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To follow our transparency policy, we are thrilled to announce that we are releasing our development roadmap to the public.

Feedback matters

We take customer feedback very seriously. Most of our new features come from feedback we’ve received in support tickets, or feature requests from our contact form.

This precious feedback helps us make WP Rocket even better.

No ETA policy

Since the beginning, we’ve never communicated on exact ETA for releases. When you build a startup, every day has its unexpected surprises. Those unexpected surprises can affect the release of new updates.

This is why we prefer to push new updates when they are really ready and not just because we have an imperative ETA.

But, we understand that it can be tough for customers to not have any idea when a feature they need will become available.

With this public roadmap we aim to give our customers a better view of the next releases.

We invite your participation

We are using Trello for our public roadmap, as inspired by iThemes public roadmaps – they have done it for all their projects.

All feature requests submitted from our support tickets or contact form will be reviewed and if appropriate, added on the “Customer Feature Requests” list.

You can vote for any request on Trello, to let us know which requests are the most popular.
To vote you will need to login to your Trello account (or signup if you don’t have an account), then open the card and click on vote.

Then you will be able to see which features are planned and which ones we are currently working on.

Comments (8)

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more posts about what got you here versus where you're going. How you started as an island and attracted visitors (from scratch) that translated to purchasers. I think such information would help developers that were initially attracted by your first post of this series.

Awesome, great to see your open transparency :) Following buffer's lead. I am very interested in the fadein effect as well for lazy load images! Great request. Good luck guys.

Just keep in mind why wp-rocket is really one of the best piece of code in WordPress area.
Simplicity, purity where each detail, each button has own place and purpose. Be really careful if you decide to add some additional feature to this great plugin. Don't forget to say NO for everything what does not belongs to this plugin :) even if its cool feature.
You do excellent job with high level of culture.

Thats awesome , but can you tell me what plugin are you using to make this share bar stay on top o this post ??

@Gerandi: It's not a plugin but a custom development :)

These kind of posts are on our to do :)

@Brian @Peter
Thank's, that's very kind!

Love this, thanks for sharing. It's exciting to see what you guys have got planned for the future.

I am sorry but I am unable to find the development roadmap for WP Rocket anywhere.

The link placed on the trello board redirects me to a RocketCDN thing

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