This post is to position ourselves to recurring membership demands.

Where are we?

To see the impact, we discreetly tested affiliation with few members. All without public post in fact, only by sharing affiliate link from friend to friend.

This has inevitably worked, but probably less than articles praising the merits of the plugin with a nice link “Click here I earn money if you buy”.

This is what bothers us!

How to tell the difference between for visitor between an article really praising our product, to the one that launches us flowers because he has a pecuniary interest? Too difficult.

Once the affiliate link detected, the visitor is entitled to ask “In fact, he says it is good because it makes money if I buy , but is this plugin good or not?! ” .

All this inevitably leads to a complete stop before launching possible affiliations with WP Rocket.

So, no, there won’t be any affiliation system with our product, the WordPress Cache Plugin WP Rocket.