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Looking for a simple and effective way to translate your website? Look no further, Weglot is the best multilingual solution you can find.

Translating a WordPress website can quickly become a nightmare: Overcharged and slow backends, compatibility issues with Plugins and Themes, manual creation of ALL the new translated pages, half translated content … Luckily, it all changes with Weglot.

Weglot provides a powerful solution to make your website multilingual and manage your translations. Install the Weglot plugin on your website and let it do the work. The Weglot API will detect all your website content and deliver it in any language. No maintenance, no compatibility issues.

Of course, Weglot and WP Rocket are fully compatible. All your translated pages will be cached by WP Rocket to make sure your visitors access your website quickly wherever they are around the world.

How Weglot can help you?

Create a multilingual website in minutes

Thanks to Weglot quick plug-and-play setup, your translated website is ready in a matter of minutes without any code required. Simply download the Weglot plugin, select the language you want to translate your website into and that’s it!

No more compatibility or maintenance issues

No need to look for a “Weglot-ready” theme or plugin. Weglot works with all themes and plugins and it won’t break your website design. And you can update your plugins peacefully, Weglot will continue to work.

Higher visibility with a better SEO

With Weglot, all your translated pages are automatically indexed on Google following the best multilingual SEO practices. Weglot adds Hreflangs, creates unique URLs for each translated page and translates all your content. Get ready to reach a wider audience!

Accelerate your translation process

Weglot gives you full control over your content and translations. You can easily manage all your translated content from one simple interface. Weglot also provides you with a first layer of automatic translations to help you save a lot of time. You can then edit your translations or order a professional translator to do so.

How to get started with Weglot

Weglot offers five plan tiers starting from €9.90/month, with plans for everyone. We also offer a free plan for website under 2,000 words translated in one language.

Ready to get started? Simply install the Weglot plugin on your WordPress website and get your multilingual website ready in 5 minutes!

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