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We created WP Rocket in 2013. A little over 3 years later, we are happy to announce that more than 200,000 WordPress websites are running with WP Rocket on board!

Here’s what we learned on our way to speeding up so many websites:

1. You can do good and still make money

When we entered the market, the main WordPress caching solutions were free plugins. Why would people pay for something that’s already free? Well, it turns out that customers aren’t looking for free at all costs. Someone told us recently that we had a knack for finding great solutions to what people need.

The lesson we learned building WP Rocket is that you can do good and still make money. No shame in that. Today, we are at version 2.9.7. of our plugin and keep improving every day. 6 months ago we wrote a blog post to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. In it we were celebrating our 100,000 sites using WP Rocket milestone.

A little more than 6 months later, we doubled the number of websites that have WP Rocket installed. 16,000 WordPress websites install WP Rocket per month.

We’ve achieved these incredible milestones while maintaining our core company values. We still get up every morning with the objective to help make the web better, faster and safer.

2. Nothing can replace human contact

The WordPress community is the lifeblood of our company. We are very lucky to have the support of many talented individuals throughout the world. Without people, our plugin could be the best out there, it wouldn’t really matter.

Still, if you want to talk about humans and performance, Chris Lema gave us one of the best endorsements we could get:

When it comes to performance WP Rocket beats virtually all of the competition

WP Rocket is about performance; however we have a people first approach. We pay great attention to constantly improving the user’s experience. By user, we mean enabling website visitors to enjoy faster websites but also enabling website owners to speed up their website in a few clicks. WordPress caching isn’t open heart surgery so we aim to simplify this entire process for our customers!

User experience means a good plugin great documentation but also a solid support team. Our support team is something we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Our rocketeers are just plain awesome humans!

3. A perfect score in Google Page Speed doesn’t always mean your website is fast.

Google PageSpeed does not always measure the speed of your site. This helped us explain load times and performance to customers.
Some WordPress themes are naturally faster than others
Marko Nikolic, another one of our support engineers brought into light WordPress theme performance.

He was able to test some really popular themes and to see how users could improve their performance by customizing their WP Rocket settings.

Check out his series on:

4. Play nice with others

On our way to 200,000 websites running with WordPress we also learned one key thing: you have to play nice with others. What does it mean? It means working with various WordPress hosting companies, being compatible with WooCommerce and more. This approach also means having the opportunity to work with other plugin developers which is always a plus in our book!

We are compatible witth WP Engine, Siteground and other hosting companies along with CloudFlare, WPML plugin, Varnish and many more. This takes work, but it ensures that our customers remain happy and that’s important.

We hope to be lucky enough to write another milestone post soon at the 500k mark! And once again, we’d like to thank our customers and the WordPress community for helping us make the web faster!

Comments (9)

Congrats on your milestone! Keep your pricing and terms as they are, and you are set for life! Remember, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

"Nothing can replace human contact"
Besides WPRocket being an awesome plugin, THIS is why I started to replace other caching-solutions on my Wordpress-projects.

Thanks, you rock!

"Up, up to the sky..." Even sky isn't limit anymore for you guys, just keep up with this pace and all will be ok, for everybody.

Congratulations WP Rocket team!
Myriam, thanks for putting up this amazing post. It's interesting and inspiring.

Great stuff brings great results. Congrats for building what is simply (yes, so simple) the best Cache Plugin ever!

wp-rocket help my websites better load
thank you!

Congrats to the team :) You are an inspiration , you know it !

Well deserved guys. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations for the milestone! I have seen a drastic change in the speed and enabled the WP Rocket plugin. These days, speed is money.. and that's where people love to spend money for a good plugin, as it makes more money :)


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