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With over 200 SEO best practices to rank higher on Google Search, you’re probably wondering: “Where do I begin?” Fair enough. Time is money and you deserve to spend it wisely. That’s why I selected the Top 5 SEO Tips for 2017. Follow these steps and you’ll increase website speed and improve user experience, CTR, and CRO. Without breaking the bank. Let’s get started.

Piggy bank

Pig Quo Pro?

How does one predict which SEO strategies are the best? Through long-term trend analysis. The master of that is none other than David Mihm, previous Director of Moz’s Local Search Strategy. Aside from agreeing that SSL is good ROI, here’s what he and other experts say will improve your Google Search ranking…

Step #5: Content is King, right? Right?!

If you’re like me, the phrase “Content is King” is starting to wear thin.

Authority is king

That’s because most content just doesn’t show up on Google Search. Why not? What’s missing?


Just as Fake News has come under scrutiny, generic or unhelpful content makes site visitors wary.

According to Mihm, projecting your brand’s authority is the remedy. This gives you the “underlying algorithmic logic” needed to rank higher with Google (and your readers). Here’s how to do it:

  • Write informative and concise content.
  • Research and use relative keywords.
  • Give your images alt attributes.
  • Punctuate the copy with informative headings.
  • Use the free plugin, Yoast SEO, and check for readability.

If you fail to do these basic things, all the Google, Instagram, and Facebook ads in the World Wide Web can’t help you. Because, while your content may be found, your Call to Action will only yield…



Sound familiar? Don’t worry. If youth-centered social media isn’t sending readers to your website, try something more serious. Consider LinkedIn.

While it’s true that years ago LinkedIn was seen as a virtual Rolodex, today it’s a major source for authoritative articles. In fact, some of world’s finest influencers post there: John C Abell, Neil Patel, and Pam Moore, to name a few.

By posting informative business related content there, you’ll fit right in. Just be sure to follow these online marketing tips:

  • Comment on posts by followers and influencers alike.
  • Share business related news only, not recipes or cute memes.
  • Announce exciting business updates, launches, publications, etc.
  • Cross-pollinate: Mention non-competitive businesses in your articles, so they’ll link to your profile.
  • Create an original profile banner; put your website url on it.
  • Write articles that relate to your business, but don’t mention it directly.

Point #6 is very important. These days, anything that appears “advertorial” is considered spam. Save your business info for the “About the author” segment at the bottom of your articles. If you write useful content with reputable links and authority, you’ll gain followers and clients.

Cost: Free if you DIY; $50-$150 for a professional.

Pro-tip: Hire a professional proofreader or try an app like Grammarly. Then follow this step-by-step Guide to Publishing on LinkedIn.

Step #4: Engagement Leads to Commitment


Brand Loyalty Runs Deep

Another one of Google’s Top Ranking Factors is Dwell Time. What’s that?

Think of it this way: Just like real life, your website must not only attract a reader, but also keep them around. That’s why, as with all relationships, remember that…

Nothing pushes people away faster than trickery.

So it should come as no surprise that SEO trickery is something Google is penalizing.

If you’re suddenly feeling guilty, fear not. Here, along with a list of the worst offenses, are easy ways to correct them. Let’s get started…

  • Keyword stuffing: Don’t. Just don’t. Choose just a few words for any given subject. Here’s a free keyword search site to help you do just that. (For more info on relative keywords, see Step #3.)
  • Ad-centric, affiliate-centric sites with duplicate or computer generated content. If you’re monetizing your site with random or hidden affiliates and your ads are “above the fold”, go back to Step #5. Your brand should always provide helpful, relevant content, first and foremost.
  • EMD or Exact Match Domains: This has always appeared cheesy, but until now, people loved this fast and dirty trick. Today, think twice about a domain name like “”, okay? Here’s a site that lists EMD Best Practices.

Cost: Free

Step #3: Subscribe Forms

Are you using a pop-up subscribe form? If so, keep this in mind:

50% of pop-up ads are closed before anyone reads them. To top it off, many folks have installed pop-up blockers, or simply freak out when they appear on the screen. They worry about malware, or may simply hate “hard sells”. So they close your site and never return.

How can you prevent this? It’s simple:

Present your visitor with helpful or cool information immediately. Keep them engaged until the end of your content. Never interrupt them with an annoying pop-up.

By now, you may be wondering: “When should I present the signup form?”

The answer: “Right after you’ve given your visitor exactly what you promised.”

This is called “the promise of the premise” in screenwriting.

It’s the part the audience has been waiting for. It’s the exciting scene from the movie poster or trailer that made you go to the cinema in the first place.

When the movie lacks the excitement of the poster or trailer, the viewer is disappointed. Similarly, when writing content, remember…

Don’t “Bait and Switch” your keywords.

If you’ve added: “Site Optimization” as a keyword phrase, be sure the content delivers on that promise. Provide a “how-to” video or easy-to-read informative list about the subject. Just make it helpful, useful, or cool. Only then will they feel comfortable giving you their personal information. Because they’ll have seen your brand’s value. And they’ll want more in exchange.

Pro-tip: The subscribe form needs a compelling CTA. Offer the subscriber something of value like VIP pre-sales, special deals, or an ebook. And finally, make the form easy to fill out…!

Still think pop-ups are the answer? Consider this:

  • Ask yourself: Is it adding anything to the user experience? If not, visitors may see it as annoying or dangerous.
  • If you must use a pop-up, make it visible only upon exit or at the bottom of the page.
  • Disable subscribe pop-ups for existing subscribers.
  • Google is penalizing sites with gratuitous pop-ups; you will rank better without them!

Cost: Find WordPress signup forms here; many are free.

In short, when it comes to site visitors, the sooner they get what they came for, the sooner you can win them over. Which leads us to…

Step #2: CTR & Conversion Rates


The Magic Unicorn of CTR

Ah, yes. The Unicorn of them all— conversion rates. What’s the biggest threat to this creature’s existence? The dreaded wall-of-text.

Think about it: To lure this beast into your garden, you must entice it. Speak its language. Impose no barriers. Yet, many try to say too much. And off it runs…

The solution?  Hiring someone skilled at Web Copy.

Notice I did not say “a skilled copywriter”.  That’s because Web Copy is very different from the copy you find elsewhere. By comparison, a skilled Website Copywriter will always:

  • Research your audience, potential audience, and competitors.
  • Adopt the appropriate tone for your brand, audience, and specific platform.
  • Never use “click-bait” headlines like “But when this happened, you won’t believe…” These have fallen out of favour.
  • Be concise, personable, and offer the unicorn valuable information.
  • Write compelling yet brief Call to Action copy.
  • Make sure your website is responsive.

Point 6 is crucial. If your website is not fully responsive, you are in the bottom 15% of website owners. Subsequently, Google will rank the other 85% above you. You’ll essentially disappear and so will your customers. Hence, if you haven’t converted your site to mobile, do this STAT. It’s not just an option anymore. It’s basically a requirement from Google.

Cost: If you’re a trained artist or designer, a responsive Page Builder costs around $90 for a DIY job. If you aren’t, hire a Web Designer.

Cost: Ditto for Web Copy. A professional generally charges $200 per page or more.

Step #1: Increase Website Speed


Warp Speed Ahead

Because so many people browse and make purchases from their mobile phones, site speed is more important than ever.

Mobile websites should load in 2 seconds; desktops can get by with 3.

If you’ve never tested your site’s speed, try Google’s PageSpeed Tools. After your initial shock of a poor rating, read here how to change that.

Improving your site’s speed is not easy to do on your own. It involves minifying files, decreasing requests, a whole lot of other backend tweaking. I spent days of research, trial and error, and still wasn’t happy with the results.

Then I found a plugin that would do it all with a click of a few buttons: WP Rocket.

For an average of $1.30 a day, WP Rocket took me from a C rating to an A. Their support is great, too.

While this may seem like a biased opinion, it’s not. I bought WP Rocket after asking dozens of web builders what they use. And now, I’m sharing that info with you. No affiliation or kickbacks needed to recommend this awesome tool.

Cost: $39 per year.

There you have it: The Top SEO Tips for 2017 that will help you rank higher on Google Search.

Let me know if these tips helped your site. And be sure to share your top SEO tips with me, as well. Thanks for reading!

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I found the subject of the article interesting. Actually content is not king, but it is it that will bring the conversions to your site and consequently new links to SEO. Today the biggest challenge for me is to make content persuasive and engaging.

I've been slaving trying to increase my Google ranking and increase SEO. This article was just what I needed. I am bookmarking it so that I can reference it often. Thank you for posting.

Thank you for sharing the wonderful SEO tips. Obviously, In the changing landscape of marketing and promotion, SEO has become a core element of any serious business whether big, small or medium. This information is very useful.

This article has been bookmarked and I am definitely going to use it to increase my brothers business online!
Thanks for the help!

Excellent post! I've probably read this a total of five times over the past five days and am still getting really great information out of it! Thank you.

it is really amazing content I liked many points including increasing CTR. But can you explain How mobile traffic is gonna work in comming days?

Very interesting and clear article. Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us.

You offer a lot of really great advice. I know I hear it time and time again about great content. You hit the nail on the head. If your website does not have helpful information, your visitors are not going to stay. Great content is definitely a must have!

very informative post. I will use the suggestions discussing here for optimizing my new blog site.This post will be very helpful for the beginner SEO worker who is new in this field.
Keep posting this type of helpful post.
With best wishes.

I am very grateful for this enlightening article. I am new to this issue, but for me, it elucidated several questions. Congratulations on your knowledge on the subject. Thank you very much.

Thanks for your comments, everyone! I’m constantly researching new ways to improve SEO and 2018 is bringing new things to consider. My next topic will likely involve the role that voice search will play in SEO. Thanks for reading!


Thanks for writing such a good article in the form of tips for seo of a website. It is not clear how many ways a seo can be possible to viral a Domain or URL. People always try direct method but most of time these trick don't works for SEO. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good website optimization for me and my websites or blog. I am struggling hard to get some traffic for carved wooden furniture website but I am not sure how long it will take to get this position.

Wonderfully written post! this is really a great guide to enhance the performance and traffic through my website. These are nice guidelines with the SEO and hopefully this all can work for my website. Thanks to you for sharing such a great post!

Thank you very much for sharing such an amazing article. Looking forward to reading such interesting posts in the future as well.

Hey great article .Your guide regarding SEO tips to boost Business blog is really helpful for me I also recommend that It’s important to share content or blog socially to give it an SEO boost too.

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