How to leverage browser caching to speed up your WooCommerce website?

Browser caching allows you to speed up your website by storing files locally in the user’s browser. That’s why you see Google Page Speed Insights recommends that you leverage browser caching for your website. If you do it properly, you can reduce the amount of data the user’s browser has to download as well as the number of HTTP requests made. In short, leveraging browser caching helps you avoid being stuck with a slow loading website.

To enable browser caching, most people will install a WordPress caching plugin on their website. The problem is that it can sometimes cause issues if you use Woocommerce.

Having caching issues with WooCommerce?

Are you having issues with caching on your WordPress WooCommerce website? Can’t figure out what’s going on with your shopping cart and why you can’t remove items from it?

Oftentimes, the problem is that your caching plugin tends to cache everything on the site; including the WooCommerce cart and checkout pages. That means your cart page is actually cached and doesn’t show the latest version. It can also cause the cart to display the wrong order in the wrong cart when customers are checking out.

Problems with cart sessions and WooCommerce

Page cache added by plugins such as W3 Total cache or by some providers specializing in WordPress hosting cause issues with the cart because they show a page that’s cached so it doesn’t reflect the customer’s’ current cart. The solution is to un-cache some data such as the cart, checkout and account data in pages.

How to Fix WooCommerce Caching Issues

Those are some pretty serious issues for your business and your customers. The solution? Choosing the proper caching plugin that will work in harmony with WooCommerce.

Compatible WordPress caching plugins

WooCommerce provides proper information regarding the plugins that are compatible when it comes to caching your e-commerce website.

The list is rather short:

  • W3 Total cache works but you need to configure the minification portion and exclude certain pages.
  • Varnish works but requires some developer knowledge to fix issues.
  • WP Rocket is fully compatible. No extra configuration is needed. All WooCommerce pages are automatically detected and not cached.

W3 Total Cache WooCommerce problems

You can have issues with your cart process on desktop and mobile with W3 Total Cache if it is not configured properly. Woocommerce caching issues occur when the proper pages or elements are not added to the “never cache” list of pages in this WordPress plugin.

The official WooCommerce documentation states that if you are using caching plugins such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total cache, you must exclude: Cart, My Account and Checkout.

Comet Cache WooCommerce problems

It’s currently not possible to exclude specific portions of a page from being cached. To solve your issues you need to exclude the entire page that includes the cart widget. If your cart widget is on every page, then you need to think about changing your caching plugin because Comet Cache doesn’t handle that yet.

WP Rocket is 100% compatible

The only additional setting you could potentially want to tweak is to remove JavaScript minification. You can uncheck one setting if you feel the need to change something. Otherwise, just install WP Rocket and enjoy a WooCommerce website that loads blazingly fast with no troubles!

You can get a fast website easily with WP Rocket and enjoy:

  • An easy setup that won’t break your website
  • Great support in 5 languages
  • 100% compatibility with WooCommerce

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