How Can I Get a WP Rocket Trial?

WP Media doesn’t offer a trial on the caching plugin. We have elected to honor a solid refund policy instead. Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we’ll gladly provide a refund if requested within 14 days of purchase.

So, How Can I Trust Your Plugin Will Speed up My Website?

Our company has made it its mission to make the Web better. WP Rocket was designed to be efficient AND user-friendly. Our caching plugin has consistently been found to be the fastest in multiple benchmarking tests done by independent bloggers. We have a dedicated team working on our plugin to keep it up-to-date and ensure it remains compatible with various third-party providers like your CDN, hosting company or the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin. We stand behind our product 100% which is why we have a 14 days money back guarantee in place.

Nulled Versions of WP Rocket aren’t free.

We never offer free trials. So when you search for a free version of our plugin, you may end up mistakenly downloading a nulled version of our plugin. A nulled plugin is a premium plugin released freely by some people. We do not recommend downloading these as they content contain potential malware or some other type of malicious code bundled in the plugin itself. Downloading a free version of WP Rocket could put your WordPress website at risk of attacks by hackers.

Our support team does not provide support for issues caused by nulled versions of WP Rocket. If you would like us to help you speed up your WordPress, please consider purchasing an official copy of WP Rocket.

Save on WP Rocket

We have some promotions throughout the year when you can get our plugin for cheaper. If you need a coupon right this minute, you can sign up to our newsletter. Once you have confirmed your email, we’ll send you a 10% discount promo code.