The perfect combo for incredible speed: WP Rocket + Imagify

Behind WP Rocket and Imagify, there is a company — WP Media — that has made speed and simplicity its flag. 

You can use our plugins to make your website faster, increase conversions, and engage your audience: offering your visitors an ultra-fast experience is your goal, but ours too.

With WP Rocket

we make the web faster.

With Imagify

we make the web lighter.

Images and other media are the largest parts on your web pages (most likely). Therefore don’t forget to optimise images for the web before adding to your site. For WordPress there are many optimisation plugins available. My favorite is Imagify.

Mark Wilkinson

The Power of Imagify,
Directly in WordPress

The Extra Boost to the Speed of Your Website

Speed Up Your Websites

Lighter images mean faster loading times, better user experience, and top SEO.

Save Time

Stop fine-tuning your images; they are now automatically optimized.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Make your images lighter without compromising quality. Your images will be more beautiful than ever.

Optimize Any Image

And improve loading time in the blink of an eye

All Image Formats

Optimize JPG, PDF, PNG, and GIF images. And for each image, you get its WebP version by default and the Avif version, too.

Check the Saving

You can check your images’ weight before and after compression, thanks to the updated statistics on the plugin dashboard.

Smart Compression

Let the plugin automatically compress your images balancing quality and performance.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Restore your media files to their original version or optimize them with another level of compression whenever you feel to.

Compress Your Images
on the Fly, Without
Leaving WordPress