Sadly the answer is no. WP Rocket does not have a dedicated affiliate program.

Over the years, we have had some issues with the concept of an affiliate program. Essentially, what was problematic for many of us is that we would have people recommending our product to make money. We would like people to stand by the product first and foremost if they are going to recommend it.

Why We Don’t Have WP Rocket Affiliates…Yet

We will be looking at setting up an affiliate program at some point. We’ve been getting more and more requests for this from various individuals in the WordPress community. This got us thinking: many people asking to be part of such a program were happy WP Rocket clients themselves.

We aren’t there yet because there are a lot of features we would like to implement this year to improve WP Rocket’s caching.

WP Rocket Partnerships

We may not work on an affiliate basis but if you think we would make great partners, please, email us! We strive to make our plugin compatible with many other services (themes, plugins, hosting companies, CDNs, etc.). Drop us a line at marketing [at] and we’ll see if a partnership can be set up.