevent embedded URLs from being cached/optimized to prevent any display issue inside the embed (#1632)
  • Enhancement: Possibility to customize the lazyload script options (#27)
  • Enhancement: Serve the cached version of the page when the current user agent is Chrome Lighthouse (#1669)
  • Bugfix: Prevent images not being displayed when using WooCommerce Variation Swatches and lazyload (#26)
  • Bugfix: Prevent JS error when using lazyload on IE 11 (#25)
  • Bugfix: Prevent display issue when using the Replace YouTube iframe with preview image option on a theme without support for responsive embeds (#24)
  • Bugfix: Prevent image not being displayed when using lazyload when the original image source is a base64 inline (#23)
  • Bugfix: Auto-exclude data-height-percentage attribute from Lazyload for images to prevent display issues (#34)
  • Bugfix: Prevent issue when the original src attribute uses single quotes when using Lazyload for images
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning during theme update in certain cases (#1542)
  • Bugfix: Don’t display warning notice about advanced-cache.php file on WP Rocket activation on Pressable hosting (#1671)
  • Bugfix: Prevent error 500 on WP Engine when copying site from staging to live or live to staging (#1667)
  • Bugfix: Prevent incorrect critical CSS inserted when using unicode encoding in CSS properties (#1659)
  • Bugfix: Correctly count the number of revisions, auto-drafts and trashed posts deleted when doing a database optimization (#1657)
  • Deprecated filter: reintroduce rocket_youtube_resolution filter as deprecated, new filter should be used instead rocket_lazyload_youtube_resolution (#1656) April 18, 2019

  • Bugfix: Correct an issue with encoded characters during critical CSS generation. If you regenerated your critical CSS since 3.3, we advise to regenerate it again after this update to make sure your CSS is formatted correctly
  • Bugfix: Correct an issue with missing data sent from the plugin when submitting a support ticket directly from the settings page

3.3.1 April 16, 2019

  • Enhancement: Update the integrated documentation and support system to the new version. It’s now easier to search for answers and doc right from the plugin (#1580)
  • Enhancement: Whenever possible, use the original image dimensions for the placeholder image dimensions when using lazyload to reduce content reflow and be more compatible with various themes and plugins
  • Enhancement: Add more patterns from inline JavaScript to combine JavaScript exclusions to prevent cache directory size issues
  • Enhancement: Prevent WP Rocket from trying to clear the cache multiple times when updating a post (#1558)
  • Enhancement: Add a link to the documentation if there was an error during Critical CSS generation (#1512)
  • Third Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude Themify Builder Custom Post Types from Critical CSS generation (#1582)
  • Third Party Compatibility Prevent defer JavaScript from being applied to scripts from widget.reviews.co.uk (#1533)
  • Third Party Compatibility: Prevent defer JavaScript and combine JavaScript for scripts from SyntaxHighlighter (#1476)
  • Third Party Compatibility: Improve compatibility with Flywheel hosting (#1581)
  • Third Party Compatibility: Prevent the cache from being cleared too often when using Elementor (#1485)
  • Third Party Compatibility: Make sure CSS changes are showing when using the external file option when using Elementor and WP Rocket combine CSS (#1516)
  • Third Party Compatibility: Fix an issue fetching the RankMath SEO sitemap URL after a change in the plugin code (#1620)
  • Third Party Compatibility: Auto-disable lazyload for background images on Bridge theme
  • Third Party Compatibility: Disable NGG resource manager to prevent conflict with JS minification/combine
  • New filters: rocket_css_asset_source_path and rocket_css_target_source_path, to filter the source and target paths when performing CSS minification April 9, 2019

  • Remove NGINX FastCGI Cache Add-on (#1617)
  • Third Party Compatibility: Synchronize with NGINX Helper to clear NGINX Cache when WP Rocket cache is cleared (#793)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a display issue on the settings page when the admin language is french
  • Bugfix: Prevent a display issue on the settings page if jQuery migrate is not loaded
  • Bugfix: Prevent display issue on Kinsta if the CDN field is filled in WP Rocket settings
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice when using WPMU domain mapping

3.3 April 1, 2019

  • New feature: Lazyload picture elements (#1563)
  • New feature: Lazyload background images added inline in the HTML content with the background-image CSS attribute (#1563)
  • New feature: NGINX FastCGI Cache Add-on, to synchronize WP Rocket cache purge with NGINX Cache purge (#1565)
  • Enhancement: Update the way lazyload is applied to catch more images and be more compatible (#1563)
  • Enhancement: Add preload fallback system for sitemap preload in case there is an error during parsing of the sitemaps (#1306)
  • Enhancement: Automatic compatibility with Pressable hosting. WP Rocket is now usable on Pressable (#1572)
  • Enhancement: Ignore utm_term parameter during caching when used in the URL (#1564)
  • Bugfix: Prevent cache file not being generated if filename is longer than 255 characters (#1538)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning when using the GDPR plugin (#1537)

3.2.6 February 20, 2019

  • Enhancement: Increase request timeout for homepage and sitemaps preload to 10 seconds to reduce cURL 28 errors on some websites
  • Enhancement: Don't verify SSL on local preload requests to prevent cURL 60 errors on some websites
  • Bugfix: Prevent a matching issue when URL contains pattern matching with a file type during homepage preload
  • Bugfix: Correctly delete previous preload errors when launching a new preload

3.2.5 February 11, 2019

  • Enhancement: Serve cache page when the _ga query string parameter is set
  • Enhancement: Add the rocket_disable_htaccess filter to disable edition of the htaccess file
  • Enhancement: Auto-exclude additional inline JS patterns from the combine JS files option
  • Enhancement: Add action hooks before and after WP Rocket resets OPCache
  • Bugfix: Correctly exclude custom login page set in WPS Hide Login from cache
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice in some cases when using the disable WordPress embeds option
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when trying to use sitemap preload on an environment with the SimpleXML extension disabled
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error caused by other plugins using deprecated WP Rocket functions
  • Bugfix: Prevent a 500 error on Windows Server using Apache caused by end of line characters
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using minify/combine CSS or remove query strings on a server without the mbstring PHP extension

3.2.4 January 29, 2019

  • Enhancement: Add versioning on the local Google Analytics file to ensure it’s refreshed in the browser cache
  • Enhancement: Automatically clear cache on theme update
  • Enhancement: Add link to WP Rocket settings page after a rollback
  • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with WPML when using the different directories per language option
  • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with Polylang when using the page name in the homepage URL
  • Enhancement: Provide more specific feedbacks when the license can’t be automatically validated on plugin activation
  • Enhancement: Provide more specific feedbacks when issues are encountered during cache preloading
  • Bugfix: Prevent HTML inserted inside iframe tags from breaking the lazyload
  • Bugfix: Correctly optimize CSS/JS assets using relative URLs
  • Bugfix: Correctly rewrite path of images in CSS files in some cases
  • Bugfix: Prevent a potential PHP fatal error when using Polylang pll_get_post_language() in specific contexts
  • Bugfix: Correctly clear cache even when no languages are set in Polylang
  • Bugfix: Don’t clear minify files when clearing cache for a specific language to prevent 404 errors on the other languages
  • Bugfix: Correctly apply assets optimizations when using different domains per language with multilingual plugins
  • Bugfix: Correctly rewrite assets URLs to the CDN URL when using different domains per language with multilingual plugins
  • Bugfix: Prevent WordPress rules from being deleted from the htaccess in some cases when WP Rocket updates the file December 17, 2018

3.2.3 December 12, 2018

  • Enhancement: Auto-detect Rank Math SEO plugin sitemap for preload
  • Enhancement: Display warning message if the Sucuri API Key inputted is not correct
  • Enhancement: Apply lazyload on Genesis images
  • Enhancement: Display a warning if WP Rocket Footer JS plugin is active, as it is preventing some WP Rocket options from being able to be used
  • Enhancement: Add more patterns to the auto-exclude inline JavaScript list when using combine JavaScript
  • Enhancement: Don’t try to generate the Critical Path CSS for the elementor_library and oceanwp_library Custom Post Types
  • Enhancement: Auto-exclude Hubspot from deferred JavaScript
  • Enhancement: Add a placeholder on the CDN input field to hint on the correct syntax to use
  • Bug fix: Prevent a PHP Fatal Error on PHP < 5.5 when using the Facebook Pixel Add-on
  • Bug fix: Prevent a 404 error on the Facebook Pixel add-on cache file when using a 32 bits server
  • Bug fix: Correctly apply the CDN URL on images links when using the All zone
  • Bug fix: Prevent PHP warning and notice in some cases when using preload
  • Bug fix: Correctly remove the query string when inputting an URL in the JavaScript exclusion field
  • Bug fix: Starting with this version, the rollback feature will correctly roll back to the latest release of the previous Major version.
  • Bug fix: Correctly preserve parameters with encoded video URLs when using the Replace YouTube iframe with preview image option
  • Bug fix: Correctly display the customizer link on the front-end when using logged-in user cache

3.2.2 November 14, 2018

  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JS patterns to the combine JS exclusion
  • Enhancement: Ignore cn-reloaded query string to serve the cache file even if it's set
  • Enhancement: Increase browser caching of images to 4 months to match new Google PageSpeed expectations
  • Enhancement: Insert critical CSS after the title tag instead of at the start of the head tag
  • Enhancement: Improve preload homepage URLs discovery
  • Enhancement: Support relative URLs in default preload
  • Enhancement: Remove pages excluded from cache from the preload list
  • Bugfix: Remove duplicate URLs found before doing the preload
  • Bugfix: Correctly check for https version of the cache file during preload
  • Bugfix: Prevent too many requests to Sucuri API if using our Sucuri Add-On
  • Bugfix: Correctly handle array parameters in URL when having query strings
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice for HTTP_USER_AGENT if it's not set
  • Bugfix: Correctly display the SEO Framework sitemap checkbox in WP Rocket preload settings November 9, 2018

3.2.1 November 8, 2018

  • Enhancement: Improve the query strings caching handling, removing specific parameters from the URLs and ordering the remaining alphabetically, to improve cache file creation
  • Enhancement: Serve the gzip version of the cache file even without the Apache rewrite rules
  • Enhancement: Ignore mandatory cookies on known hostings with server-side cache to correctly apply other optimizations on the cached file
  • Enhancement: Improve new partial preload efficiency
  • Enhancement: Apply CDN on custom media uploads folder
  • Enhancement: Apply CDN on links to images when only images is selected in the CDN settings
  • Enhancement: Add a way to hide the "my account" section on the dashboard with the WP_ROCKET_WHITE_LABEL_ACCOUNT constant
  • Enhancement: Add webP to the htaccess expires rules
  • Regression fix: Don't apply lazyload on wp_get_attachment_image() as it's causing issues with some themes removing the custom HTML attributes necessary for the lazyload process
  • Bugfix: Prevent a 404 error related to the lazyload script source map file missing
  • Bugfix: Correct a browser caching issue for some customers
  • Bugfix: Correct a bug preventing query strings caching on Windows servers
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when WPML is disabled via the network setup on multisite
  • 3rd Party Compatibility: Auto-detect The SEO Framework XML Sitemap
  • 3rd Party Compatibility: Apply CDN on Beaver Builder Parallax images November 7, 2018

3.2 November 6, 2018

3.1.4 September 17, 2018

  • Enhancement: automatically move some inline JS depending on jQuery after the combined file to prevent JS errors
  • Enhancement: any external or inline JS between noptimize HTML comments will be ignored during JS combine
  • Enhancement: optimize Youtube play image used for the Replace YouTube iframe with preview image option
  • Bugfix: caching now works with a URL using a port number
  • Bugfix: prevent the Google recaptcha iframe fallback from being incorrectly displayed when using the Lazyload iframes option September 2, 2018 August 30, 2018

3.1.3 August 29, 2018

  • Enhancement: Update Pagely compatibility to handle cache deletion
  • Enhancement: Add a new textarea field to include inline Javascript from WP Rocket settings
  • Enhancement: 3rd party Javascript can be excluded from the same textarea field as the internal Javascript files
  • Enhancement: Automatically exclude inline Javascript added by wp_localize_script() from combine Javascript, as it is not necessary and can cause issues
  • Bugfix: Auto-exclude gist.github.com and content.jwplatform.com from defer JS to prevent display issues
  • Bugfix: Prevent a possible PHP fatal error when importing settings from a site with Cloudflare active to a site with Cloudflare inactive
  • Bugfix: Prevent cache not working when the site path ended with the character 2
  • Bugfix: Prevent cross-origin fonts htaccess rules from being added when they shouldn't

3.1.2 August 21, 2018

  • Enhancement: Auto-exclude additional inline scripts to improve compatibility for the combine JS option
  • Enhancement: The option Replace YouTube iframe with preview image new works with Youtube cookieless domain
  • 3rd party enhancement: Clear WP Rocket cache when Beaver Builder clears its own cache
  • Bugfix: Prevent minifying/combinying styles/scripts that are commented in the HTML markup
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when trying to make a donation with Give and the sequential order option active
  • Bugfix: Prevent display issue on a Youtube playlist with the option Replace YouTube iframe with preview image
  • Bugfix: Preserve video parameter when using the option Replace YouTube iframe with preview image
  • Bugfix: Prevent a 404 error in Google Search Console for the lazyload script
  • Bugfix: Prevent returning to Beaver Builder builder page when using the clear cache link in the admin bar August 10, 2018

3.1.1 August 10, 2018

  • Bugfix: Prevent the plugin from removing custom cron schedules if the Google Tracking Add-on is not active
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP Fatal Error is a call to a deprecated WP Rocket function is made by another plugin
  • Bugfix: Improve URL to path conversion function to prevent errors with some relative CSS/JS URLs during minification/combine/remove query strings
  • Bugfix: Add more default exclusions to combine Javascripts files to prevent errors
  • Bugfix: WP Rocket can now be correctly disabled if activated on the network level on multisite
  • Bugfix: Correctly exclude the REST API on multisite sub-sites
  • Bugfix: Correctly recreate the wp-rocket-config folder if it doesn't exist
  • Bugfix: Correctly position the show sidebar slider for RTL languages
  • Bugfix: Don't display the show sidebar slider on the license screen

3.1 August 06, 2018 June 05, 2018

3.0.5 June 05, 2018

3.0.4 April 24, 2018

  • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with Kinsta in the case where the installation is missing Kinsta mu-plugin, and correctly clear Kinsta cache when using "Purge this URL" on the front-end
  • Enhancement: Generate WP Rocket caching files on Siteground even for sites with a version older than 4.0.5 of SG Optimizer
  • Enhancement: Add back placeholders in some WP Rocket textareas fields to hint at the correct syntax to use
  • Bugfix: Prevent incorrectly rewritten URL paths in minified/busted CSS files in some cases
  • Bugfix: Fix a conflict with the SumoMe plugin which prevented WP Rocket settings tabs navigation from working
  • Bugfix: Prevent database optimization counting the number of items to optimize on all admin pages instead of only WP Rocket settings apge
  • Bugfix: Database optimization "Optimize" button now optimize correctly even if the settings didn't change
  • Dependency: Update lazyload script the to latest available version

3.0.3 April 9, 2018

  • Enhancement: Re-introduce cache SSL option, as many website use https but the WordPress home URL doesn't reflect it, which prevented correct caching of https page
  • Bugfix: Display all options if a JavaScript conflict occurs, to keep them accessible even if the navigation doesn't work
  • Bugfix: Fix an issue with the rollback not working for old PHP/WordPress versions installations
  • Bugfix: Fix a PHP Notice related to the database automatic cleanup frequency

3.0.2 April 3, 2018

3.0.1 April 3, 2018

3.0 April 3, 2018

2.11.7 March 11, 2018

  • Enhancement: Save dynamic CSS/JS as static file when the only query string is the WP version
  • Enhancement: Require composer autoload only if it exists to improve compatibility with site wide composer installation
  • Enhancement: Exclude PDF from gzip
  • Enhancement: Apply lazyload on WPTouch version of the website
  • Bugfix: Prevent wrong URLs in some cases for CSS @import or url() after minification or remove query strings
  • Bugfix: Minification and remove query strings are correctly applied on languages other than the default one when using a multilingual plugin
  • Bugfix: Improve home path detection function to prevent some cases where the value was incorrect and prevented minification/remove query strings
  • Bugfix: Prevent the homepage from being excluded from cache when WPS Hide Login URL is empty
  • Bugfix: Clear cache when a post is updated via XML-RPC
  • Bugfix: Correctly add the htaccess rewrite rules when disabling mobile cache option without disabling specific cache for mobile option first
  • Bugfix: Correctly load critical CSS on taxonomy archive pages
  • Bugfix: Correctly auto-detect Yoast SEO 7 sitemap

2.11.6 February 5, 2018

  • Enhancement: Automatic compatibility Cookie Notice by dFactory plugin
  • Enhancement: Update Minify library to include latest improvements and bugfixes
  • Bugfix: Prevent Premium SEO Pack from rendering WP Rocket Settings Page inaccessible
  • Bugfix: Remove critical CSS from AMP pages to prevent validation error
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice when analytics is activated and the type of web server could not be correctly detected

2.11.5 January 29, 2018

  • Enhancement: Add filter rocket_youtube_thumbnail_resolution to be able to modify the resolution of the Youtube Preview image. More details on our documentation.
  • Enhancement: Add filter do_rocket_critical_css_generation to control the autogeneration of the critical CSS. More details on our documention.
  • Enhancement: Insert critical CSS before CSS files when combine CSS is active
  • Enhancement: Check for minified file existence earlier in the minify process to improve cache generation time
  • Enhancement: Prevent adding DNS prefetch on uncached pages
  • Bugfix: Correct an issue with rocket_realpath() on windows server which was preventing minification and remove query strings from working
  • Bugfix: Prevent some code to be displayed when optimize CSS delivery is active because the stylesheet tag contains special characters
  • Bugfix: Correctly apply remove query strings even when there is no file to minify
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP warning because of a wrongly named variable in 2.11.4
  • Bugfix: correctly apply sizes to image when lazyload is active
  • Bugfix: correctly process files for minification and remove query strings when content folder is outside the WordPress directory

2.11.4 January 8, 2018

2.11.3 December 19, 2017

  • Bug fix: prevent a 404 on lazyload script if URL contains "-v"
  • Bug fix: correctly display initially hidden images when they come into view when lazyload is active. This should improve compatibility with sliders, tabs, accordions or carousels

2.11.2 December 18, 2017

  • Enhancement: use a different version of the lazyload script depending on browser support of IntersectionObserver. Browsers supporting this feature should see a great improvement.`
  • Enhancement: update rel="preload" polyfill to latest version
  • Bug fix: prevent minified file returning a 404 error because of a query string in the filename
  • Bug fix: correctly prevent jQuery from being deferred when WordPress is installed in a subdirectory
  • Bug fix: prevent a fatal error "undefined method cancel_process()" related to database optimization, critical CSS generation or sitemap preload
  • Bug fix: prevent a white screen in some cases when HTML minification is enabled
  • Bug fix: prevent PHP warning on $rocket_js_enqueue_in_head because it's not set
  • Bug fix: prevent white label from being applied when it shouldn't
  • Bug fix: prevent a conflict between CDN and combine CSS/JS where the original files were being removed but the combined files were not added to the HTML

2.11.1 December 15, 2017

  • Bug fix: Prevent PHP warning related to open_basedir on some servers
  • Bug fix: Correct required PHP version for Cloudflare feature in WP Rocket
  • Bug fix: Correctly pass the $item parameter to rocket_cpcss_job_request filter
  • Bug fix: Prevent display the full path to the file when using minification on a file without version query string
  • Bug fix: Prevent jQuery from being removed when using defer JS and minification without combine
  • Bug fix: Prevent PHP fatal error because of redeclared function in some cases

2.11 December 14, 2017

2.10.12 November 21, 2017

2.10.11 November 03, 2017

2.10.10 October 23, 2017

2.10.9 September 20, 2017

2.10.8 September 20, 2017

2.10.7 August 2, 2017

2.10.6 July 17, 2017

2.10.5 28 June, 2017

2.10.4 22 June, 2017

2.10.3 08 June, 2017

2.10.2 08 June, 2017

2.10.1 08 June, 2017

2.10 07 June, 2017

2.9.11 05 April, 2017

2.9.10 29 March, 2017

2.9.9 22 March, 2017 02 March, 2017

2.9.8 02 March, 2017

2.9.7 27 February, 2017

2.9.6 23 February, 2017

2.9.5 10 February, 2017

2.9.4 21 January, 2017

2.9.3 19 January, 2017

2.9.2 11 January, 2017

2.9.1 28 December, 2016

2.9 20 December, 2016

2.8.23 18 October, 2016

2.8.21 17 October, 2016

2.8.20 13 October, 2016

2.8.19 12 October, 2016

2.8.18 11 October, 2016

2.8.17 11 October, 2016

2.8.16 11 October, 2016

2.8.15 5 October, 2016

2.8.14 17 September, 2016

2.8.13 14 September, 2016

2.8.12 13 September, 2016

2.8.11 25 August, 2016

2.8.10 01 August, 2016

2.8.9 29 July, 2016

2.8.8 09 July, 2016

2.8.7 06 July, 2016

2.8.6 05 July, 2016

2.8.5 13 June, 2016

2.8.3 7 June, 2016

2.8.2 27 May, 2016

2.8.1 27 May, 2016

2.8 26 May, 2016

2.7.4 - 13 April, 2016

2.7.3 - 28 March, 2016

2.7.2 - 17 March, 2016

2.7.1 - 14 March, 2016

2.7 - 11 March, 2016

2.6.16 - 26 February, 2016

2.6.15 - 17 December, 2015

2.6.14 - 14 December, 2015

2.6.13 - 10 December, 2015

2.6.12 - 23 October, 2015

2.6.11 - 01 October, 2015

2.6.10 - 25 September, 2015

2.6.9 - 14 September, 2015

2.6.8 - 08 September, 2015

2.6.7 - 07 August, 2015

2.6.6 - 04 August, 2015

2.6.5 - 03 August, 2015

2.6.4 - 01 July, 2015

2.6.3 - 12 June, 2015

2.6.2 - 04 June, 2015 - 03 June, 2015

2.6 - 29 May, 2015

2.5.12 - 06 May, 2015

2.5.11 - 26 April, 2015

2.5.10 - 21 April, 2015

2.5.8, 2.5.9 - 21 April, 2015

2.5.8 - 21 April, 2015

2.5.7 - 17 April, 2015

2.5.6 - 13 April, 2015

2.5.5 - 13 April, 2015

2.5.4 - 22 March, 2015

2.5.3 - 19 March, 2015

2.5.2 - 16 March, 2015

2.5.1 - 14 mars 2015

2.5 - 11 march, 2015

2.4.3 - 14 février 2015

2.4.2 - 11 February, 2015

2.4.1 - 28 January, 2015

2.4 - 21 January, 2015

2.3.11 - 02 January, 2015

2.3.10 - 26 December, 2014

2.3.9 - 19 december, 2014

2.3.8 - 18 December, 2014

2.3.7 - 17 November, 2014

2.3.6 - 30 October, 2014

2.3.5 - 27 October, 2014

2.3.4 - 19 October, 2014

2.3.3 - 15 October, 2014 (It's a big day ^^)

2.3.2 - 15 Octobre, 2014

2.3.1 - 15 Octobre, 2014

2.3 - 15 October, 2014

2.2.4 - 24 September, 2014

2.2.3 - 12 August, 2014

2.2.2 - 08 August, 2014

2.2.1 - 01 August, 2014

2.2 - 29 July, 2014

2.1.1 - 02 avril 2014

2.1 - 25 mars 2014

2.0.5 - 31 décembre 2013

2.0.4 - 28 décembre 2013

2.0.3 - 26 décembre 2013

2.0.2 2- 5 décembre 2013

2.0.1 - 25 décembre 2013

2.0 - 24 décembre 2013 (Merry Christmas)

1.3.7 - 25 octobre 2013

1.3.6 - 13 septembre 2013

1.3.5 - 10 septembre 2013

1.3.4 - 17 août 2013

1.3.3 - 16 août 2013

1.3.2 - 14 août 2013

1.3.1 - 09 août 2013

1.3.0 - 09 août 2013