This post is to position ourselves to recurring membership demands.

Where are we?

To see the impact, we discreetly tested affiliation with few members. All without public post in fact, only by sharing affiliate link from friend to friend.

This has inevitably worked, but probably less than articles praising the merits of the plugin with a nice link “Click here I earn money if you buy”.

This is what bothers us!

How to tell the difference between for visitor between an article really praising our product, to the one that launches us flowers because he has a pecuniary interest? Too difficult.

Once the affiliate link detected, the visitor is entitled to ask “In fact, he says it is good because it makes money if I buy , but is this plugin good or not?! ” .

All this inevitably leads to a complete stop before launching possible affiliations with WP Rocket.

So, no, there won’t be any affiliation system with our product, the WordPress Cache Plugin WP Rocket.
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Jonathan is Lead Project on WP Rocket. Addicted to WordPress and Co-organizer of WordCamp Paris & Lyon.

Hi Jonathan,We appreciate your struggle with affiliate marketing. However, as a proud user of WP Rocket across all six of our brands, and a successful affiliate marketer with over a decade's experience - I urge you to reconsider opening your program on a limited basis to high quality publishers. We drive millions of unique visitors using purely organic search across our portfolio of brands and would be interested in covering WP Rocket more in-depth and sharing with our visitors.Regards, Alexps. I tried commenting while logged into our WP Rocket account, but got an error message asking for name and email (which was not an option while logged in).
True words. Not only for this plugin but same goes for promoting hosting such things which they neither use nor buy. But for the sake of money they promote affiliate products.
Hey Jonathan, I agree with your points... Also, i want to mention one more thing... Every affiliate marketer need to understand that they should promote only those stuff that's add value!! If you unsure about a product never promote it! because you can fool a customer only once to sale a bad product... once you start promoting unworthy products then you will lost trust of your customers and visitors as well...Thanks for your this piece of Information!-Rajinder
Dear Concern 100% satisfied with your opinion …… all affiliate programs have to focused for those service or articles which have good margin for selling.Mukesh Shukla
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