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This is our monthly report where we share our business insights as part of our transparency policy.


In March, we shipped 5 new versions including WP Rocket 2.5 “Kamino”. The Kamino version brings great new stuffs like CloudFlare integration or control cache options per Page/Post.


We had an awesome month:

  • $45 885 in revenue (+9.9% comparing to February)
  • 761 orders (+8.6%)
  • 58 renewals (+28.9%)
  • 529 new customers (-6.2%)
  • 2995 websites added (+15.9%)

The revenue, orders and renewals have been better this month but we had fewer new customers.

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 5000 customers we sent an email to all our customers offering them 30% off on all upgrades.

We had 75 orders with this initiative, which is quite good!

Support Tickets / Happiness Report

This month 403 support tickets (-1%) were created by our customers.

We’ve decreased a little bit the number of tickets even though we launched a  major new version.

With more than 21 000 websites running our plugin, there are so many unique server and WordPress environments, that when we ship a major version,  we’d normally expect that there would be a few issues and therefore more support tickets.

We’ve improved, once again, our first response from 2h 56m to 1h 26m!


It will be hard to improve that again next month 😉

Our happiness score from the support was exactly the same compared to last month.


Lucy and Marko have worked a lot to improve the documentation and our saved replies in HelpScout.  This really helped us to be much more efficient and to answer tickets much faster.

A quick piece of advice – if you are running a business involving support,  be sure to have the best documentation available.

On the support page, we’ve made a small improvement. When a customer is describing his/her issue, there is an Ajax call to the documentation to provide some relevant links. 


Additionally, all the links are tagged with a Google Analytics marker to push the keywords into our Google Analytics reports, and all requests are stored in a redis list. Thus we will be able to analyze what our customers are typing to provide them better documentation.

This small  improvement has helped us to have less support tickets.

New project

We’re thrilled to announce you Imagify, a new way to optimize your images. Imagify will be available through a user friendly interface, an API and a WordPress plugin. Thus you will be able to optimize all your images directly in your WordPress admin area.
We recommend you to register to Imagify, to have an early access once we will launch it 🙂

We are hiring a designer

We are working on new exciting projects and we are looking for a Graphic Designer to join us. You can find more information about the job offer, and apply here. 

Comments (3)

Jean, good luck with your new project.

Exciting to see your new project. Cheers!

Good luck with your new project - I am thrilled as well :)

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