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We are very excited to announce a new available update for WP Rocket named Alderaan.

Here are the new features

Google Fonts Minification

When your website loads several Google Fonts, you multiply the number of http request. This new feature reduces the number of requests, for a better load time.

New Gzip Compression

Before, every ressources where used to be compressed dynamically on each request thank’s to deflate_mod. Now, the files are gziped under the cache process.
The cache process will be a bit more processor consuming, but files delivery will be faster now 🙂

Caching pages with Query Strings

Query Strings are parameters at the end of urls. It can be this for exemple :
By default pages with Query Strings are not cached.
However now, you can allow pages with specifics Query Strings to be cached!

Compatibility with SiteGround Super Cacher

If you are hosted on SiteGround, we have a great news for you !
WP Rocket is now totally compatible with Super Cacher: WP Rocket automatically purge the cache of Super Cacher too.

Several bugs fixed

We have fixed some bugs including an issue with minification and SSL, GZIP compression on swf, mp3 & other incompressible contents, and  a PHP Warning: array_merge.

New available languages

WP Rocket is now also available in Croatian, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian & Swedish.
If you are fluent in Basic, or any other language, you can join the Transifex Project.

To update it, simply go to your WordPress Dashobard 😉

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