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WP Rocket’s Mission Control has been buzzing with activity in preparation for the launch of WP Rocket 3.0 in April. The upcoming release explores a new frontier in user experience with our completely redesigned interface!

Since 2013, WP Rocket has been helping WordPress users set their sites to warp speed. And we have been consistently committed to making the complex task of caching, as easy as possible for our customers. Our vision for how we would like to improve the user experience of WP Rocket is expansive and cannot be implemented in one release. But WP Rocket 3.0 takes the first, bold step toward it in providing a more streamlined and intuitive experience for all Rocketeers.

After updating to 3.0, you’re going to be treated to a completely revamped user interface that will make configuring your site a more enjoyable and empowering experience.

What’s coming

We’ve received a lot of feedback from customers about their desire for a better-looking, easier to understand and navigate, settings screen. We had been focused for a long time on the “under the hood” optimization mechanisms themselves, but not focusing on the user experience within the plugin. Meanwhile our sister product Imagify launched with a beautiful interface and we wanted to give customers of WP Rocket an equally enjoyable experience, fitting for a premium plugin.

Our mission is to make configuring the plugin more user-friendly. 3.0 strives to do this by:

  • Reorganizing the settings tabs in a more intuitive way
  • Streamlining options and default settings
  • Providing more easily accessible educational resources and help
  • Addressing the most common questions and misunderstandings directly in the interface
  • Creating an add-on system to un-clutter the interface

A new dashboard


The dedicated dashboard provides immediate access to your account information. It’s your personal homebase :).

Clearly defined tabs and options

We’ve reorganized the options and tabs to make them more intuitive and we’ve also made our defaults smarter. We want site optimization to be as easy as possible.

Rocket Add-ons

Some options, like Varnish auto-purge and Cloudflare, aren’t relevant for every user because they relate to 3rd party services, so we didn’t want them adding unnecessary cognitive overload. By moving them into our new Rocket Add-ons, they will be present only when needed. This structure paves the way for the introduction of other 3rd party features which some users may benefit from, without overloading the settings.

Easier access to support materials

On every tab you’ll have easy access to relevant documentation for those features. By integrating our HelpScout support system directly in the interface, you can radio back to Mission Control for help with a couple of clicks 🙂

Planning for the future

The overhaul of the interface builds the foundation for some exciting and innovative features we have planned for the future which will make your experience with WP Rocket even better.

WP Rocket 3.0 is scheduled for blast-off on April 3rd.

Comments (16)

Thanks for making our site sky rocket.

Wow. The dashboard looks amazing. Waiting for the release

Will you display ads in the main panel, like so many other plugins do? Besides the new UI what else was fixed or new things added.

Great ! WP Rocket is the best and never disappoints.

Just a new look or new functions too?

Thanks for your great product! Any plans on implementing background image lazy loading? I am using Elementor + GP PREMIUM with your amazing plugin but was wondering if you have this feature in your development plans.

Thanks for continuing to invest in the product.

While it looks great I clearly disagree with plugin authors making their own art style. Wordpress is a giant mess with every plugin and theme author having their own style. Wordpress just becomes a giant hack this way. Inconsistency is not a great user experience, especially not for non-tech savvy clients. Also a radical different design just doesn't feel right inside the Wordpress panel because it's so different.

Beautiful yes, but way too inconsistent with the Wordpress control panel. Interfaces like this should be used for a stand-alone product, not a plugin.

WP Rocket is my lifesaver!
But I hope you guys will keep things simple, because it's just a plugin and nobody wants to learn much to use it!

Nice! I think you really need to make a native nginx support. It’s well know that this is by far a faster webserver than apache. :)

I can't wait to see this new outlook.

I think it's great and i hope many people love it

Great! Waiting for the release.

Noo don't take away the simplicity with WP Rocket for god sake. I totally agree with Jeppe Skovsgaard Christensen.
This has nothing to do with making it easier it just clutters things down and destroys all that WordPress is about.

This looks like an iframe splashed on the WordPress interface just like Page Builders and bad Themes does (who cannot see this!?), no one sane who works as a developer like it because it's often useless and doesn't enhance anything, in fact the opposite.

This is what happens when developers move away from just making great code :( and It says so much about a plugin and it's developers when they try to add their own thoughts about layout into the WordPress admin interface.

WP Rocket is probably still the best but this admin thing you are doing might make me look elsewhere.

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