Good News!

We have created a brand new easy-to-use “My Account” page where you can:

My account

Another good news : WP Rocket 2.2.3 is out and available for everyone (even former clients)

Since the version 2.2 of WP Rocket, hand validation of each website is no longer required. The validation process is automatic. Simply activate WP Rocket and let the magic of global instant validation happens.

To make sure everyone can enjoy the benefits of automatic validation, the latest version (2.2.3) has been made available for all our customers (including expired licences).

The 2.2.3 version of WP Rocket fixes a bug with Polylang plugin.

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Hi Jean-Baptiste!

The "My Account" page actually looks simple yet attractive!
I have noticed it says "Spread the World" when maybe you meant "Spread the Word"? :)

Indeed, thank's :)
Corrected !

No way to logout when on the account page? Probably not a huge thing for everyone, I actually wanted to login again so the credentials could be easily saved to my lastpass account but just did it manually.

@Johan: We've just added a "Log Out" button :)

I'm using the wp-rocket plugin, it works very well. Thanks!

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