Does WP Rocket have an affiliate program?

Sadly the answer is no. WP Rocket does not have a dedicated affiliate program.

Over the years, we have had some issues with the concept of an affiliate program. Essentially, what was problematic for many of us is that we would have people recommending our product to make money. We would like people to stand by the product first and foremost if they are going to recommend it.

Why We Don’t Have WP Rocket Affiliates…Yet

We will be looking at setting up an affiliate program at some point. We’ve been getting more and more requests for this from various individuals in the WordPress community. This got us thinking: many people asking to be part of such a program were happy WP Rocket clients themselves.

We aren’t there yet because there are a lot of features we would like to implement this year to improve WP Rocket’s caching.

WP Rocket Partnerships

We may not work on an affiliate basis but if you think we would make great partners, please, email us! We strive to make our plugin compatible with many other services (themes, plugins, hosting companies, CDNs, etc.). Drop us a line at marketing [at] and we’ll see if a partnership can be set up.


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Really glad to read that. I think you could just “select” the affiliates you want to work with. You don’t have to accept everyone! You set the criterias and accept who fits your values.

I can’t wait to become an affiliate! 🙂

Great plugin and affiliate program – that would be cool! Very sorry that it is so far impossible.

As noted privately in various chats in the past, you guys give so much room in the Infinite License that at some points it seems that we as customers or agencies are ripping you of but as discusses the managing aspect of affiliaties or resellers is a thing of itself aswell.
if in the future you decide to go such a road be sure to let me know!

Its a WASTE of time promoting any of your product if you decide to start your affiliate program, because everyone in the community already knows about it


    @Kingsley We actually have 40,000 customers which is totally unsignifiant regarding the number of WordPress users. So no it won’t be a waste of time to promote WP Rocket 😉

I manage a ton of websites and I’m glad you don’t have an affiliate program. This is how I know the reviews of your software is legit and not hype. I’ll be buying a three site license soon because I read reviews from bloggers who are not affiliates. I don’t trust anything an affiliate says about a software. I’ve read too many glowing reviews for software I knew was absolute slop and those reviews were from affiliates. I’m not saying all affiliate reviews are bogus, I personally just dont trust them. Looking forward to using your software though, with or without an affiliate program.

Honestly, why I chose Wp-Rocket because it doesn’t have affiliate program. I didn’t trust any product with affiliate program, because tons of people created fake reviews just to get money from the affiliate program. Many of them even didn’t use the product they are talking about.

Without affiliate program, all reviews about your product is neutral, based on true user experience, that makes Wp-Rocket is exclusive, and have strong brand image. Please keep it that way 🙂

We use WPRocket because it is a great caching plugin that works and is one of the best out there, if not the best. Especially if you couple it with Imagify and a CDN. I would like an affiliate program to be introduced because I am growing my business and there are many other internet marketers, agencies and customers that want there own license(s), which we recommend using WPRocket to. If you guys ever offer an affiliate program, I want in.

How sad your probably missing out on a good chunk of revenue and a segment of the market that can really propel your plugin to another level, as much as I love your plugin, this type of program will be something I will wait for before I recommend it to others as we are all ‘at the end of day’ wanting to make a little $$$ were possible.

This is a really nice business strategy.If you choose to have an affiliate program,the ultimate cost will be high.WP Rocket is an amazing plugin and it’s a big brand.I don’t think so it requires any affiliate program.I am using it on my site and I think it’s one of the best cache plugin.

That to be said, in short and sweet, i support wprocket and its entire team on this business decision.

Keep going and keep wprocket performance to speak for it self.


I’d heartily recommend WP-Rocket to any webmaster, so an affiliate program would be superb.

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