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Making WordPress load fast is important for all sites, but the stakes get even higher when you’re running an eCommerce store because there’s all kinds of data linking slower page load times with lower conversion rates and higher bounce rates.

If you want to make your WooCommerce store load faster, you should choose one of these fastest WooCommerce themes, along with implementing other important WordPress performance tips and using a good plugin to speed up your site.

To help you find the fastest WooCommerce theme that can also help you create a great-looking, conversion-friendly eCommerce store, I went hands-on with seven options and collected some data.

Summary: The 7 Fastest WooCommerce Themes in 2021

If you just want a quick summary of the fastest WooCommerce themes, you can check out the table below. At the end of the post, I’ll also share the exact setup that I used to test these themes so that you understand where the data is coming from:

ThemeMedian Page Load TimeSizeRequests
Storefront1.961 s416 KB56
Astra1.522 s296 KB45
OceanWP1.956 s457 KB59
GeneratePress1.450 s280 KB46
Shoptimizer1.710 s402 KB56
Divi1.961 s571 KB53
WoondrShop1.833 s437 KB50

*You can click the link in the table to view the full WebPageTest data. The page load time listed in the table is the median result of 9 separate tests.

Now, let’s dig into the themes…

1. Astra

Astra is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes
  • Median load time: 1.522 seconds
  • Page size: 296 KB
  • Requests: 45

Astra is a popular freemium multipurpose theme with a super lightweight footprint. Out of the box, it’s under 50 KB and has no dependencies on jQuery, which is why it also landed a spot on our list of the fastest free WordPress themes.

One of the great things about Astra is its flexibility – it’s kind of like a chameleon that you can make match whatever design you want.

It also comes with full support for WooCommerce, letting you customize your store’s looks via the real-time WordPress Customizer. And if you upgrade to Astra Pro, you’ll also get tons of nice WooCommerce features like:

  • Off-canvas menu for product filter/search
  • Distraction-free and two-step checkout options (all you have to do is check a box in the Customizer)
  • A slide-down cart icon that lets people check their carts without reloading the page
  • Lots of options for store layout
  • Built-in product quick view functionality
  • Infinite scroll for products
  • A sales bubble icon to mark products that are on sale
  • Pre-built demo sites for WooCommerce.

You can try Astra for free at, but you’ll want the $59 Astra Pro version for access to all of the WooCommerce features.

2. OceanWP

OceanWP is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes
  • Median load time: 1.956 seconds
  • Page size: 457 KB
  • Requests: 59

Like Astra, OceanWP is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme that includes tons of customization options and deep support for WooCommerce.

In fact, in terms of the “flexible multipurpose theme” niche, OceanWP probably has the most detailed WooCommerce integration of the group, with support for:

  • Dropdown shopping cart icon
  • Sales badges
  • Distraction-free and/or multi-step checkout
  • Sticky product details
  • Product quick view
  • Off-canvas menu for cart and filter options
  • Lots of layout and style options in the WordPress Customizer
  • Pre-built WooCommerce demo sites

OceanWP has a limited free version at But for a WooCommerce store, you’ll want the premium version that starts at $39.

3. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is one of the fastes WooCommerce themes
  • Median load time: 1.710 seconds
  • Page size: 402 KB
  • Requests: 56

Shoptimizer is a premium WooCommerce theme from Commerce Gurus, who are the same folks behind the Create and Code theme shop.

Unlike some of the other themes on this list, Shoptimizer is 100% focused on WooCommerce. That is, it’s not a multipurpose theme.

As such, the developers were able to bake in a great design that follows the best practices for eCommerce conversion rate optimization, including:

  • Distraction-free, optimized checkout
  • Request a callback feature for individual products (great for expensive products)
  • Option to add conversion-boosting microcopy underneath the Add to Cart button
  • Sticky product details on scroll
  • Trust badges
  • Sale countdown timers

If you want your store to look great out of the box, this is a stellar option.

Shoptimizer only comes in a premium version. The list price is $99, but you can often find it on sale for $49.

4. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes
  • Median load time: 1.450 seconds
  • Page size: 280 KB
  • Requests: 46

Like Astra and OceanWP, GeneratePress is a performance-optimized multipurpose theme with built-in WooCommerce support.

In terms of WooCommerce functionality, GeneratePress doesn’t offer quite as many options as those other two themes. But it still comes with everything you need to create a great-looking store including:

  • A drop-down shopping cart icon that you can add to your menu
  • AJAX add to cart button with a nice sticky panel that appears at the top of the page when a shopper adds a product to their cart
  • Distraction-free checkout mode
  • Customizer options to control WooCommerce styles and layout
  • Options to control how upsells and related products appear

GeneratePress has a free version at But if you want all of the WooCommerce functionality, you’ll need GeneratePress Premium, which starts at $49.95.

5. Storefront

Storefront is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes
  • Median load time: 1.961 seconds
  • Page size: 416 KB
  • Requests: 56

Storefront is the default free theme that comes with WooCommerce. And beyond being a quite popular option because of that, you can see that it also helps your store load pretty quickly to boot.

And because Storefront comes straight from the WooCommerce team, you can be sure it has all the necessary functionality and follows good WooCommerce code practices.

Storefront itself is pretty basic in the looks department, but you can find tons of Storefront child themes if you want to switch up its design.

Some of these Storefront child themes are free, while most will cost you $39.

6. WoonderShop

WoonderShop is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes
  • Median load time: 1.833 seconds
  • Page size: 437 KB
  • Requests: 50

Like Shoptimizer, WoonderShop is 100% dedicated to WooCommerce and focused on creating a conversion optimized foundation for your store.

To wit, it comes with helpful features like:

  • Auto-complete product search
  • AJAX add to cart functionality that shows the product in a dropdown cart
  • Cross-selling widget
  • Distraction-free checkout
  • Trust badges

To help you control how your store looks, WoonderShop comes with three different “skins”, as well as lots of style controls in the WordPress Customizer.

WoonderShop only comes in a premium version, with plans starting at $79.

7. Divi

Divi is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes
  • Median load time: 1.961 seconds
  • Page size: 571 KB
  • Requests: 53

Divi often gets a bad wrap from a performance perspective, but I’ve always found it to be competitive in my performance testing, and I think this is just a myth that’s stuck around for some reason.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not the fastest theme on this list, but it’s fast enough, and it makes it super easy to design your store because of all its customization options.

In addition to out-of-the-box WooCommerce functionality and customization options, Divi also comes with a Shop module that lets you incorporate your WooCommerce products and pages into the designs you create with the included Divi Builder page builder.

Divi is available as part of the $89 Elegant Themes membership.

How I Tested the Performance of These WooCommerce Themes

To help you understand where my test results came from, let me share exactly how I tested these themes.

First, there’s the setup:

My test site is hosted on a $5 per month DigitalOcean droplet. I used a fresh WordPress install with only the WooCommerce plugin installed. I also imported the official WooCommerce sample data so that my store has some products.

Then, I tested the exact same product page at each store (the product that I used is the one you can see in the Divi screenshot above).

I did not import demo data for individual themes, so this test is for the default theme configuration. While this might not perfectly mimic a real-world situation, I think it’s the fairest way to compare different themes, and it should still give you a good idea of how performance-optimized each theme is.

To run the actual tests, I used WebPageTest with the following configuration:

  • Run 9 separate tests and take the median value (to eliminate single test variability)
  • Test Server: Chicago, Illinois
  • Connection Throttling*: 20 Mbps down. I believe throttling the connection like this is a more accurate way to test a website’s performance, as the average US Internet connection is around 20 Mbps.

Since I’m using connection throttling, the page load times are going to be slower than you’d get with something like Pingdom, because Pingdom uses an unthrottled connection.

Any Questions or Suggestions?

That wraps up our list of the fastest WooCommerce themes. Do you have any questions about these themes or how we tested? Have a suggestion for a performance-optimized WooCommerce theme that didn’t make the list? Leave a comment!
And remember, choosing a fast WooCommerce theme is not the only way to speed up your store – WP Rocket is also fully compatible with WooCommerce and ready to help you speed up your WooCommerce store. WP Rocket will automatically configure its caching to avoid breaking key cart and checkout functionality, so there’s no need to play around with caching rules and you can get started right away.

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Comments (11)

Hi Colin,

To be fair, Divi cannot be compared to the other themes since it includes a page builder. It means the builder's resources are loaded (CSS&JS) even though it is not used on the product page you tested.

How about activating Elementor on some other themes (Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress - they're "sold" as Elementor companions) to make the comparison more accurate?

However, even if this test remains the same, I see Divi as a winner: it is as fast as the other themes (same load time as Storefront) but has way more capabilities with its builder and not Gutenberg as the only content editor.

Hey Nicolas, I'm not sure I agree with your premise. I didn't activate the Divi builder on my test page, so if Divi wants to load its resources on every page that's on Divi :) You could also still use Elementor without loading its assets on the product page if you wanted.

Thanks man for the list. i been struggling to find a fastest woo-commerce but couldn't find any better, most themes are just bloated and are very harsh on resources. your list definitely helped me. whats your thoughts on shoptimizer and wondershopp? as i dont see much honest reviews elsewhere? its tough these days, when we have tons of affilated link articles with top themes, best, fastest and so on posted by various sites without even testing them in reality. I am trusting your article as i see you dont have affliate linking and i see clarity. Thanks Colin.

This is free themes what about pay themes any suggestion?

I am using rocket, but also a stripped down tesla theme called Zeon (I took out the sliders to speed it up) . I want to improve to a better shop. I only have 2 products which is a problem as most themes assume big shops. Thanks for the list above I will check them out.

What's the best thing to use with elementor? I was using Themify Shoppe but plan to switch to a faster one on this list. Im sort of leaning towards shoptimizer because they advertise for e-commerce and speed. The only other option I see is Astra. Thoughts?

Hi Colin, great comparison, but there are Four Themes missing that should be included --> Neve, Suki, Page Builder Framework, and Blocksy. Of course, GeneratePress, Astra and OceanWP are still the most popular because they have been in the market for longer, but they are Not the only options anymore.

so glad to see a blog post without affiliate links. honest hard work reviews are so rare.

Thanks for this Colin. I've had developers use wp-bootstrap and other ones before. Do I just ask them to use the likes of Astra for future websites they create for me? Will they have issues using the likes of Astra, eg: lack of experience which is why they use free ones?

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