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We are very excited to announce a new available update for WP Rocket named Geonosis in honor of our geekness.

Say Goodbye to the API Keys

Before WP Rocket 2.2, to activate the plugin, you had to declare your website in your profile, then to copy your api key, and finally paste it after the activation.
Pretty painful. Sorry for that.

We worked very hard to revamp all the validation system to offer you a user friendly experience.
Now, no more validation keys will be necessary. Simply upload the plugin, all the process will be done in background. The license is included directly in YOUR zip file. Booya!

A New Import/Export Tool

Pro licence owners will love this new tool. You can easily export all your WP Rocket options and import them into your other websites.

Performance Improvements

We are now handling the 404 errors from CSS, JS, IMG. This will be faster when/if it happens.
We did some improvements to our code for better coding standards and performance.

Minification and CDN Improvements

Several users asked us about the fact that WP Rocket puts all their JS on the top of the HTML when they activate the minification.
It’s the best way to ensure the best compatibility. However, we let you decide if you want to put some JS  files on the footer.
We fixed some bugs with the minification if you are using Aweber or Gist files.

Therefore you can now specify which CDN to use for CSS only or JS only.

Fix Bugs

We found some bugs, we destroyed them, RIP.
Including a compatibility issue with MultiSite in multidomain, and with the White Label.

Some New Languages

WP Rocket is now available in German,Italian and Hebrew . You can check the Transifex project if you want to contribute.

What’s next?

Our support ticketing is not enough efficient. A public forum was a good start, but not the best tool to manage a good support.

We are moving to a “real” help desk (HelpScout). Will be really better. Pippin did the same move.

Finally we would like to thank you for your trust and your support.

PS: The 2.3 is already under development. Do you have an idea for the name? 😉

Comments (7)

c'est tellement dommage d'ecrire en anglais...
y'a même pas la version française ?

@sebastien: Il faut suffit de cliquer sur le drapeau FR en haut du site ;)

Yes, you're currently sending all support requests to the forum. This just isn't appropriate. Also, please create links on your site for "contact" and "account" where you can find your downloads and maybe see a full change log. There's a lot going on with your site but it doesn't really help out customers that have already purchased your product. Hopefully the Help Scout tool helps this, too.

Hi Jason,
Thank you for your feedback :)
You are right about this
We are changing all that stuff with the new ticket support.

This release seems good so far. The only little oddity I'm noticing is that the viewport for lazy loading images seems a bit off. When my site loads, some of the items in the viewport simply don't load until I scroll a bit.

Hi Chad, is your problem solved?

It's down now :)

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