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WP Rocket has been steadily growing and we are happy to expand our support team to accommodate the increasing number of customers.

Lucy, the WordPress Rock-et star!

Last month, Lucy Beer, of Web Training Wheels joined the team.

She has a long history with WordPress and specifically with training and teaching users.

She began using WordPress in 2004 and for the past several years has been providing training and support to users of all kinds.

Lucy is an active member of the WordPress community, her activities have included helping organize local meetups, speaking at several WordCamps, and contributing WordPress articles to various websites.

Say “hi” to Lucy on Twitter, or irl if you are coming to WordCamp San Diego.

A New Fresh Start

Hiring a native English speaker allows us to better reach our expanding North American and international audience. We will soon be adding more resources in English, such as tutorial videos. The documentation of WP Rocket has already been  improved a lot.

As native French-speakers our internal communication was previously all in French. Now we talk exclusively in English which greatly helps us improve our English communication skills.

Having Lucy on board has already helped us so much. We’ve been running WP Rocket for more than a year, and having a new point of view, and a female one at that, gave us a fresh new start.

This is What she Says

I’m excited to work with WP Rocket because I believe in both the product and the team behind it. The guys are committed to developing the best product they can, using best practices for WordPress development and providing excellent customer support.
Providing customer support for WordPress is something I’ve been doing for clients for several years, so that’s familiar for me.

But it’s exciting to get an in-depth education about caching, as well as to be part of a growing team. That’s a lot of fun after spending so much time working alone.

It’s gratifying to help our  customers get the most out of our plugin and help turn them into raving fans 🙂

Comments (10)

Awesome news, congratulation to Lucy, whom I have known virtually for a long time already. And congratulations to the WP Rocket team too; I think a great decision to target the native English market.

@Piet: Thank you for your support :)

Congratulations to Lucy and the Rocket Team :p
Great great work done on the documentation.
Good luck guys!


すごい!! :)

Great news :) Congrats guys.

@everybody: Thanks a million!

Congrats Lucy! You're in the right place.


Congrats Lucy! I'm happy to see WP Rocket focusing more time on the English community and North American markets. To be honest I don't know of any credible bloggers not using WP Rocket now. You guys are dominating the WP premium caching plugin space. All you need now is an affiliate program so I can benefit from all these referrals I am sending your way :).

Great to hear it, welcome Lucy.

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