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Are you looking for a way to compress the pictures to upload to your blog?
Do you want to lighten up your pages but you don’t feel comfortable with complex image editing tools like Photoshop, Gimp or Affinity Photo?

Compressing your images in WordPress, and adapting their width, length and size to your website without sacrificing their quality is a fundamental optimization step.

Image editing tools give you a wide range of options which are great to optimize your pictures for the web: but some of the most used software require a steep learning curve and are likely to demotivate the good intentions of everybody approaching image compression techniques.

No need to panic! In this article, we’re going to reveal tips and tricks about the easiest way to compress your images through free and premium online tools.

Which Are the Five Best Tools to Compress Your Pictures Online

You know that your users and Google love images, which are a powerful tool to improve your content and your SEO strategy.
But to be loved, your images must be of good quality; making them lighter is not enough.

The biggest problem you’ll probably face when trying to optimize your images is that modifying their size often reduces their quality. And you don’t want your readers to hate your website just because of that!

As with many things related to web optimization, compressing images is a matter of balancing expertise and time-consuming techniques: your goal is to compress your images while keeping them pretty enough and not sinking into complex image editing software.

There are many tools to format your images and make them a perfect fit for your website. The most common image editing software are the following:

They all are great tools, but some of them can be expensive or require time to learn how to use them effectively.

That’s when online image optimization tools come in handy!

Online tools for image compression have spread around the web. They come in different shapes and designs, some of them are rather minimal and some more complex to use.

In our opinion, a valid online tool for image editing should be able to balance usability and effectiveness. You don’t need fancy designs if the outcome doesn’t meet your needs; at the same time, achieving the best result is easier when the user interface is intuitive and straightforward: online tools shouldn’t need a user’s manual!

Let’s see in detail five of the best tools to compress your images online and obtain greater results in terms of size/quality.

Imagify is an image optimization tool available online, as a WordPress plugin and through an API.

To benefit from all its features, you should create a free account, which comes with free 25MB of images per month.
With a free account, you can optimize any JPEG, PNG and GIF (animated or not) image files up to 2MB; there’s no max upload size limit for paid accounts.

Imagify’s user interface is clean and simple to browse.
You’ll find three compression levels: Normal, Aggressive and Ultra.

Normal compression is lossless, meaning there’s no image quality loss; Aggressive and Ultra compressions are more powerful and they could imply a very light quality loss, but the size of the image will be a lot less.

Imagify online image optimization tool

Among the Output Options, you can specify custom values for width and height (in pixel or percentage); by default Exifs data will be removed, but you can check the option if you want to keep them.

If you use this online application with a free plan, your images will be stored for 24 hours in your account; if you go for a paid subscription, you can save your pictures for unlimited time.

Bonus point: Imagify gives you the possibility to run a page optimization. Just add the URL of the page you wish to optimize, and it will scan it, retrieving the list of all the images contained in it and compressing them all at once. Download the .zip file provided, and use the optimized images on your page!

Compressor is a very straightforward one-page image optimization tool for JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG files. You have to click on the Try it! button and it will do all the work.

Compressor online image optimization tool

There’s the possibility to choose between two levels of compression, Lossless or Lossy: the first will guarantee better quality but less size reduction; the second one focuses more on file size with a little quality loss.

TinyJPG | TinyPNG

TinyJPG and TinyPNG are two free online tools to optimize JPEG and PNG files respectively. They are very easy to use: drop your .jpg/.png file, and they will automatically compress it.

TinyJPG online image optimization tool

You can upload up to 20 images of maximum 5MB each; if you go for a Pro account, there’s no limit in the size of the upload.


Kraken is available as an online tool, a plugin for WordPress and Magento and an API.
It offers several optimization modes: Lossless, Lossy and Expert.

The last one can be used to set different quality levels for lossy JPEG and PNG optimization, keep some EXIF metadata, and automatically orient images.
If you open a free account, you’ll be able to upload through the web interface images up to 1MB.

Kraken online image optimization tool

Some of its options are available to Pro customers only, such as URL Paster, Page Cruncher or image resizing. Pro users can retrieve their images at any time through Kraken Cloud Storage, while free users can download their optimized images within 12 hours.


Optimizilla is super easy to use online image optimizer relying on a combination of optimization and lossy compression algorithms. It works with JPEG and PNG images and can reduce them to the minimum possible size without having a negative impact on quality.

Optimizilla online image optimization

You can obtain optimized images in a few steps: upload up to 20 images at a time and wait for the compression to stop. In the end, you can use the slider to control the compression level and compare the original image with the final one.

Everything You Need to Know About Image Optimization in WordPress

In this article you learned:

  • Why compressing images online can be easier than image editing software
  • Which are some of the best online tools to compress your images

Now that you’re an expert with online image compression, it’s time to go ahead and learn other tricks about image optimization:

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