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WP Rocket is glad to announce a new partnership between RocketCDN, our premium CDN directly integrated into our plugin, and Bunny CDN, one of the fastest CDNs offering a reliable and optimized global network thanks to 120+ edge locations worldwide.

Until October, RocketCDN has delivered its CDN services thanks to StackPath’s network. In the past months, StackPath announced the upcoming shutdown of its services in November. This announcement accelerated our decision to switch to Bunny CDN — a top-notch provider in performance, region coverage, and infrastructure flexibility, which would allow us to build new features. 

Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel, Founder and CEO, says: “We’re thrilled to partner with WP Rocket and combine their fantastic optimization tools with our lightning-fast CDN services. The partnership is about making the internet hop faster for everyone, and we can’t wait to see all the speed and performance improvements this brings to websites worldwide”.

After starting our new partnership in mid-October, we had to manage the migration process of all websites from StackPath to Bunny CDN. Such a process could be demanding in terms of technical effort, so we decided to manage the migration in two steps.

Once RocketCDN started to be powered by Bunny CDN, the new CDN provider became available only to new customers. 

On the other hand, current RocketCDN customers have not been able to switch immediately. The migration process is ongoing and expected to end by November 10th.

Existing customers are not required to do anything but wait for the switch. They will be informed as soon as the process is done and their RocketCDN account is powered by Bunny CDN.

We also want to highlight that nothing changes price-wise, both for new and existing customers. All RocketCDN users will always know the exact monthly amount to pay and always benefit from the one-click integration and compatibility and the features we are planning for our CDN service – which brings us to the next section.

The Benefits of Having Bunny CDN as a New Partner

The first and most important benefit of switching to Bunny CDN is that RocketCDN now relies on a more flexible infrastructure that will allow the implementation of high-impact features, such as page cache, and the enhancement of static assets cache hit ratio. As a result, RocketCDN will ensure even better performance and help improve key metric scores, such as the Core Web Vitals grades. The new features also have the goal of helping RocketCDN support WP Rocket’s wide range of compatibilities.

As mentioned above, Bunny CDN is one of the fastest CDNs, according to CDNperf, which ran continuous real-world user tests worldwide and announced Bunny CDN being the #1 fastest CDN in January 2023, plus consistently in the top 3 with less than 1ms difference in latency.

In addition to delivering outstanding performance, Bunny CDN is reliable and offers more PoPs than StackPath – the jump is from 45 to 121 worldwide. The higher number of PoPs also means that Bunny CDN can offer better delivery of latency-sensitive small files –it has a low global latency of around 24ms– therefore, better proximity of assets to visitors.

Max Whitton, Infrastructure Lead, explains: “In collaboration with WP Rocket, we’re on a mission to elevate internet performance. We’ve invested in refining our infrastructure, from high-speed servers to an ultra-responsive network, ensuring content is delivered at unparalleled speeds. With our combined efforts, we’re setting a new bar for online speed and reliability, all while ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for all users”.

Wrapping up

RocketCDN is now powered by Bunny CDN. While the change was required by StackPath shutting down its service, the new partnership comes with a new reliable CDN provider – also one of the fastest ones worldwide.

The switch to Bunny CDN is already in place for the new customers. As for the current ones, the migration process is ongoing. All RocketCDN customers will be informed once the switch is over.

RocketCDN offers automatic configuration and easy integration to any CSM, plus a WordPress plugin. WP Rocket customers can subscribe to the service directly from the CDN tab in WP Rocket. Give it a try and let your users enjoy faster content wherever they are located!

Comments (2)

Congrats on the tie up with Bunny CDN. I have used Bunny CDN for quite a long time, but only pay about $1 per month (with 10 pull zones of 1 site each). I'm interested in RocketCDN, as I do have a lot of sites using WP Rocket, but I'm not sure that the value is there (at $7.99/month). Is there something I'm missing that explains the difference in price?
Best regards.

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