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The WP Rocket new website is finally here! We can’t wait to tell you more about the website redesign and why this change will significantly improve your user and customer experience.

We’ll start with the reason why we decided to launch a new website. You’ll find out one of the next goals that led us to this change.

We’ll explore the foundation of our new brand identity: our values. You’ll learn how they will have a positive impact on your experience as a Rocketeer.

We’ll then show you what’s new in terms of menu and new pages. We heard your feedback, and we bet you’ll be as excited as us for the improvements. One word to define what’s new: simplicity.

Let’s dive in!

Why Launch a New Website?

We gave you a hint in our 7th-anniversary post: we showed you the three website versions we had since WP Rocket was born and said that we believe in constant improvement.

We launched the website you used to know in 2017. Back then, we updated the logo and our brand identity, and we chose colors and patterns that would focus on performance and speed.

In the last year, we realized we wanted to help more users understand why speed matters for their business.

In other words, educating users on web performance and its related topics is one of our next goals.

And it was time to launch a new website that would let us accomplish our mission.

We needed a new brand identity, a different design, new pages, and more accessible content to non-technical users. You’ll find all new content written in plain English, we promise!

As you’ll read, we created content for specific business needs; we covered many aspects of the WP Rocket features and compatibilities; we strengthened how you can get support or join our Community.

Ready to find out more?

A New Brand Identity: Our Values

Brand values define us as a company and are the foundation of our identity.

They closely connect with the reliability, easiness, and quality of our product. And they ensure you’re making the best decision for your business. Because you know that web performance has a direct impact on your business, right?

Performance, empathy, simplicity, generosity, and humility are our values.

Our brand values
Our brand values

They’re based on a human-first approach and show the goals and behaviors we always strive to put in place.

A human-first approach means that relations within the company and with our customers play a key role in the company’s development and the high-quality support experience we want to provide.

That’s why our values embody our identity. Let’s take a closer look at each of them! 👇

  • Performance shows the quality of our product and what it brings to you.
  • Empathy lets us constantly question and improve the quality of our services and support. We’re a close-knit team that listens to you.
  • Simplicity guarantees the easiness of our product. We’re looking for simplicity in human relations, too. And we continue to create a more enjoyable product and work environment.
  • Generosity shows our willingness to go the extra mile and bring you the most effective solution. Rooting in generosity also allows our team to offer an ever-higher quality of service.
  • Humility shows our constant effort for excellence. We accept criticism, question ourselves, and feel the constant need to share and improve. And we don’t rest on our laurels.

Bottom line: you’re in excellent hands. Your performance success is our success, and there’s nothing that matters more to us. 🤩

A Simpler Menu and New Pages

For the website redesign, simplicity has been our mantra. We aimed to improve both user and customer experience.

We worked on a simpler menu and added some pages that will come in handy for sure.

You can now enjoy a single menu that will answer your questions right away.

The new single menu
The new single menu

What about the new sections?

Let’s start with the one you’ll probably enjoy the most. 👇

The Resources section is a very juicy one for our Rocketeers! Besides the blog, the documentation, and the contact pages, we added two new pages: Help Center and Community.

With the Help Center page, we want to provide you with a better user experience if you’re facing any technical issues.

First off, you’ll find an overview of the resources that might answer your questions. It could be through our documentation, our YouTube channel, or our Facebook Group.

You can also select a topic that will display a list of documentation pages and videos you can read and watch.

If the resources provided don’t solve your issue, you can always open a support ticket.

The New Help Center page
The new Help Center page

The Community page includes all the opportunities to join our Rocketeers community, from Facebook to the affiliate program and the translators and GitHub developers communities.

The new Community section
The new Community section

Do you already have a favorite one to join? 🙌

And here are the other sections:

  • The Why WP Rocket? section will tell you why our cache plugin is the best choice according to your specific needs — no matter if you run an e-commerce site, you’re a blogger, work as a freelancer, or in an agency.

Your technical expertise doesn’t matter either. The new pages are clear and accessible to everyone, including non-technical Rocketeers. The benefits of improving your website performance will be straightforward!

Converting visitors into customers, speeding up your blog, simplifying your workflow while getting powerful results have never been so easy. And the “Testimonials” page will prove it once again.

  • The Features section has been updated. At the top of the main page, you’ll find all the features that will be applied by default right after activating WP Rocket. Then, you’ll find a simple explanation for each of the tabs included in the plugin.All the features included in the Cache, File Optimization, Media, Preloading, Database, CDN, and Add-ons tabs will become easy to understand.You’ll read in plain English why they’re essential for performance optimization and what WP Rocket does. Understanding how WP Rocket works will be effortless.And there’s more! You’ll get answers to the most common questions about compatibilities with hostings themes and page builders, plugins, eCommerce, and multilingual. In this section, you’ll also find the changelog.

Bottom line: you’ll get all the information and help you need most easily and more effectively. 💪

A New Account Section

A new Account section is another improvement towards a better user and customer experience.

We realized that a new Account area was essential to download your invoices or modify your account information easily and quickly.

Let’s go over the details of the new space. 👇

The new Account section
The new Account section

As you can see, you’ll get a vertical menu that will always display:

  • The Download button so that you can easily have access to the plugin
  • The Help Center link to get any help you might need.

Let’s see what you’ll find:

  • Personal menu, right below your name: you’ll get access to your personal information and billing. You can manage your subscriptions, download invoices, and change your password.
  • License: you’ll get information about the license you bought, its expiration, or the next billing date. You’ll also be able to renew or upgrade your license.
  • Sites: you’ll find your websites’ list with the possibility to remove, ban, or unban a site.
  • Images: if you want to optimize your images (and again, you should!), you can get an exclusive coupon to buy an Imagify plan.
  • Share the ❤️: here, you’ll find the affiliate and referral programs.
  • Benefits: you’ll keep posted on the offers from our partners.

Bottom line: you’ll get an easier mission control to enjoy our products. 🚀

Ready to Start Exploring the New Website?

We decided to launch our new website to educate more users on how web performance and speed are essential nowadays.

That’s why we worked on several aspects, from new brand identity to new pages and a new Account area. We made our content easily available and accessible to everyone. We also strengthened how to get answers to any doubts and questions.

Thanks to our new brand values, we reinforced our identity’s pillars: performance, empathy, simplicity, generosity, and humility. The high quality of our products starts from here.

It’s time for you to start exploring the new website!

Do you have a question you would like to know more about or something to share? Let us know in the comments!

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