Our Mission Is Simple Just Like Our Plugin

It provides fast loading times whether you are a beginner or a performance expert.

Simplicity First

Web performance is a comprehensive field, full of difficult and abstract technical techniques and terms. We have followed with a certain obsession the WordPress philosophy : “decision not option”, which means to apply only what is necessary for the end user.

The difficulty of existing solutions that are far too complex to use and to set up for the beginner makes it our priority to create an efficient product, that is easy to set up on any WordPress site.

We apply Web Performance best practices as soon as it’s activated

Decision not options.

WP Rocket, Today


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Happy Customers

The Creators

From the world of websites creation, Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier have known the issues of loading times for a while.

Fond of performance, they were frustrated with every existing plugin they installed. “We thought that user experience was not optimal. There are a lot of features and the set up takes too much time even for an expert.”

In 2013, they developed their own plugin WP Rocket: available for all and without the need to have technical skills in Web Performance to be able to install it and to get a fast website.

Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier and Jonathan Buttigieg
WP Rocket team

A Complete Team at Your Service

Behind the plugin WP Rocket, there is now a complete team dedicated to improving the product and customer service.

Everyday, 9 people collaborate full-time to help our customers from more than 100 countries around the world, with a majority of customers from USA.

  • Renee
    Support Rocketeer
    California, USA
  • Shelley
    Support Rocketeer
    Texas, USA
  • Lucy
    Lead Support Rocketeer
    California, USA
  • Remy
    Lead Developer
  • Romain
    Support Rocketeer
  • Alice
    Support Rocketeer
  • Marko
    Support Rocketeer
  • Arun
    Support Rocketeer
  • Vasilis
    Support Rocketeer
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