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We are thrilled to announce that the WP Rocket reseller plan is now available. This will allow companies to directly resell WP Rocket and package it in their offers!

A reseller plan?

Since the beginning, we have not allowed the use of the pro licence if you are a hosting company or if you sell a “performance package” for example, which includes WP Rocket.

It’s very easy to understand why we don’t allow this: if hosting companies buy a pro licence to put on their clients’ websites, we will only sell 20 pro licences per year because they will take the entire market.

On the other hand, we really would like to partner with hosting companies and WordPress-focused businesses. They would provide a great service to their customers by including WP Rocket, and create a new revenue channel for us.

We were very busy working on WP Rocket and we didn’t have too many requests for reselling, so we didn’t really work on a reseller program until a few weeks ago.

What we did in the meantime is a “coupon partnership” with some hosting companies like SiteGround, for example. Basically they would provide our customers a discount on their service and we would provide a coupon code for theirs in our customers’ account page.

These types of partnership have been effective for us by providing WP Rocket with good visibility, credibility and revenue.

We started  our partnership with SiteGround at the end of October 2014. In 7 months we’ve had 106 orders and more than $5000 in sales directly from SiteGround.
Special thanks to Hristo, our Siteground contact.

We could have made some money using our partners’ affiliate programs but we don’t want to do that. We prefer recommending our partners in a trustworthy way because their products/services are good, not because their affiliate programs are good.

We really recommend you create as many partnerships as possible when you run any business. This is worth the time!

Be sure to find a win/win partnership and quality partners.

We were happy with these different partnerships,  but we kept thinking that a reseller plan would be much better.

The reseller plan as we imagined it would be quite simple :

  • The reseller has to register on our website and provide their credit card.
  • Once registered and validated the reseller receives an api key by email.
  • As soon as they get an order, they simply have to do a request on our API providing email and name.
  • In return they get the plugin zip file (the customer is created as a new customer on our side).

The reseller is automatically charged only when an order is created, at a reduced price (20% off).

Even if the reseller plan was ready in our mind, we weren’t technically ready.

The move

A few weeks ago Jarrett Gucci from WP Fix It asked us about our reseller plan, so we explained to him how it works, and then he directly sold a few licences.

So we had to create the accounts and invoices manually and to send the plugin zips after we received the payment – this manual process was a pain in the ass.

So this was a great opportunity for us to finish the reseller plan and API, and we are happy to announce  that it’s now available.

You can apply to the reseller program here.

Once approved, you will be able to generate WP Rocket licences directly from your account or through a REST API (you can find the documentation here).
On the reseller account page, you will also be able to see  the history of all your generated licences.

We would be very happy to hear your feedback about our reseller plan.
And if you are a business owner, have you already implemented your reseller plan? How does it boost your sales?

Comments (7)

This is a great news... great to see how WP Rocket is developing.

Funny, because I thought I asked about the reseller program a couple of month's ago when Yoast posted an article about your plugin. Seems someone else got the credit (backlink) for inquiring about it. To bad for me.

I would love the reseller plan but any chance of just having a form? For the not so tech savy that don't want to have to build it from scratch?

@andrew Hi, yes of course there is a direct form to generate licences from your account :)

If you guys can create a WHMCS module to resell, then we're in :)

I agree, a whmcs module for this would be amazing!

Bookmarking this page for future updates. Please add a WHMCS module and make all of our life's much much easier.

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