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Discounts and benefits for WP Rocket customers

Once you’ve purchased your WP Rocket license, a wide range of discounts and benefits will open for you.

For example, you will have access to our benefits section, where you will find several offers for other excellent WordPress tools. 

Our upgrade system also includes many automatic discounts.
If you purchase the Single license, which is valid for 1 website, and wish to upgrade to the Plus License or Infinite License, you can do so by paying only the price difference.
Tip: To save more money, we recommend renewing first and then upgrading your license.

WP Rocket discounts and promotional campaigns during the year

We like to celebrate important occasions. And if that means offering you discounts, we’re even happier!

Our flagship initiatives during the year are:

  • Spring campaign (end of March)
  • WP Rocket’s anniversary campaign (beginning of July)
  • Halloween campaign (end of October)
  • Black Friday (end of November)

All our promotions last a few days, so it’s always best to hurry to avoid missing them.⏱️

How do we apply coupon codes?

Most of the time, we automatically apply coupon codes and promo offers at checkout.
The application of discounts depends on the customer’s profile, the time of purchase and the product chosen (license renewal, upgrade or purchases made during promotional campaigns).

Other times, like the 10% discount we presented you at the beginning of this page, you will have to enter the coupon manually at checkout.

Why don’t we put more promo codes online?

We want to offer the best value at the best price, while maintaining affordable access conditions for all of our customers.

We organise our promotions throughout the year and apply the above mentioned benefits for our customers: this strategy seems to us much fairer than issuing multiple coupon codes.

As for our Affiliate Program, we prohibit the use of coupon codes: We want our affiliates to be focused on promoting our product, its qualities, and new features, not on selling the highest coupon.

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Why Do People Who Use WP Rocket Fall in Love With It?

5 Stars based on real users reviews

Simple, efficient, awesome

The plugin is just plain great, easy to setup and works. I had a plugin conflict and got to test their support which is just as awesome

José René Barnéond

It just works…

Nothing more to say then it just works out of the box. Tried several free options but none came close to the combination of performance and ease of WP Rocket.

Augus van Gils

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