WP Rocket is available in more than 10 languages, thanks to contributions of voluntary translators. We’d love to ship WP Rocket in your language, too!
If you’d like to translate WP Rocket to your language, please follow these instructions.


WP Rocket is translated on Transifex. You can sign up for a free Transifex account here.

After you have signed up, get in touch with us, so we can add you to the team for your locale. If you do not have a WP Rocket license for support and updates, we will provide you with a free Single license (no subscription fees or hidden costs).

Our team will be in touch with you, answer any questions you might have about specific strings, and assist you in bringing your locale to 100% as quickly as possible, so your language will be available with the next update of WP Rocket.

Your contribution is voluntary and highly appreciated as such. We will renew your active license for free as long as you keep translating WP Rocket.

Translation Contributors

Thank you, translators, you rock!

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