WP Rocket 2018 Year in Review
Inside WP Rocket

WP Rocket Year in Review: 2018, It’s A Wrap!

Today we are releasing our 2018 Year In Review, highlighting the top moments of a successful and lively year at WP Rocket. WP Rocket’s 2018 in numbers 2018 was a […]

What is Object Caching and How to Use It wit WordPress
Page speed and caching

What is Object Caching and How to Use It With WordPress

When it comes to caching, there are a lot of different types. There’s browser caching and page caching, not to mention mobile and user caching. If you’re using WP Rocket, […]

Should I use Cloudflare?
Page speed and caching

Cloudflare: Should You Use It or Not?

A question the folks at WP Rocket are often asked is: “Should I use Cloudflare?” It’s not at all surprising—WP Rocket offers Cloudflare integration to help the CDN’s users quickly […]

8 best practices to make your mobile site faster
Page speed and caching

8 Best Practice Ways to Make Your Mobile Site Load Faster

Last Update: August 2019 I recently got an email from Google informing me that mobile-first indexing had been enabled for my website. After initially panicking (“Gah! My traffic is going […]

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