The Same Purpose
But Not the Same Plugin

Struggling to choose between WP-Optimize and WP Rocket? This comparison review is for you!
Here are the essential elements of these WordPress speed optimization tools compared.


WP-Optimize cache is an all-in-one web performance plugin. It has good database management and includes image optimization, but if your goal is to pass Core Web Vitals and address some PageSpeed Insights’ recommendations, you will notice significant drawbacks. There are no advanced cache and minification options.

On the other hand, WP Rocket is a solution constantly in line with the latest web performance requirements to help you improve Core Web Vitals, address Google PageSpeed recommendations, and achieve better performance scores without compromising user experience.


WP-Optimize is compatible with most tools and hosts.
WP-Optimize does not support integrating third-party CDN.

WP Rocket is compatible with 99% of hosts, and it’s the only caching plugin allowed by and Pressable.
It’s also compatible with popular tools, themes, and plugins.


WP-Optimize was released in 2016. It now empowers +1,000,000 websites and is regularly updated with new features.

WP Rocket is an established and trusted product that has been regularly and constantly updated since 2013. It is already used on over 2,700,000 websites. Its team of web performance experts is always working hard to address the latest performance requirements and provide a great user experience.

Ease of Use

Both plugins are pretty easy and fast to set up.

WP-⁠Optimize has a simple installation process, but the user experience is still a bit weaker compared to WP Rocket.
Image optimization is integrated into WP-⁠Optimize.

Simplicity is one of the core values of WP Rocket, and that is what you get when it comes to the product interface. Pop-ups in the WP Rocket dashboard are there to help you out in case you need assistance.  WP Rocket’s default settings get you started quickly with no risk of breaking your website.


Premium support is included in WP-⁠Optimize paid plans. For a free version, you can discuss your issues only on the forum.

WP Rocket‘s support team is famous for being the backbone of the company’s success. A friendly, technical support team is available in different time zones for all your questions, regardless of your license type.


WP-Optimize offers a free version and premium plans (for 1-2, 5, or an unlimited number of websites). Premium plans have very similar pricing to WP Rocket, starting at $49.

WP Rocket offers 3 different yearly plans (for 1, 3 or an unlimited number of websites) starting also at $49/year. All WP Rocket users can benefit from exclusive discounts on RocketCDN and Imagify, an image optimization tool, plugins from the same company.

Real Review from a Real User

A few words from a user who tried both plugins

I had WP Optimizer free and WP Cache (free) and a few other tweaks. I did decent rating with a 87-91% score in PageSpeed insights.

When I installed WP Rocket I did worse and was furious for about three minutes, until I started checking boxes and deactivating other useless plugins. I also added Imagify. Simple.

Now my score is 100% and an A! Page load time is some times as low as 0.5 seconds! This morning it was 1.7 seconds.

Just get it today, because if you are reading this review still its just a matter of time before you’ll have it anyway. So GO. You won’t regret it.
I cant code a single line, and I’m at the top 1% of fastest sites on the internet.

Anders Kanten

Plugins Comparison at a Glance

All you need to know about WP Rocket vs. WP-Optimize

Set Up

Simple and fast configuration (3 minutes setup)

Simple and intuitive interface


Numerous advanced features for caching and minification

Remove Unused CSS and Delay JS

Focused on passing Core Web Vitals and addressing PageSpeed Insights recommendations

Image optimization available with Imagify, another WP Rocket's plugin

Support & Updates

Excellent support included in the yearly license

Regularly updated


Broad compatibility with hostings, themes, plugins and other tools

CDN integration

The only cache plugin allowed on WP Engine, Kinsta, and Pressable hostings


From $49/year

100% money-back guarantee

Set Up

Configuration is simple, but not as fast as with WP Rocket

Not so simple interface


No advanced options for caching and minification

No Remove Unused CSS and Delay JS

Some PageSpeed Insights recommendations can not be addressed with WP-Optimize

Image optimization included with WP- Optimize

Support & Updates

Premium support included only in paid plans

Regularly updated


Broad compatibility with hostings, themes, plugins and other tools

No support for third-party CDN integration

Banned on Kinsta, WP Engine, Pressable hostings


Free version and paid plans available

No automatic refund

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here is what our users think 

Muuuuch better than Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache etc.

Muuuuch better than Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache, etc. Used only free pagespeed optimization plugins on many websites until I got problems on a highly dynamic website. I tested WP Rocket and the site is so much faster. Also no issues so far. What makes it really awsome is the cache preload and remove render blocking CSS!

Dario Urfer

A story with WP Rocket

Before I used Autoptimize, perfmatters, WP-Optimize to optimize the performance of my little photographer website But the performance was really not there, the site was too long to load … In 2016, I used WP-Rocket, first in coupling with WP-Optimize, but finally I completely leave all these plugins to keep only WP-Rocket…WP-Rocket is constantly evolving, it has become easier and easier to use What's more, the support is always listening to us. In short I do not regret my choice. Bravo WP Rocket


6 Reasons to
Choose WP Rocket

91%* of our customers used a free cache plugin before switching to WP Rocket.
Here are the most common reasons why they decided to change:

*Source: Customer Survey January 2020

  • The easiest setup
  • Improved performance results
  • Unique WP Rocket features
  • Won’t break your website
  • Excellent customer support
  • Constant updates and improvements

Already +4,229,000 Websites in Orbit

We’re only missing yours!
Get WP Rocket Now

What Makes WP Rocket Different?

A perfect plugin for every WordPress website

Immediate Results

WP Rocket will automatically apply 80% of web performance best practices. You don’t even have to touch any settings.

You’ll see an instant improvement to the naked eye in your Core Web Vitals scores – no technical knowledge required, we promise!

WP Rocket offers powerful caching features

Powerful Features

Page caching, browser caching, or GZIP compression are only some of the default features that will make your site faster in a blink. 

It also includes other features to help you optimize your site’s code and performance: minify CSS and JS files, combine CSS and JS files, remove unused CSS, load JavaScript deferred, delay JavaScript Execution time… and much more! All of which improve your Core Web Vitals metrics.

Unique Compatibilities 

Keep using your favorite tools without worrying about compatibility.
WP Rocket is the only caching plugin accepted by the top managed WordPress hosting providers: WP Engine, Kinsta, and Pressable.  

Our team continuously works with themes and third-party plugins developers to ensure that there are no conflicts between our products. 

WP Rocket is compatible with many hostings, themes and plugins
Get Updates and Support with your WP Rocket's license

Updates and Support

When you’re stuck on a technical problem, your business ends up suffering as well. But WP Rocket has your back, always.

Our developer and product teams work hard to implement enhancements, fix bugs, and ship constant updates.

Friendly support is also included in the price and is available in different time zones.

A Better Performance Starts Here

You can choose between 3 license types 

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we’ll gladly provide a refund if you request it within 14 days of your purchase.