Why Should You Use
a Caching Plugin?

When it comes to optimizing and increasing the speed of your WordPress website, a caching plugin is a must-have add-on.

Simply put, caching is the process of creating a static version of your web page and delivering that to your visitors so they don’t have to wait around for it to load.

In other words, caching increases your website speed by reducing the loading time.

But you cannot only focus on generic metrics like how long it takes your entire website to load any longer. If you care about your SEO performance, improving your Core Web Vitals scores is now mandatory.

Most Core Web Vitals optimizations involve implementing WordPress performance best practices — and that’s why choosing the best WordPress caching plugin will help you with no effort from your side.

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Great First Impressions

Deliver a great user experience thanks to a super fast website that visitors will love browsing through.

Better SEO Ranking

With Google's Core Web Vitals initiative, site speed is a ranking factor. Time to boost your SERP ranking!


Higher ranking means more traffic while better user experience improves conversion rate! Put both together to turn all your visitors into actual customers.

What’s Important When Choosing a Caching Plugin?

When looking for the best WordPress caching plugin,  don’t lose sight of what’s essential. 


A cache plugin should focus on making your website faster and optimizing its performance.

When you install it, look for an immediate reduction in loading time and better PageSpeed scores.

It’s on these elements that user experience on your site is based.

Ease of Use

A cache plugin shouldn’t give you a headache.

Choose an easy-to-use plugin that starts producing results right after activation.

You don’t need to configure dozens of options to take full advantage of the power of caching.


A cache plugin shouldn’t break your site!

From hosting to page builders and other plugins, make sure your cache plugin is compatible with the tools you use to build your site.

A broad compatibility means you won’t need to choose between caching and your favorite tools.


WordPress caching is a complex topic and, sometimes, a technical problem can make us waste time and energy.

Your caching plugin should offer an accessible and competent support service that guides you with experience and frees you from worries.


The world of web performance is an ever-changing one and requirements are constantly evolving.

Your cache plugin should reflect by keeping pace with the latest best practices and offer new features on a regular basis.


Your cache plugin should remain affordable and be worth every penny.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure there are no hidden costs.

Look for a money-back guarantee and a pricing policy that fits your needs. 

Skyrocket Your PageSpeed Score

Incredible results, instantly.

What Are the Top
Cache Plugin Alternatives?

With several cache plugin options to speed up your website, choosing the best one for you might seem daunting. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

All cache plugins look the same, don’t they? Basically, they all do the same thing: cache your website.

But that’s where the differences matter. To boost the performance of your site, caching isn’t enough. A performance optimization plugin should also help you with the peculiarities of your website. 

Think about how it might improve image uploading if you have a travel or food blog. Or imagine the fantastic shopping experience you could give your eCommerce customers with faster product pages.

WP Rocket Caching Plugin

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is not only the most powerful caching plugin on the market, it’s also very easy to use.

The installation itself requires no coding skills and no configuration is needed to start seeing results.
It is also compatible with most tools, from hosting to other plugins.

Pricing starts at $49/year, and includes regular product updates and customer support.

W3 Total Cache free cache plugin

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular free cache plugins for WordPress.

While being an excellent choice for your site, you’ll need to have some technical expertise and go through 16 pages of settings to configure the plugin.

To have access to more optimization features and customer support, you have to upgrade to Pro and pay $99/year .

WP Super Cache free cache plugin

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is also a popular caching plugin.

It’s a powerful plugin but its installation takes a bit of time: you will have to review 20 different options manually.

It’s free and has no premium version so it only comes with a limited amount of features.

It also doesn’t provide a dedicated support team. 

WP Fastest cache

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins.

With its 20 different options to review, it does require some technical expertise to configure.

There is a free version that offers basic features. For more features, you’ll need to upgrade to Pro and pay $49/year.

Neither the free nor the premium version offer customer support.


Hummingbird is a caching plugin developed by WPMU DEV.

It offers good overall speed optimization but doesn’t address some of the PageSpeed recommendations that significantly affect the score.

The Pro plans starts at $60 a year for 1 website and ticket support.


LiteSpeed Cache is a powerful free WordPress caching plugin.

This plugin is intended to be a server-level caching plugin, as a result its caching benefits are only available to LiteSpeed server users. 

Although the product is regularly updated, it is not completely up to date when it comes to the Core Web Vitals.



NitroPack is a less popular choice for caching but still delivers some nice features for website speed.

However, you’ll need some technical knowledge to make sure some features aren’t faulty on your website.

It is on the pricey side with plans starting at $21/month. For that price, you do have access to customer support.


WP-Optimize cache is an all-in-one web performance plugin with good database management.

However, if your goal is to pass Core Web Vitals and address some PageSpeed Insights’ recommendations, you will notice some drawbacks.

WP-Optimize offers a free version and premium plans starting at $49.

Why Is WP Rocket
the Best Cache Plugin for You?

WordPress experts constantly recommend WP Rocket. 

In terms of web performance, WP Rocket constantly delivers the best results. Its easy setup automatically applies 80% of web performance best practices. It’s also regularly updated with new features that increase your website speed, help you achieve great PageSpeed Insights scores and pass the Core Web Vitals assessment.

The greatest web professionals have no doubt when it comes to choosing their cache plugin. Still not convinced? Let WP Rocket’s test results do the talking!

No Caching Speed test

No Caching Speed Test

We ran a test without caching enabled and achieved a score of 43. Our grade for each metric was also quite low and overall, we did not pass the Core Web Vitals assessment. 

With Caching Speed Test

With Caching Speed Test

We ran a test with caching enabled and our most common settings. Our score immediately jumped to 98. As you can see, our different metrics were granted a green flag!

What Makes WP Rocket Different?

Take a look at the 4 reasons that make WP Rocket the must-have cache plugin

Immediate Results

Install it, activate it, relax, and enjoy the speed boost: WP Rocket automatically applies 80% of web performance best practices right upon activation.

You’ll see an instant improvement to the naked eye in your Core Web Vitals scores.

No need to touch the code, the default configuration will do the magic!

WP Rocket offers powerful caching features

Powerful Features

Page caching, browser caching, or GZIP compression are only some of the default features that will make your site faster in a blink.

And suppose you don’t settle for the standard settings. In that case, WP Rocket includes advanced features such as fonts preloading, delay of JS execution, lazy loading, removing unused CSS…and we’re always adding more.

WP Rocket is compatible with many hostings, themes and plugins

Unique Compatibilities 

Keep using your favorite tools without worrying about compatibility. WP Rocket is the only caching plugin accepted by the top managed WordPress hosting providers: WP Engine, Kinsta, and Pressable.

Our team continuously works with themes and third-party plugins developers to avoid conflicts between our products.

Get Updates and Support with your WP Rocket's license

Updates and Support

When you’re stuck on a technical problem, your business ends up suffering as well. But WP Rocket has your back, always.

Our developer and product teams work hard to implement enhancements, fix bugs, and ship constant updates.

Friendly support is also included in the price and is available in different time zones.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

91%* of our customers have switched from free caching plugins to WP Rocket!


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