WP Rocket Coupons

Optimize Your WordPress Cache at a Great Price!

We offer WP Rocket coupons a few times a year for special occasions. Usually these occasions are to mark big milestones for our WordPress cache plugin or because they are big promotions going on worldwide.

How Can You Find Out About WP Rocket Deals?

The WP Rocket Newsletter

Easy! All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter. We’ll send you coupons throughout the year. Here’s a hint, we usually have a Halloween promo, a Black Friday promo and a July promo to celebrate our company’s birthday!

Social Media

Don’t feel like giving out your email or getting promo deals in your inbox? That’s OK! Just follow us on Twitter or Facebook to hear about our deals.

Why you shouldn’t rely on “nulled” wp rocket plugins?

Well, because a free version of our plugin isn’t really free. Oftentimes, people releasing “nulled” versions of our plugin and put their own crap code on top of it, because they stand to gain something from you installing that version of the plugin on your website.

Customer Services Matters

When you purchase a WP Rocket licence, you get more than simply a WordPress caching plugin. We have a dedicated team of Rocketeers that are very knowledgeable when it comes to improve WordPress load times. Page Speed Insights hold no secrets for these folks, neither does WordPress.

Our public product roadmap allows our customers to have their voices heard in terms of features required. Beyond that, we also constantly update our plugin to make sure there are no security issues and that it keeps playing nice with the various parts required to make your website blazing fast (CDN, hosting, themes, etc.).

Upcoming WP Rocket Discounts

Looking for a WP Rocket coupon? Everyone is looking for a good deal! Which is why we’d like to let you know about our upcoming coupon codes and how to get them.

Black Friday WP Rocket Coupon Code

Black Friday deals are the one time of the year where you can get WP Rocket for the lowest price! And it’s coming soon! We’ll be starting our promos a bit early this year (Monday instead of Friday). Expect quite a few discount: if you are new to WP Rocket, if you are a renewing rocketeer or if you plan on upgrading your licence, we’re have something in store for you!

Other discount codes to make your website faster

Did you know that WordPress caching is not the only way you can speed up your website? Oftentimes, websites have issues with images that aren’t optimized for the Web. That’s why in addition to WP Rocket coupons, we also have Imagify.io coupons to help people make their websites blazing fast.

Already own a WP Rocket licence? Hit us up and we’ll make you to help you out with image compression deals as well!