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It’s certainly no news that the number of women in tech still has a lot of ground to cover. According to the latest data gathered by Girls Who Code, women only hold 24% of computing jobs. And if we narrow down the numbers to women working with WordPress, we can assume the situation doesn’t, unfortunately, change that much.

Luckily, we can see a shift in our industry and some great initiatives rising over the years to gather women and give them more voice in the WordPress community.
Think about Women Who WP, Outspoken Women, the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training WordPress community or Women in WP podcast, just to name a few.

At WP Media, we’ve always strived to ensure an equal gender environment. At the moment, our company is composed of 21 people: 9 women and 12 men.

WP Media team — International Women's Day 2019

Eight of these women work specifically for WP Rocket: we work in technical support, marketing and product development. We speak at WordCamps and participate actively in the WordPress community.

Where are the women using WP Rocket?

Given this context, it was with some disappointment that, checking a few stats about our social media audience, we realized that the gender distribution of people following WP Rocket doesn’t nearly equal that of our team.

This is the proportion of men and women following WP Rocket on Twitter:

WP Rocket's Twitter audience: gender distribution

Our Twitter audience is made by 77% of men, and only 23% of women.

The gender stats from our WP Rocket Facebook Community are even more discouraging: only 16,5% of the people who joined our Community are females or non-binary people.

WP Rocket's Facebook community: gender distribution

We want to change these numbers!

What can we do to bring more women closer to WP Rocket?

Caching and web performance are two topics that shouldn’t appeal to one gender more than another. Nowadays, a huge amount of people have a website, and a caching plugin is a crucial tool that everybody should incorporate in their website strategy.

Looking at those stats, the question that pops up to our mind is:
«How can we bring more women closer to the topics of WordPress caching and web performance?»

That’s why, with the imminent International Women’s Day approaching, which is globally celebrated tomorrow, March 8th, we decided to launch an initiative dedicated to women working with WordPress.

Women of WP Rocket at WCUS

Less flowers, and more useful tools to improve our projects!—we’d say.

Let’s bring WP Rocket to more women working with WordPress!

Starting from tomorrow, March 8th, and until Monday 11th, we’re launching the International Women’s Day WP Rocket Contest on Twitter: eight women working in WordPress will have the chance to win a free WP Rocket Single license. 🚀

Update: We Have The 8 Winners!

Here are the names of the 8 women in WordPress that won a free Single license:
Mary Job: she’s on Twitter, and her site is howdoyou.tech;
Chandrika Guntur: she’s on Twitter,
and her site is gcsdesign.com;
Raffaella Isidori: she’s on Twitter, and her website is raffaellaisidori.com;
Darina Ludvicek: she’s on Twitter, and her website is kolorita.cz;
Laura Sacco: she’s on Twitter, and her website ismentoredigitale.it;
Tania Melnyczuk: she’s on Twitter;
Nidhi Jain: she’s on Twitter, and her website is iamnidhi.in;
Helena Heart: she’s on Twitter, and her site is websiteswithaheart.com.

International Women’s Day WP Rocket Contest: How Does It Work?

Our contest will run on Twitter, and it will be dedicated to all women working with WordPress and willing to start using WP Rocket on their project.

What do you have to do to enter the contest?

If you identify as female and you work with WordPress, follow our Twitter account and mention @wp_rocket in a tweet including the hashtag:

Your tweet should contain a little presentation of what you do with WordPress and let us know why you would like to win a WP Rocket license!

Every WordPress-related project is welcome, be it for personal or business purposes.

@wp_rocket I build WordPress websites on Genesis. I’d like to try WP Rocket to see the difference it can make to my website’s performance! #IWD19WPRocket

@wp_rocket I have a WordPress blog about on-the-road traveling and I’d love to start using WP Rocket to make it faster! #IWD19WPRocket

If you’re not a woman working with WordPress, but you know one that could benefit from our giveaway, tag her on Twitter and invite her to participate. 💛

How do we choose the winners?

We’ll choose the winners randomly (on an hashtag base), using Tweetdraw.

Tweets not containing the hashtag #IWD19WPRocket won’t be counted, so don’t forget to include it!

We’ll announce the eight winners within seven days after the end of the contest (which closes on Monday, March 11th).

Can’t wait for the contest to start!
To learn more details about the terms and conditions, keep reading. 😎

International Women's Day Contest at WP Rocket

Terms and Conditions: a Summary

Ready to join the contest? Get on Twitter, and tweet about #IWD19WPRocket!

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Alice Orrù is a web content writer with strong experience in international customer service and B2B copywriting. She is an active member of the WordPress community: she loves translating WordPress into Italian and speaking at WordCamps.


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