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We are really happy to announce a new partnership with SiteGround.

SiteGround is a 10 years old hosting company focusing on WordPress and especially on speed and security. They have a builtin cache system:  WordPress SuperCacher, which is now fully compatible with WP Rocket 2.3.

We really like to work with reliable and trustable partner. SiteGround is one of this.

They have provided us a plan to test it. We have been very happy with the plan and especially with the support which is super fast and really efficient.

What is this Partnership?

We are providing an exclusive coupon code to our customer, which is giving up to 60% off on SiteGround plans. And every SiteGround customers will have 20% off on WP Rocket plans.

If you plan to get a new hosting, you will find the coupon directly under your account.

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I am a siteground customer and I stumbled upon their blog post announcing a partnership between wp rocket and siteground.
I am always looking for ways to improve the speed of my website.
well it seems I found something to try very soon...once I finish the website I am working on for a client :)

thank you



I'm also a SiteGround customer and I saw this announcement. I'm just curious though since I'm also using Cloudflare. Can you suggest the best optimized setting for WP-Rocket, SuperCacher and Cloudflare combo?


Hi Sonny yes it's THE best combo ;)

Hi guys,

After I read the blog post about my host, SiteGround and WP Rocket partnership announcement, I straight away purchase the plugin and install it. My load time is not even a second. It is 818ms, superfast now.

I saw this on SiteGround's blog.

"Finally, WP Rocket provides an option to enable page caching for your WordPress site. If you enable this feature, the final result of your pages will be saved into static files and then served to your visitors. Note, however, that if you are using the Dynamic cache option of the SiteGround SuperCacher on your website, you don’t need to enable this particular option because the SuperCacher operates on server level, stores its data into the RAM and results in much faster loading time for your pages."

My client bought the plugin. Where do people disable Page Caching in WP-Rocket?

@Sonny: I'm pretty sorry for the delay. You don't have to disable our cache. We are fully compatible with SuperCache you can activate all its levels without any issues :)

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