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We’re always looking to partner with companies that we know provide a great service (and only those that we have tested and would recommend ourselves) and the web hosting company FastComet is one of those.

We have formed a new partnership with them to provide their customers a 20% discount on a WP Rocket license.

FastComet provides a customer-oriented service just like us. We have worked with them extensively to make sure that WP Rocket is compatible and works smoothly with all their hosting packages.

FastComet provides:

WP Rocket customers will also find a coupon for a 70% discount on FastComet hosting inside their WP Rocket account area.
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Hi, could you help me on where do I find the 40% coupon code in my account area, i just see a link to Fastcomet but no discount applied ?



I just checked them out. What I think is not really trustworthy is that they are NOT using https.....AND even worse...their own website does not load fast and isn't properly optimized....

@Yann: You don't have the discount on the checkout page?

@Gio: We tried their servers and the results was great!

As we say to our customers about "GT Metrix":

It's much more important to focus on your page loading time and not on your GT Metrix / PageSpeed grade.

For SEO, Google doesn't care about your grade, it only considers your website load time.

Hi Jonathan,

I noticed their website was not so fast so I checked their loading time.

If I was interested in their hosting I would not have purchased because of the 4,5 seconds loading time.

AND no https which is not that professional.

If you want people to buy your hosting then the least you could do is to have a fast and optimized website yourself AND use https.

Just common sense I guess

I just wanted to give you and fastcomet some feedback

Hi, I subscribed to FastComet hosting to test their service. I succeded to get the 40% coupon code but it isn't automatic, you have to enter a coupon code (easy to guess).

where i can get a coupon please

@Miguel: You have to ask the coupon code on their chat :/

Guys, you know how this FastComet company is promoting themselves over AdWords?
"Forget about SiteGround - Get lower prices & more power"
And they don't see any problem in this??? What a shame!

@Ivica: Thanks for your comment, we didn't know about that! We are going to talk about this with them!

I just spoke to FastComet hosting and requested for the 40% Discount Coupon as promised to Wp-Rocket Customers, and they dint give teh coupon and this is what they say:

"So basically 40% of 12.95 is 7.77 which is additionally reduced to 6.95."

On their website they have the pricing for Ecommerce Plan as $6.95...
So technically, if I am buying that, as per WP-Rocket we should be a Discount on the selling price on their website.

How can they say, the current price shown in the website is same price as 40% discount promised to Wp-Rocket Customer.

I am not too happy with the response at all....

Then what type of partnership you are announcing here and what kind of 40% Discount have you promised here in this post for your Wp-Rocket customer.

This is misleading all the Wp-Rocket users.

The price they have on their site is for everyone who lands to their website, then what 40% special discount are you bragging out in this partnership, I just don't understand.

Can you please check with them, and get this stuff cleared...

I wanted to buy that eCommerce plan, but after they gave all these wired explanation I have second thoughts about their company working style... Hmmmmm

@Vijeth: We are going to talk with Fastcomet and maybe stop our partnership with them.

Maybe that would be the best...

After all the messy confusion regarding this 40% discount, I finally bought their E-commerce pack.
And I told them I don't need their Buy one and Get one Free Promotion.. And after too much too and fro of discussion with their support agent, finally they agreed and gave me the 40% discount coupon.

And then I made the check out with the 40% discount, yet, my credit card was charged the full amount.
I am not too happy about that then....

Then I raised the issue again, and they were really very responsive to get this issue solved.
I just got an email from their support stating that they are refunding the balance 40% they charged my card.

I am really happy with the quick support response within few hours...

I always like quick support and issues to be resolved quick.
Therefore I think even after all these issue, I found their support very fast and responsible and pleasing...

I will check their servers for next couple of days and see...

Sometimes there will be issues and problems, but what is important is how quick they solve it.. I totally judge by that.

Let me see how things go with them from here... :)

I only have good things to say about Fast Comet.
I signed up about a month ago and have been so impressed with their service!

Support tickets have been answered at all hours of the day & night (some at 4 am) within 5 - 10 minutes. The questions have been answered competently.

I moved to Fast Comet for the speed of their servers... without adding caching, gzip or anything like that too my various websites and those of my clients , I have seen an increase in speed by +/- 20%.

Add of that and WP Rocket and you have a superfast website that google will love :)

@GIO I would rather have a host that focuses on giving its clients the best service possible rather than focusing on having https:// or a fast website themselves...... They are not web developers , I would not host with a web developer ....We as web developers are trained to build websites, not manage servers..... Fast Comet is trained to manage servers and not build websites!

I have recommended Fast Comet to all of my colleagues and clients! I do not recommend companies easily!

I don't know if FastComet are really, really good or whether they are just really, really clever. I have been on a speed trail for the last six months moving from Hawkhost to Arvixe to SiteGround and each time finding a major shortcoming that caused me to look again. I finally came across a comparison of SiteGround to FastComet and on that basis I bought a FastComet shared hosting account. That was about two months ago and so far I have been very impressed with their service, their support and the speed of their servers. But my site is gradually getting slower and each time I mention it to them they say it tests perfectly at their end. To their credit, they have worked very hard to get caching, compression and CDN working properly on my site and for that I am really thankful. I just wonder if they might be attracting new customers with high-speed servers then slowly moving them onto slower and slower servers and hoping they don't notice?

So, I find the best host ever (FastComet)

Then, 30 minutes later I find out that they're partnered with my all time favorite WordPress plugin?!!!!!!!

What more could you ask for!

The discount is 10%!

Fastcomet only hype and pay for Review, their Tech supports sound so amateur and inexperienced in handling technical faults. Moved to their VPS Cloud and got the worst experience ever. My site was down for hours and the so-called tech team could not fix Nameserver issue. Partnership with the wrong company. Their pricing is so deceptive. I opted to cancel afetr 7days of bringing down my business and they had the gut to take charges for their technical service. Which company with reputation will do this?

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