WP Rocket giveaway 7th anniversary
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WP Rocket 7th Anniversary Contest: A Party Not to Miss

Join us to celebrate seven years of WP Rocket together. Take your chance to extend the expiration date of your WP Rocket license for free and win an iPhone. Seven years only happen once, don't miss the party!

How to set up a performance budget
Page speed and caching

How to Set a Performance Budget for Your Website

Do you want to get started with setting a performance budget for your site? Our tutorial will tell you how to do that in 4 steps and achieve your business goals efficiently.

How to cache dynamic content in WordPress
Page speed and caching

How to Cache Dynamic Content in WordPress

Caching isn’t just for static sites anymore. There are many options to cache highly dynamic WordPress sites. While it requires some configuration and tweaks initially, the final result is worth the effort. Check our guide to learn how to do it.

Third-party scripts performance
Page speed and caching

Third-Party Scripts and How They Affect Performance

Third-party scripts are one of the leading causes of performance slowdowns on websites. They’re usually the costliest resource during page load. Learn why they affect website performance and how to mitigate their negative effects.

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