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This is our monthly report where we share our business insights as part of our transparency policy.


In April 2015, we shipped 10 new minor versions, including a security fix (low risk regarding the dread score). It was possible to trigger a Local File Inclusion (LFI) only if you were using a deprecated PHP version (<5.3.4) and a specific server configuration.

This security fix was discovered by Paulos Yibelo. We will soon publish  our Vulnerability Reward Program.


We had a great month (like every month):

  • $45 737  in revenue (-0,3% comparing to March)
  • 770 orders (+1,2%)
  • 62 renewals (+6,9%)
  • 586 new customers (+10,8%)
  • 3 277 websites added (+9,4%)

The revenue was a little less compared to last month. Last month we offered all our customers 30% off on all license upgrades to celebrate the milestone of reaching 5000 customers.

Generally we experience an uptick in renewals after a major update. However, this month we had an increase of almost 7% in renewals, without a major update!


Support Tickets / Happiness Report


This month 401 support tickets (-0,5%) were created by our customers.

We are very happy about the number of tickets which are not increasing, even as we add more customers and websites. We’ve been working a lot on improving our documentation and WP Rocket itself 🙂

We’re also trying to make our documentation more visible. For example, we  send an email to our new customers giving them the link to our documentation site, plus we have a lot of links from within the plugin itself, in our settings section and in the admin menu bar.

Every month we get more traffic on the documentation website, which is good for us!

You can see the traffic on this screenshot:




Our first response time on tickets has  increased a little : from 1h27 to 1h59



Good job, we’ve improved our happiness score from 85 to 89!




Kudos to all the team. Marko was the winner this month of our happiness score competition.


Comments (3)

Hi JP,

i recommend checking out for your Vulnerability Reward Program. I know them and can intro you if of interest.


I am waiting for response on ticket more than 2 day , these numbers looks fishy with response time 1-2 hours..

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